4271+ Top Latest Sanskrit Baby Boy Names

An ancient language with a rich culture, Indian Sanskrit baby boy names are popular among parents who want to honor their Indian heritage. One of the earliest written languages, Sanskrit is also considered a sacred language by Hindus.

Many Sanskrit names are made up of two or more words. For example, the name Priya can be translated to “dear” and “beloved.” Some Sanskrit names are spelled the same but have different meanings, such as the name Vishnu, which can be translated to “The One Who Pervades.”

Some Sanskrit boy names have meanings that make them good choices for baby boys. A few examples are Arya, which means “noble” or “brave,” Darshan, which means “vision,” and Raja, which means “king.”

If you want to check baby boy names in Sanskrit with meaning then you are at the right place. It’s an honorable movement to you to choose your baby boy’s name.

Sanskrit names are good for both girls and boys because they are decent in pronouns and look unique. If you want to check out another name, this is the category to go to.

Check out the most popular Hindu baby girl names from A to Z:

Sanskrit Baby boy names

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Top 4270+ Sanskrit baby boy names

AadiSuperior one, firstborn
AadidevThe Lord of the lords, The first God; the first God
AadinathThe first Lord, Lord Vishnu; the first God
AadityaThe sun
AadrikaName of an celestial being ()
AagamComing; Arrival
AagarMusic Interest
AagneyKarna, The great warrior, One who is born from fire (Son of the fire); Son of Fire
AahanIron; Sword; Dawn (Early Morning); First Way of Light; Iron Man
AakavForm; Shape
AakilIntelligent; Smart
AakritArt, design, form, shape
AalokName of Lord Shiva; Light; Lightning
AaminDivine Grace; Grace of God; God have it so
AamodPleasure, Serenity, Fragrance; pleasure
AananAppearance; Face; Countenance
AanandJoy; Intelligent; Happiness; Delightful; Blissful; Happiness to Come
Aanandaswarup; Anand SwarupFull of Joy
Aanjaneya; AnjaneyaSon of Anjani; Name of Hanuman
AaratrikaLamp used for worship ()
AaryaLines on Any Particular Raaga from Sanskrit; Permutations and Combinations of Parents; Aarya Cost King Ashoka's Birth
AaryanRespectable; Of Utmost Strength; Kind Hearted; Good to Others; Illustrious
Aaryan; AryanIllustrious; Noble; Spiritual
AasitBlack Stone
AathervFirst Veda
AatmaSoul; Light of the Lord
AatmajSon, Born of the soul; Son, beloved to soul
AatmikSpirit; Soul
AatreyaName of a sage, Clever, Receptacle of glory; name of a sage
AavirBrave; Brave Forever; One who Fights for Peace; Strong; Continuous
AayuSpan of Life; Age
AayushLong Life; Blessing; Forever
AayushiLineage, duration of life
Aayushmaan; AayushmanWith long life
AbhaidevFree of fear
AbhataShining; Blazing
AbhiFearless; Better than Best; Brave; Perfectionist; Confidante
AbhijiTo Conquer Completely
AbhikRoyal; Beloved; Fearless
AbhimaOne who Destroys Fear; Lord Vishnu
AbhirathGreat charioteer
AbhiruNot a Coward; Strong; Powerful
AbhishekReligious bath over a deity
AbhisuRay of Light
AbhisyantaSplendid (A son of kuru and Vahini)
AbhuUnborn; Nonexistent
AbirPerfume; Colour; Thinker; Traveller; Strong; Red Powder; Red Colour; Colourful Fragrance; Brave; Intelligent Respect
AbjitConquering Water
AcalaThe Immovable One
AcalanCanoe; Without Moving; Immovable
AcandaNot of the Hot Temper; Without Anger; Gentle
AcaryaTeacher; Another Name for Drona
AcaryatanayaSon of the teacher, Another name for aswatthama
AchalImmovable; Constant; Guarantee
AchalaStill; Immovable
AchalesvaraGod of the immovable, Another name for Lord Shiva
AcharyanandanaSon of the teacher; Another name for Aswatthama
AcharyasutaSon of the teacher, Another name for aswatthama
AchintyaBeyond comprehension; inconceivable
AchyutImperishable; A Name of Vishnu; Lord Krishna
AcyutaUnending; Never Lapsing; Eternal
AdamyaFormidable; Brave
AdarsaMirror; Image; The Ideal
AdarshRules; Perfection; Excellence; Ideal; Example
AdesaCommand; Order
AdhanaOne without Money
AdheeshKing, Hindu God, God worshipped by the gods themselve; king
AdhibuSuperior Among the Beings; A King
AdhikMore than One; Greater
AdhipaKing; Ruler
AdhisaLord; Master
AdhishLord; Master
AdhitaA Scholar
AdhrguKnower of the Inconsistent
AdhritWho does not need support but supports every one, Lord Vishnu, Independent, Supportive
AdhrtaUnrestrained; Uncontrolled; Lord Vishnu
AdiWinner; Jewel; Ornament; Myth Name; Beginning; First Born; Adornment; Superior; First; More; Extra; Companion of Prophet Muhammad; Sun's Name
AdikaviFirst poet
AdimaBeginning; Root
AdinaNoble Minded; Slender; Delicate
AdipaKindled; Illuminating
AdisaClear Spoken Person; Ordered
AditLord Shiva; Sun; From the Beginning
AditaThe Sun
AditeyaThe Sun
AdityaNewly risen Sun, Lord Surya, The Sun; The sun
Adityanandan; AdityanandanaSon of the sun
AdraMore Knowledgeable; Better Informed; Hard; Rock
AdriMountain; Hard as Rock; Seven
AdriguOne who Goes to the Mountains
AdripathiMaster of the mountains
AdrisaLord of the Mountains
AdrupaConsuming the Earth; A Son of Bali
AduraNot Far; Omnipresent; Soul
AdvayaUnique, One, United, With no duplicate; one; united
AdyaFirst; Today; Lord Shiva
AdyotaSurrounded by Light; Brilliant
AfzalBest; Most Excellent
AgadhiDeep; Indescribable
AgamaProof of the Trustworthiness of a Source of Knowledge
AgarvaFree from Pride
AgastiName of a Sage
Agasti; AgastyaName of a sage
AghaPre-eminent; Master; Owner; Sinful; Another Name for God; Fight
AghoraNot Terrible
AgiraThe Sun; Fire
AgneyaSon of Agni
Agneya; AagneyaSon of Agni; Son of the fire
AgniFire; Flame
AgnijaBorn of Fire; Lord Vishnu and Kartikeya
AgnikaBorn of Fire
AgnimaTorch Bearer; Leader; Elder Brother
AgnimitraFriend of fire
AgnipaOne who Protects the Fire
AgnipravaBright as the fire
AgniveshBright as the fire
AgrahaRequest; Insistence; Pertinacity; Desire
AgrajLeader; Senior
AgrajaEldest Sister
AgraniAlways First
AgreniFirst; Preceding; Leader
AgriyaFirst Best
AgyaWho has No Knowledge in Standard Scriptures; The Ignorant Person
AhaAscertainment; Affirmation
AharaTormentor; A Manu
AhiFawn; Serpent; Cloud; Water; Sun
AhijitConquerer of the Serpent
AhikaOf Heaven and Earth; The Silk Cotton Tree
AhimCloud, Water, Traveller
AhimaNot Cold; Hot; Cloud; Water; Traveller
AhinaWhole; Entire
AhladJoy; Causing Delight; Refreshing
AhsanMercy; Most Beautiful; Excellent; Most Talented; Spiritual; Compassion; Better; An Act of Kindness
AhukaOfferer; Sacrificer
AhutaInvited; Called; Summoned
AhutiOffering Oblations
AikyanUnity; One Alone
AilaBorn of Intellect; Another Name for Pururavas
AileshRuler of the World
AineshThe Sun's Glory
Airaawat; Airawat; Eirawat; Erawat; IrawatThe celestial white elephant of Indra
AishaniA name for Goddess Durga; a cotton-silk tree
AjaFire; Unborn; Purity; Path of Light
AjakaGod is Adorable or Admirable; A Young Goat; A Kid
AjalaBeliever of Allah; Eternal
AjamilA Mythological King
AjanThe Unborn; Love of Vishnu
AjanaInstigator; Lord Brahma
AjaniHe Fights for What is his; Of Noble Birth
AjapaOne who Possesses Goats
AjaraNot Wearing out; Everlasting
AjasraThe Unborn One
AjatBirthless; Lord Shiva
AjataUnborn; A God; Lord Shiva
AjayVictorious; Unconquerable; Invincible; Talented; Lovable; Unbeaten; Whom No One can Defeat
AjeeshNot Defeated by Anyone
AjeetVictorious; Invincible; Unconquerable
AjinaSkin of a Goat; Tiger Skin
AjiraNot Slow; Agile; Rapid
AjisaLord of Goats; Lord Shiva
Ajit; AjeetVictorious; Invincible; Unconquerable
AjitaInvincible; Irresistible
AjiteshAnother name for Lord Vishnu
AjyapaDrinking Clarified Butter
AkamaChaste; Virtuous
AkaraMine; A Collection
AkasaOpen Air; Space
AkashSky; Lord of Day; Uncountable; Space
AkashaOpen Air; Space
AkhilComplete, whole, Intelligent, king, sun
AkhugaRiding on a Rat; Lord Ganesha
AkilaUniverse; Not Fixed; Wavering
AkopaWithout Anger
AkraBanner; Wall; Fence; Sun
AkridaPleasure Grove; Garden
AkroorKind; Gentle; A Yadava chief; Krishna's friend
AkrosaWild Anger
AkrsnaNot Black; Spotless; White; Pure; Moon
AkrtiForm Shape
AksaSky; Soul
AksajaFlash of Lightning
AksakaSensual; The Chariot Tree
AksalaUnbroken; Whole; Lord Shiva
AkshChariot of Thousand Horses
AkshajLord Vishnu, A diamond, A thunderbolt, A name of Vishnu; Lord Vishnu
AkshatOne who cannot be injured, Rice offered to deity in Hindu Pooja, Indestructible; unharmed
AkshayIndestructible; Unlimited; God of War; Immortal; Non-perishable; End Less
AkshayakeertiEternal fame
AksinaNot Falling; Not Diminishing
AksitaPermanent; Unfailing
AktuRay; Light
AkulLord Shiva
AkulaTranscendental; Without Cast
AkupyaNot Base; Gold; Silver
AkurcaThe Guileless One; Abuddha
AlaNobility; Excellence; Superior; All and Rich; Power; Rule; Truthful; Noble; Exalted; Defending Men
AlaghuNot Light; Heavy; Serious; Solemn
AlamWorld; Universe; The Whole World
AlarkaFurious; A Mad Dog
AlesaNot Little; Much; Large
AlinFair; Handsome; Both a Diminutive of Albert; Noble; Rock; Comely; To Soothe; Bearer of the Light; Scorpion; The Zodiac Sign Scorpio
AlindaNoble Shield; Balcony
AlokName of Lord Shiva; Brightness; Light
Alok; AalokBrightness; Light; Cry of victory; A man with lovely hair
AlokaVision, splendour, lustre, aspect
AlolaUnagitated; Firm; Steady
AlopaSmall Morsel
AlpesaThe Subtle God; Lord Krishna
AluguThat which Divides; Blade
AmadSerious; Much Praised; Without Intoxication; One of Many Names of the Prophet Muhammad
AmalaSpotless; Pure; Tree
AmamaWithout Ego
AmanaFriendly Disposition; Kindness; Affection
AmarForever; Long Life; Luck; Everlasting; The Immortal One; Never Die; Name of Lord Shiva
Amaranaath; AmarnathImmortal God; Lord Shiva
AmardeepEternal light
AmareshName of Lord Indra; name of Indra
AmarsaAnger; Passion; A Prince
AmasFine; Soft; Raw; Not Hard
AmavaOne who cannot be Humbled; Violent; Strong; Powerful
AmayaNot Cunning
AmbaraHeaven; Sky; Saffron
AmbuWater; Beautiful
AmeyatmaManifests in infinite varieties, Lord Vishnu; Lord Vishnu
AminiReliable; Trustworthy; Rigid; Unalterable; Blood Brother
AmisaCompanion; Friend; An Object of Enjoyment; A Pleasing Object; A Gift
AmitaFriend; Truth; Boundless
AmodaAmusement; Gladdening; Joy; Strong Perfume
AmoghUnerring, Lord Ganesha; unerring
AmohaStraight; Clear
AmolPriceless; Valuable
AmritambuThe Moon; moon
AmrtaThat which Emits Nectar; Another Name for the Moon
AmuraWise; Intelligent; Sharpsighted
AnaadiLord Krishna, Who does not have any end, Without beginning, Eternal, Godly, Another name for Shiva; without beginning
AnadiUncreated; Lord Shiva; Truthful; Eternal
AnaghSinless, Perfect, Pure; sinless
AnakaWithout Weakness
AnalaFire; Wind
AnamaWho Returns Salutations
AnanaFace; Appearance
AnandJoy; Happiness; Bliss; One who is Blissful; Delightful
Anand; AanandJoy; Bliss
AnandaJoy, Happiness; Joy
AnangName of cupid God, Kamdev; cupid or Kamadeva
AnariEnemy Less
AnasaIndestructible; Undivided
AnasuIndestructible; Imperishable
AnavaHumane; Kind to Men
AngaA Limb; Body Part; Organ
AnhuImperishable; Invincible
AnikaGrace; Favour; Apricot from Nara; Army; Brilliance; Form
AnilGod of wind
AnilaWind; Air
Anilaabh; AnilabhSpirit of the wind
AniliDescendant of Anila; Lord Hanuman
AnishClose friend, Good company, Smart one, Companion, Supreme, Another name for Krishna and Vishnu; the supreme, Lord Vishnu
AnitaGrace; Favour; Without Guile; Leader
AnjumName of a Star; A Token; Stars
AnkurNew Life; Loving Nature; Glow; Sprout; Flower; Blossom; The Step of Seed to be Come a Tree
AnmayOne who cannot be Broken; Unbroken
AnnaName of a King; Food; Grain; Earth and Water; God is Gracious; God has Shown Favour; Angel; Elder Brother
AnoopBeautiful; Without Comparison; Incomparable; The Best; Matchless Beauty
AnshuThe Sun; Ray of Light; Lord Surya (Sun)
AnsinSon of the Graceful One; Has a Share in the Property
AnsuRay of Light; The Sun
AntaraThe second note in Hindustani music
AntyaWho Accomplishes
AnuAn Atom; Angel; Messenger of God; Love; Sky
AnuhuWithout Desire
AnujaYounger Brother
AnukaOrnament; Lying Close to; The Dancers of Heaven
AnunaNot Inferior; Superior; Entire; Whole
AnunaySupplication, Consolation; supplication; consolation
AnupUnique; Talent; Glory; Extreme Large; Without Comparison; Hard Working; Honest; Lovable
AnupaIncomparable; Unequalled; Unique; Pond
Anurag; AnuraagLove
AnusaFollowing Desires
ApaWater; Father
ApanSun; Glorious; Brilliant; Skilled
AparaJunior; Other
ApiFather in Rejoicing; Friend; Ally; Acquaintance
ApuVirtuous; Divine; To be Pure; Flawless; Happiest
ApupaLittle; Honeycomb; Cake
AraBringer of Productivity; Swift; Speedy; Ornament; Decoration
AragaWithout Passion; Cool; Calm
AraruWithout Mercy
AratiBeing without Attachment
AravPeaceful; Smart; Beautiful; Lord Shiva; Sound of Morning Saga
ArcatShining; Praising; Brilliant; Glorious
ArchanWorship, Respected; worship
ArenuOne who does Not Belong to Earth; Celestial
ArghaCost; Value; Significance
ArhaLord Shiva
ArhatDeserving; Respectable
ArihaKilling Enemies
ArinMountain of Strength; With Spokes; Discuss; Bringer of Light; Peace; Who does Not have Any Enemies
ArindamDestroyer of enemies
ArjunBright, Shining
ArkaThe Sun; Light; Brilliant
ArkiRadiant; Beaming; Praising
ArkinThe Eternal Kings Son; Radiant with Light; Shining; Bright
ArkkaThe Substance; Divine
ArksaStellar; Belonging to Stars
ArnavBrilliant; Ocean; Sea; Vast; Endless Ocean; Stream; Wave; Silence of Ocean
ArneshLord of the sea
ArogaDestroyer; Shatterer
ArsaSky; Heaven; Celestial
ArsyaCelestial; Of Sacred Descent
ArulaShining as the Sun; Brilliant; Grace; Filled with Grace
ArunThe red glow of the rising Sun, Mythical charioteer of the Sun, Dawn, Passionate; Sun God
AruniName of a Devoted Pupil; Hope
ArunimaRed glow of the early morning sunlight
ArusaCalm; Bright; The Sun
ArushStrong; Miracle; First Ray of Sun
AryaPowerful; Noble; Great; Truthful; Honoured; To Get the Most Important; Lovable
AryanKing; Noble; Old Civilisation; Related; From a High Race; Son of Arya; That which is Beyond Anyone's Strength; Leader; Belonging to the Aryans who Loves Flute; Brave Noble
AsanName of Lord Shiva; Lord Vishnu; Vault; Easy
AseemLonger; Boundless; Limitless Asim; Defender; Unlimited; Infinite; Limitless
AsesaWithout Any Remainder; Whole; Entire; Infinity; Never Ends
AshikDagger; Sharp; Mankind
AshimEndless; Limitless
AshleshEmbrace; to embrace
AshokKing; One without Sorrow; Without Grief; Name of King; Chakravarthi
AsikDagger; Sharp
AsitaTranquil; Dark; Blue; Warm; Hot; The Sun
AsmiLight of Heart; I Exist; I am
AsokaWithout Sorrow
AspanAn Efficient Horse Rider
AsugaSwift; Fleet; Wind; Sun
AsuriDemonlike; Verypowerful
AsvaHorse; Strong; Swift
AtalaFirm; Stable
AtasaNot Gross; Air; The Soul
AthaNew Beginning; In the Present
AtishFire; Splendor; Explosive; Dynamic
AtmanThe Self
Atmanand; AtmanandaBlissful soul
AtnuThe Sun
AtriName of Hindu Rishi
AtulaWithout an Equal
AurvaGrandson of Rishi Bhrigu
AvadheshKing of Ayodhya king dasaratha; King Dasaratha
AvahaInvitation; Conveyor; Mediator
AvasFavour; Protection
AvikaLives in a Group; As Hard as Earth; Strong
AvisaSky; Ocean; King; Life Giving
AvniThe earth
AvyanPerfect; Not Having Any Imperfection; Name of Lord Vishnu
AyanLord Shiva
AyatiRoyal; The Unsuccessful Transcendentalist
AyodaGiver of Life
AyusLong Life; Age; Duration of Life; Lineage
AyushLong Lived; Long Life; Handsome; Intelligent
AyutaUnbound; Myriad
BaalaChild; Young
Baalaaditya; BaladityaRisen sun
Baalagopaal; Balgopal; BalagopalKrishna; Baby Krishna
Baalaraju; Balaraj; BalrajStrong
BaasuRich; Wealthy
BabhruFierce; Brown
BabilaA House; Swift
BabulA Tree; Gate of God; Father; Lord Shiva
BachilOne who Speaks Much
BadalCloud; Rain
BadaraJujube Tree
BahuA Lot; Arm; The Shadow of the Sundial
BahubalaWith Great Strength
BahudamaSuppressor of Many; Strong; Powerful
BahugavaOwning Many Cattle
BahuketuMany Peaked; A Mountain
BahulaA Star; Various Forms
BahuliManifold; Multiplied
BahupatuVery Clever
BahuraiWith Great Riches
BahurjaFull of Energy; Strong; Powerful
BahuvataStrong Armed
BahuvidaScholarly; Wise; Enlightened
BakaCrane; Stork
BakajitaConqueror of Baka; Another Name for Bhima
BakaripuEnemy of Baka
BakavataWith a Quality of Herons; Very Attentive; Watchful
BakulaA Kind of Flower
BakulesaLord of Blossom
BakurThunderbolt; Horn; Glorifies; First Rain of Spring
BakuraThunderbolt; Horn; Glorifies
BalaName of God Murugan; Child; Young One
BalaadityaYoung Sun, Young Man, The newly risen Sun; young sun
BalabhrtCarrying a Lot of Strength; Mighty; Strong
BaladevaYoung God
BaladeyaGiver of Strength
BaladhiDeep Insight
BaladhyaFull of Strength
BalagovindYoung cow-herd, Infant Krishna; infant Krishna
BalagraBest Among the Powerful
BalahakaCloud; Thundercloud
BalajiA Name of Lord Vishnu; Lord; Lord Venkateshwara
BalakaraPambili Karan Warrior
BalakrishnaLord Krishna in his youth
BalakritObtained by Power
BalaksaStrong Eyed
BalakshaInnocent; Blameless
BalamadaProud of One; S Power
BalamaniYoung Jewel
BalanathLord of Strength
BalanikaWith a Powerful Army
BalanujaThe Young Brother of Balrama
BalapatiCommander of an Army
BalarStrength; Power
BalarajaKing of the Risen Sun
BalaramThe Brother of Lord Krishna
BalaramaThe Strong Rama; Abode of Strength
BalaraviThe Morning Sun
BalarkThe Rising Sun
BalarkaRising Sun
BalarunaEarly Dawn
BalasenaA Strong Leader
BalasthaAbode of Strength
BalavalaVery Powerful
BalavanaStrong; Powerful
BalavataPowerful; Intense
BalaviraBrave and Powerful
BalayaniOne Liked by Pupil
BalayogiYoung Ascetic
BalayusLiving on his Own Strength
BaldevGodlike in Power; Strong; The Mighty God
BalendraLord Krishna
BalenduAssenting Moon
BalesaMaster of an Army
BaleshMaster of an Army; Name of Lord Ganesha
BalgopalBaby Krishna
BalhikaPowerful; Energetic
BalinPowerful; Strong; Mighty; Healthy; Energetic
BalisthaVery Powerful; Mighty
BalivakaPraying at the Oblation; An Orator
BalrajPowerful king
BaluChild; Sweet Person; Wonder Man; Brilliant Man
BalulaPowerful; Strong
BalwantStrong; Powerful; Mighty; Immense Strength
BalyaPowerful; Strong; Child-like; The Crescent Moon
BanajitaOne who Conquers with Arrows; Another Name for Vishnu
BanavariDweller of the Forest; Lord Krishna
BandanaPrayer; Chant
BandhulPleasing, Charming; pleasing
BandinPraiser; A Bard
BanhimanHas Plenty
BaniChildren; Speech; An Orator; Sayings of the Guru
BankimCrescent, Lord Krishna, Curved; not straight
BankimchandraCrescent Moon
BansiFlute; Baansuri; Instrument Played by Lord Krishna
BansikaThe King of the Forest; The Lion
BappaUniversal Father
BappakaGood Cook; A Prince
BapuFather; The Middle Child
BapudevaLord of the Body
BarbreekGrand Son of Bhim
BarenThe Lust
BarendraIndra; The Best
BarhanaStrong; Vigorous
BarhinPeacock; A Kind of Perfume
BarhisThat which is Plucked Up; Another Name for Agni
BarkhaRain; Life Giving; Monsoon
BarsatiProtecting from a Rain; A Shelter
BaruBrave; Noble
BarunLord of the Sea
BasavBull; Mighty; Masculine; A Minister of a Jaina King who Developed Vira-saiva System
BasavaName of Famous Priest Called Lord Basava; Bull; Strong; Virile
BaskalaPreceptor; Teacher; Well Read; Wise
BaspaTear; Steam; Vapour
BaterThe Grey Quail
BattuBoy; Lad
BatukSmall Boy
BatukaYoung Brahmin
BaveshLord Shiva
BeantaEndless; Eternal
BekuraVoice; Sound; Melodious
BemanWithout Interest
BeniPlait of Hair; Blessed
BhaasvanLustrous; Full of Brightness
BhaaswarGlorious; Luminous
BhabesaLord of Existence
BhadantaTerm of Respect Applied to a Buddhist Mendicant
BhadrakHandsome, Brave, Worthy; handsome
BhadrakaGood; Virtuous
BhadrakshOne with beautiful eyes
BhadranAuspicious, Fortunate Man
BhadrangBeautiful Body
BhadrayuLives a Good Life
BhadresaLord of Nobles; Husband of Noble Family
BhagaLord; Fortune
BhagalinBedecked with Skulls
BhaganaNext; Of the Nature of Happiness; Happy; Joyful
BhagataDevoted One
Bhagavaan; Bhagavaana; Bhagvan; BhagvaanOf good furtune; The lord; God
BhagavanOf Great Fortune; King; Lord
BhagiratWith Glorious Chariot; Lord of Shiv
BhaguriThinks Himself Lucky; Desiring Happiness
BhagvaanOf Good Fortune; The Lord
BhagvanOf Good Fortune; The Lord
BhairavLord Shiva
BhairavaDestroys Fear; Formidable
BhajanWorshipped; Adoration; One who is Absorbed in God's Love
BhajanaDevoted; Venerated
BhakatiFaithfulness; Devotion
BhakosaTreasure of Light; Sun
BhaktiDevotion; Prayer
BhallaArrow; Spear; Sharp
BhallataWith a Large Forehead
BhalukiWith a Large Forehead; A Bear
BhamaLight; Splendour
BhamahaBright; Illuminating
BhanaviBelonging to the sun
BhanemiGirdle of Light; Sun
BhanuBright, Sunrise, Light
BhanujaSon of the Sun
BhanumanAs Bright as Sun
BharadwajOne who has strength and vigour
Bharadwaj; BhardwajA sage; A mythical bird; Skylark; Strong & fast
BharandaOne who Fulfils; Master
BharaniName of a Celestial Star; The Second Nakshatra in Hindu Astronomy; God of Good Luck
BharanyuMaster; Friend
BharatBrother of Lord Ram
BharataFulfils Desire
BharathaProtector of the World; A King
BharaviProtected by God
BhardwajA Sage; A Mythical Bird; Skylark; Strong and Fast
BhargaOne who has Fulfilled his Desires
BhargavLuck; Lord Shiva; Lord Rama
BhargavaLord Shiva, Attaining radiance, Coming from Bhrigu, An epithet of Shiva, The planet venus, A good archer; Lord Shiva
BhargaviA name for Goddess Parvati or Lakshmi; sacred grass
BhariOne who Supports; Lion
BharosaFaith; Trust; Yakin
BharuSea; Bearing the Load; Ruler; Gold
BharukaLifting the Load; Responsible
BharupaWith a Glorious Form; Shining; Brilliant
BhasantaIlluminating; Shining; Splendid; A Star; Sun and Moon
BhasinShining; Brilliant
BhaskariSon of the Sun; One who Brings Glory
BhasuCreator of Light; The Sun
BhasuraThe Shining God; Crystal; Enlightened; Sacred; Divine
BhasvanRadiant; Another Name for Surya (Sun); Lustrous; Full of Brightness
Bhasvan; BhaasvanLustrous; Full of brightness
BhasvaraLuminous; Glorious
BhaswarGlorious; Luminous
Bhaswar; BhaaswarGlorious; Luminous
BhattaraNoble Lord; Meritorious; Virtuous
BhattiNoble; Meritorious; Virtuous
BhatuLight; The Sun
BhaumaSon of the Earth
BhaumanBelongs to the Earth
BhaumikLord of the earth, Land owner, Attached to the earth; lord of earth
BhavAll Upon God; Lord Shiva
BhavaEmotion; Sentiment
BhavadaGiving Life; Cause of Existence
BhavajaBorn of the Heart
BhavanaIlluminating; Creator
BhavesaLord of the World
BhaveshLord of sentiment, Lord of existence, Lord of the universe, Lord Shiva; lord of the world
BhavikDevout; Well Meaning; Virtuous; Happy
BhavikaRighteous; Pious
BhavinTo exist, to live
BhavisaLord of Existence
BhavishLord of Existence
BhavukaSensitive; Sentimental
BhavyaAuspicious; Suitable; Excellent; Water; God of Ocean; Name of God
BheemPowerful; Positive Thinker; Self Confidence; Positive; Frank; Powerful Character of Mahabharat
Bheeshma; Bheesham; Bhisham; BhishmaA character of Mahabharata; Son of king 'Shantanu'
BhenaThe Lord of Stars; Another Name for Sun and Moon
BhettrBreaking; Splitting
BhimaHuge and gigantic, The mighty one (Pandu and Kunti's second son, sired by Vayu, the wind-god. Bhima is described as a powerful, large and hugely strong man.)
BhisajMedicine; Healer; Physician
BhishamA Character of Mahabharata; Son of King Shantanu
BhishmDreadful; Terrible
BhishmaOne who has Taken a Terrible Vow; An Elder of Mahabharata; Son of King Shantanu; Strong
BhismaDreadful; Terrible; Fear-inducing; Forbidding
BhojName of a poet king, Meal, Generous, An open-minded king; name of a poet king, meal
BhojaLiberal; Bestowing Enjoyment
BhonesaLord of the Universe
BhoopatLord of the Earth
BhrajaShining; Sacred; Illuminating
BhramarBlack Bee
BhrguBorn of Fire
BhriguA Prajapati; Name of a Saint
BhrngiSix Footed Insects
BhrnginThe Indian Fig Tree
BhudevLord of the Earth
Bhudev; BhudevaLord of the earth; Lord Shiva
BhudevaLord of the Earth; Lord Shiva
BhujiGranting Favours; Patron
BhujyuWith a Desire to Enjoy
BhumatPossessing the Earth
BhumiEarth; Land
BhumijaProduced from the Earth
BhumyaBelonging to the Earth
BhupaProtector of the Earth
BhupalaGuardian of the Earth
BhupatLord of the Earth
BhupatiGod of the Earth; King
Bhupati; Bhoopati; BhoopatLord of the earth
BhuriMuch; Abundant; Mighty; Lord Vishnu; Siva
BhuridaOne who Denotes in Abundance
BhusanaEmbellishment; Precious
BhushanCleaver; Ornament; Feeling of Proudness
Bhushan; BhooshanOrnament; Lord vishnu
Bhushit; BhooshitDecorated
BhusnuGrowing; Thriving
BhutadiOriginator of All Beings
BhutesaLord of All Living-beings; Lord Vishnu; Siva; Brahma
BhuvaThe Upper World
BhuvanaLiving Creature
BhuvaneshThe Lord of the world, Lord Vishnu; lord of the world
BhuvaneshwarLord of the world
BhuvasAir; Atmosphere
BidulaSpotted; Variegated
BidyutLightning; Full of Knowledge
BijinCosmic Creator; The Owner and Giver of Seed
BikasaDevelopment; Expansion
BilaHollow; Cave
BilvaA sacred leaf
BilvakaLiving in a Cave
BimanSky; Aeroplane
BimbakaThe Disc of the Sun or the Moon; Lord of Images
BinduPoint; Drop; Dot
BinoyHumble; Request
BipinForest Tiger; Forest King; Sharp
BipulaPlenty; Much; Strong; Manifold
BirbalBrave Heart
BirbalaPowerful Warrior
BirjeshLord of Braj Land
BirvaGreen Tree
BishnuLord Vishnu; The Protector; An Important Hindu God
BiswaWhole World
BodhKnowledge; Intelligent; Understanding
BodhaKnowledge; Intelligent; Understanding
BodhanaClever; Wise; Enlightening
BodhiWise; Enlightening; Knowledge
BodhidharmaAll-Pervading Enlightened Mind; Enlightenment Teaching
BodhinWise; Enlightening; Knowledge
BogliThe Pond-heron
BolinSpeaker; Elder Brother; Rain
BoraSnow; Excellent; Brave; Hurricane; Foreign; Strange
BradhnaPale Red; Mighty; The World of the Sun
BrahmaCreator of the universe; creater of the universe
BrahmanThe Preceptor
Brahmanandam; BrahmaanandThe supreme joy
BrahmdevGods exalted Angel
BrajendraLord of Braj land
BrajeshLord of Braj Land
Brajesh; Brijesh; BirjeshLord of Braj Land
BrgalaFragment; Piece
BrhatLofty; Tall; Abundant; Mighty
BrijLord Krishna
BrijeshLord Shiva; God of the Land of Brij
BrjaNormal; Nature
BrjesaLord of Brja
BruhathGreatness of Universe; Welfare of Universe
BuddhaAwakened; Lord Buddha
BudhTo Know
BudhaThe Intelligent Person; Wise
BudhilaWise; Learned; Academic
BukkaHeart; Loving; Sincere
CahaDesirable; Charming
CaidyaIntelligent; Administrator
CaitanyaConsciouness; Intelligence; Spirit; Soul
CaityaPertaning to the Mind; The Individual Soul
CaityakaAbode of Consciouness; A Temple; A Stupa
CakaTo be Content; To Shine
CakoraShining; Content
CakraWheel; Circle; Discus; The Sun
CakrabhrtDiscus Bearer; Lord Vishnu
CakrabhujHolding a Disc; Lord Vishnu
CakradevaKing of the Discus
CakradharaBearing a Discus; Emperor
CakradrsaRound Eye
CakrakiPossessing the Discus; Lord Vishnu
CakrapaniDiscus Holder
CakrasenaCommander of the Army; Leader
CakravakaHas a Round Mouth
CakravalaCircle; Assemblage; A Leader
CakravanaPossessor of the Cakra; Worshipper of Vishnu
CakravatWith a Discus; Emperor
CakravataFierce; Forceful; Whirlwind
CakresaLord of the Discus; Lord Vishnu
CakrikaDisus Bearer
CakrinWith a Discus
CaksanaSoothing to the Eyes
CaksasLook; Sight; Radiance; A Teacher
CaksusEyes; Sun
CaksusyaPleasing to the Eyes
CalaTalent; Ever Moving
CalapatiLord of the Moving
CamarRod with a Large Tuft of Hair; Animal Hair
CamarajaLeader of Anarmy
CamarvalaWith Hair as Fine as a Yak's Tail
CamasCircular; Resembles a Wheel
CamasaCircular; Resembles a Wheel
CampakaChampaka Tree
CampatFallen from Glory
CampesaLord of a Campa a Town in Anga
CampeyaFruit of the Kovidara Tree
CampuAn Elaborate and Literary Form of Presenting a Story in Verse and Prose
CamundiSlayer of Canda and Munda
CanakyaSon of Canaka
CancalaMoves; Wind; Lover
CancuRenowned; Famous
CandTo Shine; To Gladden
CandaFierce; Passionate; Violent
CandakaThe Shining One; Pleasing; The Moon
CandanaSandalwood; Soothing; Dear to the Gods
CandaninAnointed with Sandalwood; Lord Shiva
CandansuHot Rayed; Sun
CandasaMoon Like
CandavegaMove with a Fierce Speed
CandidasaDevotee of the Fierce
CandilaAngry; Hot
CandipatiLord of Candi; Lord Shiva
CandraLuminescent; Moon
CandrabhanaLustrous as the Moon
CandrajaBorn of the Moon
CandrakaThe Crescent Moon; The Red Mark on the Forehead
CandrakinWearing the Moon; The Peacock who has a Moonlike Eyes on Its Tail
CandramohanAttractive as the Moon
CandranathaKing of the Moon
CandransuMoon-beam; With the Lustre of the Moon
CandrasuryaSun and Moon Conjoined
CandrataNectar of the Moon
CandresaLord of the Moon; Lord Shiva
CandrestaBeloved of the Moon
CandrilaPossessing the Moon; Lord Shiva
CanduriLike the Moon
CangaUnderstanding; Wise
CangadasaA Wise Devotee
CannaRenowned; Cane
CannonOccupational Name; Official of the Church
CanuraWith Thin Thighs
CapalaSwift; Lightning
CapinArmed with a Bow
CarakaWanderer; A Wandering Religious Student
CarimanBeauty; Movable
CaritraCharacter; Nature; Behaviour
CarminCovered with Hides
CaruAgreeable; Charming; Beloved
CarubahuBeautiful Arms
CarucitraBeautiful Picture
CarudattaBorn of Beauty
CarudehaWith a Beautiful Form
CarudesnaBeautiful Gift
CaruguptaProtected by Beauty
CaruhasanWith a Beautiful Smile
CarumodaPleasing; Joy; Gladness
CarupadaWith Beautiful Fleet
CarusaraThe Essence of All that is Lovely
CarusirsaWith a Beautiful Head
CaruvesaBeautiful Attired
CaruvindaStriving for Beauty
CaruyasasWith Charming Fame
CasaThe Blue Jay
CatakaA Mythical Indian Bird Consisdered to Live on Rain Drops; A Poet
CaturaClever' Skilful; Beautiful; Charming
CaturangaHorse; With Beautiful Limbs
CaturasvaOne who Owns Four Horses
CaturasyaQuardangular Abode
CaturbahuFour Armed; Lord Vishnu and Shiva
CaturgatiFour Legged; Another Name for Tortoise
CatuspaniFour Armed; Lord Vishnu
CaudraynaA Prince who Inspires
CediIntelligent; Pleasant
CedijaSon of Cedi
CekitanaIntelligent; Lord Shiva
CetanaConcious; Animated; Visible; Elegant
CetasIntelligece; Soul; Heart; Mind
CetramaPervding the Consciousness
ChaanakyaName of Kautilya; The Great Scholar; Bright
ChabilaCharming; Splendid; Beautiful
ChagMoisture; Goat
ChagaMoisture; Goat
ChagalaGoat; A Sage
ChagganThe Zodiac Sign of Aries
ChailaHandsome Youth
ChaitanyaConsciousness; Life; Knowledge; Movement; The Name of a Saint
ChaitriThe full moon in the month of Chaitra
ChajjuShade; Cool; Soothing
ChakorA bird enamored of the Moon; a bird that loves the moon
ChakraWheel; Circle; Discus; The Sun
ChakrabhritDiscus Bearer
ChakradevLord Vishnu
ChakradharLord Vishnu, The one who bears the Chakra; name of Lord Vishnu
ChakrapaniLove; Discus Holder; Lord Vishnu
ChakravarteeA Sovereign King
Chakravartee; ChakravartiA sovereign king
ChakravartiKing; A Sovereign
ChakravatiWith a Discus; Emperor
ChakshuEye; Eye of Star
ChampakA Flower; Fragrant Flower
ChanakySon of Canaka
ChanakyaThe Wise One; Bright; Great Scholar; Son of Chanaka
Chanakya; ChaanakyaName of Kautilya - the great scholar; Bright
ChanchalaMoves; Wind; Lover
ChandMoon; Shining Moon
ChandaThe Moon; moon
ChandakBrillinat, The moon; the moon
ChandanSandalwood, Auspicious, Perfumed; sandlewood
ChandanaSandalwood; Soothing; Dear to the Gods
ChandipatiLord of the Fierce Goddess
ChandodevaLord of the Hymns
ChandraMoon, to shine
ChandraananMoon-like face; moon like face
ChandraayanThe Moon
ChandrabhanThe Moon
ChandrabhanaThe Moon; Lustrous as Moon
ChandradevMoon God, A king
ChandrakPeacock Feather
ChandrakaLunar Shining
ChandrakantBeloved of the Moon; Moonstone
ChandraketuMoon banner
ChandramaniMoonstone, Jewel
ChandramauliThe one who wears Moon on head, Meaning Lord Shiva; Lord Shiva
ChandramohanAttractive like the Moon
ChandramouliLord Shiva
ChandranThe Moon, Moon like a face; the moon
ChandranathThe Moon
ChandrarajKing of the Moon
ChandrasekharMoon Crested
ChandrikaMoon; moonlight
ChandrilaA Name of Lord Shiva; Lord Rudra
ChannaRenowned; Cane
ChapalQuick; clever, restless; lightning
ChapalaSwift; Lightning
CharakAn ancient physician, The father of Chaanakya, Nomadic religious student; an ancient physician
CharakaVagabond; Wanderer
CharanFeet; A Humble Person
CharanamDivine Feet of Lord
CharanpalProtection under the Guru's Lotus Feet
CharinFollower; Disciple
CharithCharacter; Nature
CharuAgreeable; Charming; Genteel
CharuchandraBeautilful Moon; Son of Rukmini and Sri Krishna
Charuchandra; ChaaruchandraBeautilful moon; Son of Rukmini and Sri Krishna
CharudattaHandsome; Beautiful; Charming'; Born with Beauty
CharuvratOf good character
CharviA beautiful lady
ChatakA Bird
ChatenPerceptive; Consciousness; Life; Excellent Intelligence
ChatraketuA Bright Umbrella Banner
ChatrapatiSaviour of All; Lord of Umbrella
ChatresaLord of the Umbrella; Lord Shiva
ChaturaananWith four faces
ChaturbhujOne who has four arms, Lord Ganesh; strong, broad shouldered
ChaturvedLord Vishnu; One who has Studied Four Vedas
ChayanikaThe Chosen One
ChayankaMarked with the Hare; One who is Like the Moon
ChediWhich Cuts and Break
ChetCamp of the Soldiers; Fort; From the Fortified Camp; From the Rock Fortress; Awareness; Soldier's Camp; If
ChetakiA name of a raga; jasmine flower
Chetan; Chaten; ChaitanPerceptive; Consciousness; Life; Excellent Intelligence
ChetanaanandSupreme Joy
ChetasWisdom; Grandeur; Soul; Heart; Mind
ChhatrapalAdd Meaning
ChidaakaashAbsolute, Brahma; absolute Brahma
ChidaatmaSupreme spirit, Big soul; supreme spirit
ChidambarOne whose Heart is as Big as the Sky
Chidambar; ChidambaramSky like heart; One who has heart as wide as sky
ChidanandaLord Shiva, Conscious mind immersed in total bliss; Lord Shiva
ChinmayaWith Joy; God
Chinmayanand; ChinmayanandaBlissful; Supreme consciousness
ChintakThinker; Wisher
ChintamaniPhilosopher's Stone; Name of Ganesha
ChiraLong Time Leave; Permanently
ChiranjeevLord Vishnu; Immortal; Long Lived
Chiranjeev; ChiranjeeveLord Vishnu; Immortal
ChiranjeeveLord Vishnu; Immortal
ChiranjivImmortal; Super; One Having a Long Life; Lord Vishnu; Long Lived; Without Death
ChirayuLong Life; Immortal
ChitraExcellent; Bright; Happiness
ChitragandhaOf various fragrances
ChitrakshBeautiful eyed
ChitranClear-minded, light
CholaA Long Robe
ChulliCooking Fire
CidambaraWith a Heart as Vast as Sky
CidanandaUltimate Bliss
CidatmaPure Intelligence
CidatmataConsisting of Pure Thought
CiddhatuOriginal Soul
CidghanaFull of Knowledge
CidrupaKnowledge Incarnate
CidullasaThought that Radiate; Wise
CidvilasaOne who Sports in the Knowledge of Illusion
CihirThe Bird Chummum
CikitaExperinced; Well Read
CiksuraInflicter of Pain
CikuraMountain; Hair on the Head
CinmayaConsisting of Pure Intelligence
CintamariGem of Thought; Gem that Fulfils Desires
CintanThought; Perception; Meditation
CintyaWorthy of Thought
CirajusaFavoured with a Long Life
CirakariMaking Slow Progress
CirayuLong Lived
CirayusLong Lived
CiriniClothed in Bark or Rags
CirjivakaLong Lived
CitadhanaThe Conscious
CitakaOrnament of the Neck
CitapatiLord of Intellect
CitayuBorn of Intellect
CitraExcellent; Bright
CitrabahuWith a Speckled Arm
CitrabanaOwner of Variegated Arrows
CitracapaOwner of Variegated Bow
CitraguOwner of Brindled Cows
CitrakaPainted; Spotted
CitraketuOwner of a Beautiful Banner
CitraksaSpeckled Eyes
CitrakutaWonderful Peak
CitrangaWith a Multicoloured Body
CitrarupaWith a Variegated Form
CitrasenaWith a Bright Spear
CitrasvaA Painted Horse; With Winderful Horse
CitravasuWith Many Treasures; Rich in Shining Stars
CitresaLord of Citra; Wonderful Lord; Moon
CitrisaLord of Citra; Wonderful Lord; Moon
CittaThought; Mind; Intellect
CittajaBorn of the Heart
CittaparaBeyond Reason
CittavataWith a Heart; Kindhearted
CittayuSon of the Heart
CittinThinker; Wise
CitvanaGlance; A Look
CitvataEndowed with Mind; Logical
CivarinWearing Rags
CoksaPure; Clean
ColaA Long Robe
CudamaniJewel Worn on the Crest
CunandaPerception; Learning
CundaLearn; Understand; Perceptor
CupkaThe Wooded Sandpiper
CyavanaMoving; Active
DaarukLord Krishna’s charioteer, a tree
DadhicaSprinkling Milk or Curd
DadhikraBorn from the Ocean of Milk; Fast Moving; A Divine Horse who Personifies the Morning Sun
DadhyanSeller of Milk; One who Brings the Milk; A Hermit who was Taught by Indra the Art of Preparing Rice for Offering to the Gods
DahaBlazing; Very Bright
DahanaA Rudra
DaityaA Non Aryan
DaityariEnemy of Daityas; Lord Krishna
DaivatStrength; Power
DaivikGod’s grace
DaiwikBy the grace of God, Divine, Relating to the gods; By the grace of God
DaksariEnemy of the Perfect; Lord Shiva
DaksesaRuler of Daksa
DakshPerfect Being; Capable; Smart; Lord Shiva; Fire; Gold; Son of Lord Brahma; Precious Son; Son of a Perfect Being; Expert; Fit
DakshaAble; Talented
DaksheshLord Shiva
DakshiThe Glorious
DakshinaDonation to God
DaksiSon of Daksa
DaksinaRight; The Sense of Direction; Clever; Fit; Able; South Direction
DalajitaConquering a Group
DalapatiGroup Leader
DalbhaWheel; Roler
DalbhyaBelonging to Wheels
DaljeetThe Conqueror of Forces
DalmiTearing; Indra's Thunderbolt
DamaControl of the Senses; Self-control
DamanThe controlling one
DamanaSubduing; Taming; Over Powering; Self Controlled
DamanakaSubduer; Brave; Powerful
DamatiOne who Subdues a Conquerer
DambaraSelf Restrained
DambhaOf Pride
DaminSelf Controlled
DamodarLord Ganapati
DamodaraDam=cord, Udara=stomach, Lord when he was tied with a rope around his waist
DamosBound; Wealthy; Fortunate
DamunasSubduer; Head of the Family
DanapatiLord of Generosity
DanasuraHer Among the Donors
DanaviraHero Among the Donors
DandaStick; Punishment; A Staff; Also Monetary Punishment for Wrong Doing
DandakA forest
DandakaA Small Staff; A Pole; A Handle
DandapaaniAn epithet for Yama
DandasriBest Among the Staffs; Best Judge
DandinCarrier of a Staff
DanstrinBearer of Teeth; Lord Shiva
DantaCalm; A Name for Lord Hanuman
DantinA Spritual Personality
DanuLiberal; Courageous; Noisy; High Pitched; One who Shouts
DanujaSon of Danu
DanveerArbiter; Generous
DarbhaA Sweet-smelling Dried Grass
DarbhiWitj Sacrifical Grass; An Ascetic
DarduraBig; Terrible; With Caves
DariSplitting; Opening; Moving Slowly
DarpaPride; Arrogance
DarpahanDestroyer of Ego
DarpakaMirror; Pride
DarpanA Mirror; Happiness
DarpanaInducing Pride
DarsanaLooking at; Lord Krisna
DarsataMaking Things Visible
DarshLord Krishna
DarshanVision, a God in Hindu mythology
DarshanaSeeing; Sight; Darshan
DarukaDeodar Tree
DarunAs Hard as Wood
DarunaHard as Wood
DarvandaThe Hood of a Snake
DarviWooden Ladle; The Hood of a Snake
DasabahuTen Armed
DasadyuEquivalent to Ten Heavens; Very Powerful
DasaketuWith Ten Banners
DasarhaDestroyer of Ten; Taking Awy Ten Sins
DasarnaTen Lakes
DasmataDesirable; Acceptable
DasraAccomplishing Wonderful Deeds
DasuWorshipping; Sacrificing
DasuraHoly; Pious
DasuriDevout; Pious
DattaOne who is given
DattraIndra's Gift
DavaWine; Water
DayaamayFull of Mercy; Kind
Dayaamay; DayamayeeFull of mercy; Kind
DayaanandaOne who likes being merciful, A king
DayaanidhiTreasure house of mercy
DayadaSon; Inheritor
DayanandTrusted by Many; One who Likes Being Merciful
DayandhiTreasure House of Compassion
DayanitaOne who Likes Being Merciful; Compassionate Conduct
DayaramaCompassionate as Rama; Pervades Mercy
DayaviraHeroically Compassionate
DayitaLoved One
DebDivinity Jack
DeegDirection; Sky
DeenabandhuFriend of the poor
DeepSuperior to Infinity; A Lamp
DeepaLamp; Light
DeepaanLighting Up; Illumination
DeepakLamp, brightly shining
DeepanLighting up, Brilliant, Invigorating, Passion, One who lights lamps; lighting up
Deepankar; DipankarOne who lights lamps
DeepanthFriendly Characters
DeepayanLamp's Pathway
Deependra; DipendraLord of lights
DeepeshGlowing moon
Deepesh; DipeshLord of light
DeepithFired Lamp
DeeptanshuThe Sun
Deeptendu; DiptenduBright Moon
Deeptimoy; DeeptimayLustrous
DeetyaAnswer of Prayers
DeevakarThe Sun
DehabhrtOf the Body; Corporeal; Lord Shiva
DehabhujAnother Name for Lord Shiva
DehajaBorn of a Body; Child
DemanJudge; Man
DesakaOne who Directs; Ruler; Guide
DesarajKing of a Country
DesarajaKing of a Country
DevDivine; Poet; God; Respect; Immortal; Boundless; Without Limit; Nobody can Destroy; Friendly; Faithful; Limitless; Lotus that Blooms in Moonlight; A Star
Dev; DebDivinity; God
DevaAngel, Divine being
DevabahuThe Arm of the Gods
DevadasFollower of God
DevadasaSlave of the Gods
DevadattGift of the God
DevadevaLord of All Lords
DevadutaMessenger of the Gods
DevagopaShepherd of the Gods
DevaguruPreceptor of the Gods
DevagyaWith knowledge of God; command of God
DevahuInvoking the Gods
DevajutaThe One with the Good
DevajyotiBrightness of the Lord
DevamGod; Part of God
DevamaniJewel Among the Gods; Lord Shiva
DevamataApproved by the Gods
DevamayaConsisting of the Gods
DevamuniDivine Sage
DevangPart of God's Body; Part of God
DevangiLike a Goddess
DevannaFood Offered to the Gods; Lord Shiva
DevansaFor a Part an Incarnation of the Gods
DevanshPart of God
DevanshiPart of a God; divine
DevantaMurderer of the Gods
DevapadaThe Feet of the Gods
DevapalaDefender of the Gods
DevapiAn Ancient King; The Eldest Son of King Pratipa of Hastinapur in Indian Epic Mahabharat
DevarajaKing of the Gods
DevaramaAbsorbed in Divine Deeds
DevarataDelighting in the Gods; Pious; Religious
DevarhaWorthy of the Gods
DevarsiSage of the Devas
DevaryaDivine Belief
DevasenaWith an Army of the Gods
DevasisaBlessing of the Gods
DevasisuDivine Child
DevasomaThe Drink of the Gods
DevasruKnown to the Gods
DevasuraDivine Hero
DevatmanDivine Soul
DevavahaWith a Divine Chariot
DevaviGratifying the Gods
DevavidKnowing the Gods
DevavratGreat Bhishma
DevayanaLeading to the Gods; Vehicle of a God
DevdanThe gift of the gods
DevdasGod’s servant
DevenKing of the gods, Another name for Lord Indra
DevendraKing of Gods; Lord Indra
DeveshKing of the gods, Another name for Indra, God of the gods; Lord Shiva
DeveshaO Lord of All Lords
DeveshwarLord Shiva, Lord of the devas; Lord Shiva
DevesitaSent by the Gods
DevesthaBest Among the Gods
DevesuDivine Arrow
DeviA Goddess
DevidasaSlave of the Goddess
DevikaLittle Goddess
DevilaAttached to the Gods
DevinPoet; And Place Name; Divine; Perfect; Bard; Resembling of God
DevisaChief of the Gods
DevrataName of an Ancient King in Indian Epic Called Mahabhatat; Son of Shantanu and Ganga
DevvrataName of an Ancient King in Indian Epic Called Mahabhatat; Son of Shantanu and Ganga
Devvrata; Devrata; DevavrataName of an ancient king in Indian Epic called 'Mahabhatat'; Son of Shantanu & Ganga
DevyaHoly; Divine Power
DhairyaPatience; Brave
DhamaRay; Strength; Majesty
DhamanRay; Light; Abode; Glory
DhamavatOwner of a House; Powerful; Strong
DhanaMoney, Wealth
DhanadeepaLord of wealth
DhanakaAvarice; A Son of Durmada
DhananjayOne who wins wealth
Dhanapati; DhanpatiLord of wealth
DhanayusWith a Rich Life
DhanesaLord of Prosperity
DhaneshLord of wealth, Star or name of a Nakshatra, Good little boy; lord of wealth
DhanpatiLord of Wealth
DhanuMan of Wealth; The Bow; Name of a Rashi (Sagittarius)
DhanvikKing; Archer; Bowman; Prince
DhanvinLord Shiva, A name of Lord Rama; Lord Shiva
DhanyaGiver of Wealth; Lord Vishnu
DharaWearing; Land; Earth
DharamThe Righteous and Religious Person
DharmaReligious; Law
DharmadaBestower of Dharma
DharmajaSon of Dharma; Another Name for Yudhisthira
DharmaketuWho upholds the right way
DharmayuOne who Lives for Dharma
DharmesaLord of Dharma
DharmeshMaster of Religion; Lord of Religion
DharmikReligious; A Name for Lord Ganesha
DharunaA Rishi
DhataEstablisher; Creator; Founder
DhatakiResembling the Creator
DhatrEstablisher; Creator; Founder; Supporter
DhaumraGrey; Smoke; Spring; Well
DhavakRunner; Quick; Swift
DhavalFair Complexioned; White Colour
DhavalaDazzling White; Handsome
DhavanAdd Meaning
DhavitaWhitish; Washed; Purified
DheemayiTo meditate upon
DheeraCourageous; Name of God Hanuman; No Fear
DhimanKnowledgeable; Wise
DhimnishBrilliant and Light
DhiraPatient; Tolerant; Intelligent; Wise
DhirajaBorn of Tolerance
DhiranaDelighting on Devotion
DhiresaLord of Tolerance
DhitikaThoughtful; Wise
DhrishatBold; Courageous
DhrsajBold; A Hero
DhrsamanConfident; Bold
DhrsitaBold; Brave; Daring
DhrsniRay of Light
DhrstakaBold; Brave
DhrstiBold; Brave
DhrtimatOne who is Calm; Paitent; Steadfast; Resolute
DhrtvanSteadfast; Resolute; The Sea; Clever; Virtuous
DhrubjitWho Won Truth
DhruthikLord Shiva
DhrutiFirm; Resolute
DhruvPole star, Immovable, Eternal, Firm, Steady; the polar star
DhruvaStar; Very Intelligent; Unshakable; The Pole Star
DhruvakaStable; Firm; That which is Unchangeable
DhruviFirmly Fixed
DhumraSmoky; Grey; Purple; Dim
DhunaObsession; Tune
DhundhiHazi; Sought After
DhuniRoaring; Loud Sounding
DhupaSun; Perfume; Incense
DhuraiChief; Yoke; Head; One Charged with Important Duties
DhuriAxis; Yoke
DhurjatiThe Pivotal Ascetic; Lord Shiva
DhutiShaker; Agitator
DhvaniSound; Thunder
DhvijMoon; Son of Abhimanyu
DhwaniSound; Voice
DhyanConcentrate; Absorbed in Contemplation; A Type of Yoga; Meditate; Meditation
DhyanesaLord of Contemplation
DhyaneshwarLord of meditation
DidyuWeapon; Arrow; Missile
DigDirection; Sky
DigambarSky Clad; Another Name for Siva; Unencumbered; Sky-clad; Naked; Lord Shiva
Digambar; DigambaraUnencumbered; Sky-clad
DigisaRegent of a Direction
DigishaRegent of a Direction
DigjayaNaked; The Conqueror of All Directions; Wearing the Sky as a Garment
DigvasasSky Clad; Lord Shiva
DigvijayBiggest Victory; Triumph; Conqueror; Name of Arjun; Victorious; One who is Victorious over Everyone
DiksinInitiated; Consecrated
DiksitaInitiated; Consecrated
DilipAn ancestor of Rama
DilipaOne who Gives; Accepts and Protects
DimbhaNewborn; A Boy; Young
DinaDay; Lord of the Poor; Protector
DinabandhuFriend of the poor
DinakarThe Sun
Dinakar; DinkarThe sun
DinakaraThat which Causes the Day; The Sun
DinantaDay End; The Evening; Dusk
DinapatiThe Sun
DineshThe sun, day-lord; the sun
DipaThat which Illuminates; Light; Lamp
DipakLamp; Light
DipakaLittle Lamp; Shining; Bright
DipankarOne who Lights Lamps
DipanthFriendly Characters
DipenLord of the Lamp; Lord of Light
DipendraSun; Lord of Light
DipeshLight; Lord of Light; Sun
DipinInflaming; Exciting
DiptansuBright Rayed
DiptenduBright Moon
DirghaLofty; Long; High; Deep; God Siva
DistaSettled; Directed
DitaujasGlowing with Energy
DitikaraBringing Glow
DitimatPossessed with a Glow; Bright
DivaakarThe Sun
Divaakar; Divakar; DeevakarThe sun
DivamTo Pure; Pure
DivamaniOrnament of Day
DivapatiDay Lord; Sun
DivavasuTreasure of the Sky
DiviIn Heaven
DivijMaster of Direction; One who has Appeared from Heaven; Name of Lord Datta
DivijaCelestial; Born of Heaven
DivijataBorn of the Heaven
DivirajPraying to Heaven
DivitImmortal; Lord Shiva
DivjotDivine light
DivodasaPious; Religious
DivojaDescended from Heaven
DivyaDivine; Transcendental
DivyamA Part of Divine; Smart; Talented; Cute; Pure
DivyansuWith Divine Rays; The Sun
DivyenduBright Moon
DivyeshThe Lamp of Sun; Sun
DiyanJudge, Leader, Captain
DrapaMatted Hair; Mud; Heaven; Sky
DravaFlowing; Liquid; Property; Wealthy
DravidaProperty Owner; A Landlord; Wealthy
DrdhaStrong; Solid
DrishanOne who Fulfils All the Dreams
DronTeacher of Arjun in Hindu Epic Mahabharat; Prominent Mahabharata Character
Dron; DronaTeacher of Arjun in Hindu epic 'Mahabharat'
DronaTeacher of Arjun in Hindu Epic Mahabharat
DrsaluFull of Light; Sun
DruhyuOne who Loves Nature
DrupadaColumn; Pillar
DudhaVoice; Milk
DuhkhaDistress; Sorrow
DukulResting at a Shore
DulalaBeloved Youth
DunduFlautist; A Musician
DurbaSacred Grass
DurgaUnreachable; Goddess Durga
DurjayaDifficult to Conquer
DurmadaFalse Pride; Illusion
DurvaHeavenly Grass
DussahaDifficult to Tolerate
DustaraHard to Cross
DvijBorn Twice; Bird
DvijaBorn Twice; Bird
DvijesaKing of the Twice Born
DvijeshKing of the Twice Born
Dwaipayan; DwaipayanaThe sage Vyasa; Another name of Veda Vyasa; Island-born
DyauSky; Bright; Space
DyujayaConqueror of Heaven
DyuksaLight; Brilliant
DyumaniLord Shiva
DyumatBrilliant; Splendid; Excellent
DyumniInspired; Strong; Powerful
DyutiSplendour; Lighted
DyutitaIlluminated; Clear; Bright
EashanLord Vishnu
EdhaA Type of Wood; Sacred; Holy
EdhatuBorn of Wood; Fire; Happiness
EdhitaGrown; Increased; Evolved
EdiHealing; Strife for Wealth; Herb; Guardian of Prosperity
EekalabyaA Pupil / Student of Guru Dronnachaarya
Eekalabya; EkalavyaA pupil of Dronaachaarya; Student of Guru Dronnachaarya
EeshaniA name for Goddess Durga
EhaLord Vishnu
EilvilaSon of Ilvila
EirawatThe Celestial White Elephant of Indra
EkaLord Vishnu; First Child
EkaagraOne-pointed; With One Attention
EkaakshOne Eyed
EkaaksharaA Name for Lord Ganesha
EkaantaLoneliness; Solitude; Seclusion
EkabandhuOne Friend
EkabhaktaOne who Worships a Single Deity
EkacakraOne Wheel; The Chariot of the Sun
EkachitPossessing One's Mind; Complete Concentration; Calm; Reposed
EkacudaSingle Crested
EkadaThe First One; Giver of One
EkadantLord Ganesh
EkadantaHaving One Tooth
EkadehaWith One Body
EkadevaThe Only God
EkadyuSupreme Sky
EkahansThe Only Swan; Soul
EkajataWith a Single Twisted Lock of Hair
EkajyotisThe Sole Light; Lord Shiva
EkakOnce; Alone
EkakshOne Eyed
Ekaksh; EkaakshOne-eyed
EkakshaLord Shiva
EkalavyaRenowned for his Devotion to his Guru
EkalingName of Lord Shiva
EkamaOne; Unique; Peerless
EkamukhaSingle Faced
EkanaiThe Only Leader
EkanathaThe Only Master
EkanayakaSole Leader; Lord Shiva
EkapadaOne Footed; Lord Shiva and Visnu
EkapatWith a Single Garment
EkapingaOne Eyed
EkarajaSole Monarch
EkasargaOne Horned
EkataFirst; Single
EkatalaEmperor; Single Beat
EkatanClosely Attentive
EkatmaOne Soul
EkatvachaOne who Keeps Repeating the Same Thing; Parrot
EkaviraLord Shiva's Daughter
EkayanaDoctrine of Unity; Worldly Wisdom
EkayastiA Single String of Pearls
EkdantAnother Name of Lord Ganesha
Ekdant; EkadantAnother name of Lord Ganesha
EkendraThe Sole Lord; The Supreme Being
EkesaThe Sole God
EkisaOne God; The Primal God
EkodaraBorn of the Same Womb; A Sister
ElaparnaLeaves of the Ela Creeper
ElaputraOf the Cardamom Creeper
ElluSesame Seed Considered Sacred
EluExulted One; Seven
EnaDoe; Marked; A Black Antelope
EnavadaOne with a Spotted Speech; Truthful
EniA river or stream
ErawatThe Celestial White Elephant of Indra
EsaGod is Salvation; Desirable; Prophet; Another Name for Vishnu
EsanaDesire; Wish; Aim
EtaPainted; Shining
EtapatraDappled Leaves
EtasaShining; Dappled Horse
EvyamarutProtected by the Maruts
EvyavanGranted of All Desires; Lord Vishnu
FaneeshLord Shiva
FareedUnique; Incomparable
FirdausParadise; Heaven; Enclosure; Garden
FiruzSuccessful; Victorious; Gem Stone
GaganHeaven, the sky
Gajaadhar; GajadharOne who can command an elephant; Elephant tamer
Gajaanan; GajananElephant-faced; Lord Ganesha
Gajbaahu; GajabahuWho has strength of an elephant
GambhirSerious, deep
Ganak; GanakaAn astrologer; Mathematician
GanapatiLord Ganesh, Lord of a group of close devotees, Who have reached the climax of devotion; Lord Ganesh
Gandharv; GandharvaCelestial musician; Master in music
GaneshLord Ganesh, Lord of the army (Son of Lord Shiva & Parvati); Son of Lord Shiva
GarudBird king, a bird from mythology, falcon
Garud; GarudaThe king of bird; Falcon; A large mythical bird
GathaSong of praise; a religious verse
Gati; GatikSpeed; Fast; Progressive
Gaurang; GauraangA fair one; Husband of Gauri (Parvati); Lord Shiva
Gauranga; GourangaFair complexioned; Golden-limbed; Having a white or yellowish body; Cow coloured
GauravHonourable, respectful, pride
GauraviPride, respect
Gautam; Gautama; GoutamThe name of the Buddha
GayanSky, song
GayatriA name for Goddess Durga; a sacred verse
GhanaanandHappy like clouds; happy like cloud
Ghanshyam; GhanashyamLord Krishna; Black clouds resembling a beautiful upcoming evening
Girik; GirikaLord Shiva; Heart of the gods
GirindraLord Shiva, A Prince among the mountains, A high mountain, Lord of mountains i.e. Shiva, Lord of speech i.e. Brihaspati; Lord Shiva
Giriraaj; GirirajKing of mountains
GirirajLord Of The Mountains
GirishMountain God
GitikaA short song or hymn
GopalProtector of cows and cowherds, Lord Krishna
Gopal; GopaalLord Krishna; Cowherd; Protector of cows
Gopi; GopeeA cowherd; Protector of cows
Gorakhnath; Gorakshanath; GorakhanathaA famous medieval Hindu yogi (saint); Name of a saint of Gorakh community; Mastered his senses
Goswamee; GoswamiMaster of cows
Gotum; GautamLord Buddha
GovindAnother name of Lord Krishna
Govinda; GobindaA cowherd, one who is good at finding cows; Lord Krishna
Gudakesha; GudakesaThe archer Arjuna
GulzarA garden with flowers; Rose Garden; An inhabited town; gardener
GurdevDiety, Almighty God
GuruTeacher, Master, Priest
HaaniHappy; Delighted; Content
HaeronAlways Happy with Victory
HahaExclamation of Surprise; Water; Sky; Blood; Meditation
HaidarLion; Derived from Hadara; To Dwell; Strong; Stout; Ferocious Lion
HaimaSnow; Frost; Dew; Golden
HakesaKing of Sound
HalaHalo Around the Moon; Plough; Great; Dazzling; Sweetness
HalabhrtCarrying a Plough; Another Name for Krisna's Brother Balarama
HalayudhaWeaponed with a Plough
HalimakaPoison Spewing
HamirA Raga
HansGod’s gift, swan
HansajaSon of Swan
HansarajaLord of Swans
HansikaA little swan
HansinThe Universal Soul; Mad about Love and Friends
HanspalaLord of the Swan
HanumanThe God of Ramayana
HanumantThe Monkey God of Ramayana; God of Power; Lord Hanuman; Devotee of Lord Ram; Son of Wind
HanumesaLord of Hanuman
HarLord Shiva; Anything from Heart
HaraLord Shiva; The Remover of Sins
HaradevaRules over Shiva
HaradikaKing and Soul of Love
HaraharaSiva's Necklace
HarakaHe will be Good to All; Lard Vishnu Name; One who Takes Away
HararupaWith the Form of Siva
HarasunuSon of Siva
HaravaPainful to Siva
HaraviraA Warrior of God
HarbansRelated to the Family of Hari; Family of God
HarenuA Creeper which Serves as a Village Boundary
HariBelongs to God, remover of pain
HariaksaLord Shiva
HarialGreen Coloured; The Common Green Pigeon
HariankaIn the Lap of Visnu
HarianshLord of Shiva
HariasvaHorse of Visnu
HaribhaktaDedicated to Vishnu
HaricapaIndra's Bow; The Rainbow
HaridasaServant of Vishnu
HaridraYellow; Turneric; One who is Golden Coloured
HaridruFree of the Gods
HariharaVishnu and Shiva Joined Together
HarihayaWith Golden Horses; The Horse of Visnu
HarijaBorn by Hari
HarikantBeloved by Indra
HarikantaBeloved by Indra
HarikesaWith Yellow Hair; Lord Vishnu; Siva
HariKrishLord Name
HarilalaVishnu's Son
HarimaniGem of Vishnu; Sapphire
HarimatWith Bay Horses
HarinaDeer; Other Name for Lord Vishnu and Siva
HarinaksaWith Eyes Like a Doe
HarinakshaLord Shiva
HarinarayanLord Vishnu, Nar means person. Narayan then is the primal person + Hari is God in action both through creating and destroying; Lord Vishnu
HariomMantra of Lord Shiva
HaripalaDefender of Vishnu; Lion
HariprasadBlessed by Lord Krishna
HariprasadaVishnu's Blessing
HarirajaLeader of the Lions
HariramaVishnu and Rama Joined Together
HarisankaraVishnu and Shiva Joined Together
HarisaraWith Vishnu for an Arrow; Lord Shiva
HariscandraMerciful as the Light of the Moon
HarishLord Shiva / Vishnu / Krishna; Lord Ayyappa; Son of Sun
HarisutaSon of Visnu
HaritPlowman, Green, Ploughman, Cultivator; greenery
HaritakaYellow Green
HarivamshaRelated to Vishnu
HarivanaIndra of the Bay Horses
HarivansaRelated to Vishnu
HarivanshBelonging to the Family of Hari
HarivatsaLoved by Vishnu
HarmutBearing the Unbreakable; The Tortoise that Upholds the Earth
HarositVery Happy
HarsaDelight; Happiness
HarsamanaFull of Joy
HarsanaCausing Delight
HarsavardhanaCreator of Happiness; Increases Joy
HarsenduThe Moon of Joy
HarshHappiness; Joy; Gives Other Happiness or Loves Everyone
HarshaJoy, delight
Harsha-VardhanPromoter of Happiness
HarshadHappiness; One who Gives Pleasure
HarshadityaSun of Happiness
HarshalHappiness; Lover; Joyful
HarshitFilled with happiness
HarshitaJoyous; Who Brings Happiness
HarshulDear; Cheerful; Deer
HarshulaDisposed to be Cheerful
HarsiHappy; Joyful
HarsitaFull of Happiness
HarsodaCreating Joy
HarsulaProper to be Happy
HaryaksaYellow Eyed; Lion
HaryangaGolden Bodied
HaryasvaWith Bay Horses
HasiniDelightful; name of an
HatakesaLord of Gold; Lord Shiva
HatisaWith No Desire
HatitosaNot Afraid of Troubles
HavaldarTo whom Responsibility is Given
HavishFire; Lord Shiva
HavyaTo be Invoked
HeliAscending; Climbing Up; Embrace
HemGold; Lord Shiva; Silver; Closeness
HemabalaPower of Gold; The Pearl
HemacandraMoon of Gold
HemadriMountain of Gold; Also the Himalaya
HemaguhaGolden Cave
HemamaliWearing a Golden Garland
HemanGolden Yellow; Lord Shiva; Made of Gold
HemangOne with Shining
HemantThe best season
HemantaEarly Winter; Name of a Season
HemanyaGold Bodied
HemarajaGolden King
HemavarnaKing of Gold; Golden Complexioned
HemendraLord of Gold
HemkarLord of Wealth; Lord Shiva / Vishnu
HemrajKing of Gold; Joy; King of Wealth
HemshankhLord Shiva / Vishnu
HemubhaGod of Gold
HerambaLord Ganesh; Boastful; Name of Ganapati
HetwikLord Shiva
HeyanHeart; Light of God
HimSnow; Ice; Bright
HimaHima; Snow; Winter
HimacalaAbode of Snow
HimadhriInfinity Life
HimadriSnow mountain, The himalayas
HimadyutiOf Cool Radiance; The Moon
HimaghnaThe Sun
HimambuWater of Snow
HimankPrecious Diamond
HimanshuOne who Radiate Cool Light; The Moon; Cool; A Piece of Ice (Heem-ka-ansh- Part of Shiv)
HimansuCool Rayed
HimaratiEnemy of Snow; Fire
HimosraWhite Rayed
HiraPrecious Diamond; Diamond
HiralBearer of Diamonds; Like Angel; Wealthy; Diamonds
HirangaHard as a Diamond
HiranmayGolden; Made of Gold
Hiranmay; HiranmayaMade of gold
HiranmayaMade of Gold
HiranyaDiamond; Gold; A Precious Metal
HirenDiamond; Lord Genius; Lord of the Diamonds
HirendraLord of the Diamonds
HiresaRuler of Diamonds
HireshKing of Gems
HiruAs Hard as Diamond
HitaisiWell Wisher
HitasaThe Oblation Eater
HitayuGood for Others
HitenThe heart
HitheshLord Venkateswara
HonnaTo Possess
HosangTo be One's Own Self
HradaSound; Noise; Roar; Reality
HrdayesaRuler of the Heart
HresaTo be Delighted
HridiIn the Heart
HriditOne with Pure Heart; Very Kind; Loving
HridyaanshPiece of Heart
HrimOne who Takes Away
HrishikeshLord of sound
HrisuGlad; Happy
HrithikFrom the heart
HritikaAbiding in the heart; truthful and modest
HrsikesaControls the Senses
HuhuIn Attentive Response
HulasJoy; Sad
HundaGiver of Pain; One who Tortures
IbhananElephant Faced
IbhyaPossessor of Many Attendants
IcchakaGranting Desires
IdaaThe Channel on the Left of the Spine
IdaspatiGod of Rain; Vishnu
IdhikaThe earth
IdhmaSacrificial Fuel
IditriOne worthy of praise
IhaRequest; desire
IjyaWorthy of Worship; A Teacher; Deity
IksuSweet; Sugar
IksudaThat which Gives Sweetness; Sweet Tongued
IkvalaProsperity; Good Fortune
IladharaUpholder of the Earth
IlankoSurface of the Earth
IlaspadaFoot of the Earth
IlaspatiLord of the Earth
IlavartaSurrounding the Earth
IliA Small Sword; A Knife; Birth Mark; Blemish
IllibisaOne who Throws Knives at the Enemy
IllilaPossessing High Intelligence
IlusaCovering the Earth
IlyaThe Lord is My God; Abbreviation of Elijah; My God is Jehovah; A Mythical Tree of Paradise; God is Gracious
InakantaBeloved of Sun
InanSun; Lord; Master; King
InasCapable; Sociability; Able; Strong; Bold; Powerful
InderThe God of Weather and War; Lord of the Devas; King of Gods
Inder; IndraThe god of weather and war; Lord of the devas
InderjitConqueror of Indra
InderpalProtector of All; Protector of God Indra; Gods Friends
IndesvaraLord of the Moon
IndivarBlue Lotus
IndivaraBlessing; Blue Lotus
IndraExcellent, First, God of the Sky, Soul, Generous best, Cloud, God of the atmosphere; God of the skies
IndrabhaWith the Shine of Indra
IndradattaGift of Indra
IndraduDesired by Indra
IndragniIndra and Agni Conjoined
IndrajaBorn of Indra
IndrajalNet of Indra; Magic
IndrajalaNet of Indra; Magic
IndrajeetLord Indra; Conqueror
IndrajitIndia; Conqueror of Lord Indra
IndrakilaBanner of Indra
IndraneelEmerald or Sapphire
IndranilaBlue as Indra; Sapphire
IndrasutaSon of Indra
IndratanAs Strong as Indra
IndrayudhWeapon of Indra; Rainbow
IndrayudhaWeapon of Indra; Rainbow
IndrayumnaOne who can Stop Indra
IndriyaSenses; Organ of Sense or Action
IndubhusanaHaving the Moon as an Ornament
IndubhushanHaving the Moon as an Ornament; God Shiva
IndukantaLike a Moon
IndukanthHandsome Like Moon
IndumaniGem of the Moon
IndumatRespected by Moon
IndumauliCrested Moon
IndusekharaCrested Moon
IndushekharCrested Moon
InesaA Strong King; Lord Vishnu
IneshKing of Kings
IneshaStrong King
InuCharming; Lovely; Handsome
IpsitaThe Desired
IraWatchful; Wind; Descendants; Vigilant; Alert; Earth
IrajaBorn of the Wind
Iravanking of ocean
IravataPossessing Water or Milk; Ocean; Cloud; King
IrawatThe Celestial White Elephant of Indra
IreshaLord of the Earth
IrithOf Wind; Scent
IrmaOf the Nature of Wind; Moves Constantly; Universal; Constant Movement; Wind
IsanBestower of Riches
IsanaRuler; Guardian of the North East
IsanamLight; Splendour
IsayuFresh; Strong; Powerful
IshaOne who Protects; Goddess Lakshmi / Durga
IshanLord Shiva; Sun
IshanaLord Vishnu
Ishanisilk-cotton tree; name of Goddess Durga
IshatSuperior; Happiness
IshvaraLike God
IshwaSpiritual Teacher
IshwarPowerful; The Supreme God
IshwaraThe Lord; Ruler
IsirPowerful; Active; Strong
IsmaFather of a Multitude or Many Nations; Pervaded with Desire
IsminAs Swift as the Spring; Speedy
IsritaOwner; Master; Lord of the Universe
IstakaA Brick is Used in Preparing the Ceremonial Altar
IsuGod Contends; Quivering; An Arrow; The Number
IsvaSpiritual Teacher
IsvaraThe Lord; Ruler
IsvasaArrow Shooter; An Archer
IswaraHonourable; Big Hearted
IsyaThe Spring Season; Effecting Wishes
ItaA War Raid; From Kikuyu; To Wander; A Kind of Reed
ItisaSuch a Ruler
ItishSuch a Lord
IyaanLord Shiva
JabaliStrong as a Rock; Possessing a Herd of Goats
JabbarPeasant; All Powerful; Mighty; One of the Ninety-nine Excellent Names of God; Barley Grower; Most Powerful; Strong
JadhavaDescendant of Jadu
JagacandraUniversal Moon
JagachandraMoon of the Universe
JagadayuLife Spring of the Universe
JagadevaLord of the World
JagadipLamp of the Universe
JagadipaLight of the Universe
JagadisaKing of the Universe
JagadishLord of the Universe; God; Master of the Universe
Jagadish; JagadishaGod; Master of the Universe
JagadishaGod; Master of the Universe
JagajivaLife of the World
JagamohanaAttracts the World
JaganUniverse; World
JagannathLord of the World; Lord Vishnu; Lord of the Universe
JagatThe Universe; World
JagataOf the World
JagatguruPreceptor of the World
JagathThe Universe
JagathiThe Earth
JagatiOf the Universe; Gifted with Speed
JagatprabhuGod of the World
JagdeepLight of the world; Light of the Universe
JagdipLight of the Universe
JagdishKing of the world
JagesaKing of the World
JagishLord Of The Universe
JagjeetWinner of the World; One who Conquers the World of the Mind
JagjitWinner of the World
JagmeetFriend of the world
JagnuCarrier of the World; The Fire
JagraviWatchful; Bright
JaguriOne who Wakes Others Up
JahnaviThe river Ganga
JahnuSoul, Life force, Birthplace; A Rishi/ Saint
JaiConqueror, Victory, The Sun, Conquest, Victorious; Lord Shiva
JaicandraTriumph of the Moon
JaidevGod of Victory
JaidevaLord of Triumph
JaidharaBearer of Victory
JaigopalaThe Triumphant Gopala
JaiguptaProtected by Victory
JaihamGod Sent for a Cause
JaikaraMine of Victory
JaikirtiGlory of Victory
JaikrishnaVictory of Lord Krishna
JaimallaVictorious Fighter
JaimanVictorious one
JaiminStrifes to Triumph
JaiminiAn ancient philosopher
JainendraLord of the Jainas
JaipalaGuardian of Triumph; King
JairajLord of Victory
JairajaVictorious Ruler
JairasaThe Essence of Victory
JaishankarVictory of Lord Shiva
JaishvaKarting Victory
JaisinhaVictorious Lion
JaisisaA Cheer of Victory; Best Among the Victors
JaisnavaDesirous of Victory
JaitangaVictorious over Vody
JaitraLeading to Victory; Life to Victory
JaitramaLeading to Victory
JaivahaCarrier of Victory
JaivataBeing Victorious; Winning
JajharaEliminator of Power; Very Powerful
JaladaGiving Water; Rain Cloud; Ocean
JaladhipaKing of the Waters
JalajaLord Vishnu; Lotus
JalarkaThe Sun Reflected in Water
JalasaCelebration; Water Like; Healing; Happiness
JalendraLord of the Water
JalindraLord of the Water
JamadagniName of a Rishi; Consumes Fire
JambuName of Lord Shiva
JamiSupplanter; Wife of Yama; Daughter-in-law
JanaMan; People
JanadevaGod of Men
JanakKind; Creator; Father of Goddess Sita; Good Man
JanakaFather; Be-getter
JanakinathaRuler of Janaki
JanamejayaTriumphant from Birth; Victory on Birth
JanapatiLord of Men
JanapriyaBeloved One
JanardhanaExciting People; Another Name for Vishnu and Krishna; One who Helps People
JanavProtecting Men; Name of Lord Krishna
JanendraLord of Men
JanesaLord of Men
JaneshLord of Men
JanisthaDesired by People
JankinathJanki's Husband; Lord Ram
JantuBorb; A Living Being
JanuSoul; Life Force
JanyuCreature; Fire; Born
JapanMuttering Prayers
JapanaTo Mutter a Prayer
JapendraLord of Chants; Lord Shiva
JapesaLord of Reciters
JapeshLord of Chants; Lord Shiva
JaraOld Age
JasamitaImmense Fame
JasapalaProtected by Fame
JasarajaKing of Fame
JasaviraFamous Warrior
JasrajKing of Fame
JaswantVictorious Yashwant; Famous; Worthy of Praise
JataciraWearing a Plait of Hair as a Garment
JatakaraSprung from Twisted Hair; Spring; Fountain
JatasayaNetwork of Roots; The Ocean
JatasilaA Stone of Matted Hair
JatayuFibrous; Bird
JatiTeak; Oak; Ascetic; Lord Shiva
JatinSaint; Matted Hair; Lord Shiva; Saintly
JauharJewel; Gem; Pearl
JavanilaSwift Wind; A Hurricane
JavasQuick, Swift
JavinSwift; Fast
JawaharGold; Jewel; Pure; Diamond
JayConqueror, Victory, The Sun, Conquest, Victorious; Victory
JayadaCausing Triumph
JayakrishnaVictorious Krishna
JayanThe Victorious
JayantVictorious; Hall of Fame; Son of Lord Indra
JayantaVictorious; Lord Vishnu
JayanthiGoddess of Victory; Goddess Durga
JayasenaA Victorious Army
JayatiWining of Something
JayatsenaOne who Increase Victory; Conqueror of the Army
JayendraLord of Victory
JayisnuDesiring Victory
JeetWinner; Victory; Win; Success; Victorious
JeetendraConqueror of Indra
JemanHaving Victory; One who is Victorious
JenkaraMelody of Voice
JenusLord Ganesha
JesalKing of Gods; King of Kutch
JetvaTo be Gained
JhilmitPartially Visible
JigishStrifes to Triumph
JigishuStrifes to Triumph
JigisuStrifes to Triumph
JigyasaDesire to know and learn
JimutaOne of 108 Names of the Sun God
JinaLord Vishnu
JinabhadraA Jain Saint
JinendraWin of Life; Lord of Life
JishnuTriumphant; Arjuna
JitamitraVanquisher of Foes
JitatmaConqueror of the Soul
JitavrataConquering by Vows
JitenderPowerful Man; One who can Conquer Indra; The Powerful Conqueror; Lord of Conqueror
JitendraWinner; He Defeated Indra; Lord of Conquerors; Winner of Self
Jitendra; JitenderOne who can conquer Indra; Lord of conqueror; The powerful conqueror
JivaA Living Being; Alive
JivadevaLord of the Soul
JivajaBorn Alive
JivalaFull of Life
JivanaThe Sun God
JivanshPart of Soul
JivantikaA medicinal plant; bestower of long life
JivathaLong Lived; Virtuous
JivinTo Give Life
JivitesaKing of the Living
JnanadarpanaMirror of Knowledge
JnanadirghaLife Giving
JnataKnown; Understood
JogendraRuler of Yogis
JogesaKing of the Yogis
JogeshLord Shiva
JogeshaKing of the Yogis
JogiaThe Colour Saffron; The Colour Worn by Ascetics
JogindraLord Shiva
JugnuA Firefly
JuhuA Tongue; A Flame
JuskaHappy Minded
JyeJay Bird; Victory
JyotiLove; Light
JyoticandraBrilliant Moon
JyotiprakasaLight of the Flame
JyotisLight of the Sun, Astrologer, Luminous or bright or glowing
KaartikeyaSon of Shiva
KabandhaCloud; Comet; Water
KacaHair; Beauty; Brilliance; Cloud
KacapaCloud Drinker; Leaf
KacesvaraFamous Poet; Deity of Beauty; A Temple
KacimaAbode of Clouds; Where Clouds Rest; A Sacred Tree that Grows Near a Temple
KadambaCloud; Orange Flower
KagniA Little Fire
KahaliMischievous; Lord Shiva
KaholaDrinking Water
KaibalyaAdd Meaning
KailasaThe Crystalline Mountain
KailashOne who bestows peace, Name of a himalayan peak, Abode of Lord Shiva; Abode of Lord Shiva
KairavWhite Lotus; Sound of Morning Birds
KairavaBorn from the Water; Lotus
KairavanA Type of White Lotus
KaivalyaGoodness; Solitude; Detachment; Isolation; Subsequent Liberation from Rebirth; Absolute; Aloneness; One Among the 4 Moksha
KaivalyanAbsolute; Aloneness
KajalKohl; Collyrium
KajjalaLamp Black
KajolKohl; Collyrium
KakaType of Bird; Neck; Crow; Adam's Apple
KakandaThe Golden
KakilaWorn Around Neck
KakodaraEaten by Acrow; Serpent
KakshivatName of a Rishi
KakudmanPossessor of Peak; High; Lofty
KakundaPeak; Chief; Symbol of Royalty
KalaThe Fine Arts; Talent; The Sun; Time; Fate; Dark Blue; Black
KaladharaBearer of the Crescent Moon
KalaghataTime Slayer
KalakalaA Sort of Sound Imitation; Like a River Flow
KalakutaPotion of Death
KalalWine Seller
KalanabhaBlack Navelled
KalanidhiReceptacle of the Moon Crescent
KalapriyaLover of Art
KalarajaLord of Death
KalariEnemy of Death; Lord Krisna
KalasinhaBlack Lion; Lion of Time
KalavanHaving the Fine Arts; The Moon
KaldhutaCompletely White; Silver
KalenduDigit of the Moon
KalhanaKnower of Meaning; Knowing; Sound; Reader
KalharaWater Lily
KaliBud; River
KalidasThe Poet; Dramatist; A Devotee of Goddess Kali
KalidasaThe Servant of Kali
KalikaBeyond Death; Long Lived
KalilaDense Forest
KalindhaBestower of Arts and Skills; Giving Blossoms; The Sun
KalitaKnown; Understood
KaliyaOf Time; Of Death
KalkiDestroyer of Filth; Bhagavan
KallolaJoy; A Huge Wave; Happiness; Pleasure
KalmaliDi-speller of Darkness
KalpaAble; Fit
KalpakaOf a Certain Standard; Ceremony
KalpesaLord of Perfection
KaluYoung Ruler; Black Complexion
KalyaanaWelfare; Well Being of Others
KalyanWelfare; King; Good
KalyanaBeautiful; Auspicious; Blessed
KalyaniAuspicious and prosperous
KalyaninBeneficial; Happy; Lucky; Auspicious
KamaThe Golden One; Love
KamadevGod of Love
KamadevaThe God of Desire or Love
KamajitConqueror of Desire
KamalPerfection or lotus flower
KamalaBorn of the Lotus; The Garden
KamalabuddhiWith Lotus Like Intelligence
KamalakshaLotus Eyed
KamalanOne who is Like a Lotus
KamalapatiLord Vishnu
KamaleshThe Preserver; Lord Vishnu; Another Name of Lord Shiva
Kamalesh; KamleshThe preserver; Lord Vishnu
KamalkantLord Vishnu
KamandaName of a Rishi
KamapalaThe Fulfiller of Desires
KamarajaLord of Desire
KamariThe Enemy of Desire
KamarupaOf the Form of Love; Beautiful; Pleasing
KambojaShell; Elephant
KameshaLord of Desire
KamleshGod of Lotus; The Preserver; Lord Vishnu
KamrajHard Worker
KanaName of a Demi God; Plant; Youthful; Beautiful
Kanak; KanakaGold
KanakambujamGolden Lotus
KanakarasaFluid Gold; Essence of Gold
KanakenduGold; Golden Moon
KanchanGold, Wealth; Gold
KanchanaGold; That which Shines
KandaRoot; A Knot; The Place Where the Three Main Nadis Join; Crying
KandalaGold; War; Battle; A New Shoot
KandanCloud; Son of Shiva; Another Name God Muruga
KandarpGod of Love
KanikaA Grain; An Atom; Heart of Wheat
KaninakaYouth; The Pupil of the Eye
KanishkaName of a King
KanjaWater Born; From Outside
KanjamLotus; Nectar
KanjanaProduced from Water
KanjavLord Brahma
KanjavadanaLotus Faced
KankalaSkeleton; A Collection of Bones
KanksitaWished; Desired
KannanThe Good Angle; A Form of Lord Krishna
Kannan; KannenA Form of Krishna
KannenA Form of Krishna
KansaVessel of Bell-metal
KantBeloved; Brilliant
KanthaThroat; Neck
KanthamaniLord Krishna
KantidaGiving Beauty; Adorning
KantuLove; Mind; Heart
KanvName of a Saint / Rishi
KanvaThe Name of a Rishi
KanvarYoung Prince
KapaliSkull Carrier
KapardinHaving Matted Locks
KapiMonkey; Lord Hanuman
KapilSun; Lovely; Name of a Sage; Lord Ganesha
KapilaTawny; Reddish Brown
KapiladevaTawny God
KapileshwarOne who has a white horse
KapindraKing of Monkeys; Hanuman
KapotaPigeon; Dove
KaraTax; Hand; The Cause of
KarajalaA Stream of Light
KarakasaHarsh; A Sword
KaramThe Cause of; Noble Nature; Magnanimity; Liberality; Generous; Deed; Action; Destiny; Generosity; On whom There is God's Grace
KarambhaMixture; Gruel
KaranPandavas’ eldest brother, instrument
KaranamThe Meaning
KaranjaBorn of Hand; Difficult to Obtain
KarataA Name of Lord Ganesh
KarinDoing; Accomplishing; Praising
KarisnuDoing; Accomplishing
KarkasaHarsh; Sword; Firm
KarmaHard Worker; Action or Activity
KarmanKarma means the Act of Doing
KarmendraGod of Action
KarnEldest Brother of Pandavas; Son of Sun; Warrior Karn
KarnaThe First Born Baby of Kunti; Gentlemen; A Warrior; Instrument; Son of Sun
KarnadharaOne who Holds Others by the Ear; A Leader; Pilot
KarnajeetConquerer of Karna; Arjun
KarnakaBelonging to the Ear
KarniUnique; Arrow
KarnikiJudge; Examiner; Elephant
KartaThe Actor; To Encompass; To Spin; To Destroy
KartaaraThe Father
KartaraLord of All Creation
KartavyaOnes Duty; Always Punctual; Duty
KarthikA Hindu Month; One who Bestows Happiness; God Shiva's Elder Son
Karthik; KartikName of a month in the Hindu calendar; Bestowing Courage and Pleasure
KartikStrong; Brave; Bestowing Courage and Pleasure; Son of Lord Shiva; Brother of Lord Ganesh; Name of a Month in the Hindu Calendar
KartikaMessenger of Fragrance; The Son of the Six Pleiads
KartikeyaElder son of Lord Shiva
KarttikeyaThe Son of the Six Pleiads
KaruSinger; Poet; Maker
KarunaanidhiSea of Compassion
KarunamayaFull of Compassion
KarunanidhiKind hearted
KarunashankarSiva; The Compassionate
KashiLuminous; Pilgrimage Spot
KashinathLord Shiva
KashinathaThe Master of the Shining City
KashyapA famous sage, Lily, One who drinks water; name of a Vedic sage
KashyapaName of a Rishi
KasiShining in the Life; Shining
KasinPure; Shining; Appearing Like a Conqueror
KasiramaAbode of Kasi; Living at Kasi
KasisnuShining; Brilliant
KasuAn Iron Spear
KasviShining; Bright; Glowing
KasyaGold; Dried Grass
KasyapaOne who Drinks Water; One with Black Teeth; A Tortoise
KataPure; Name of a Sage
KatakaA Bracelet of Gold; The Ring or Namenting an Elephant's Tusk
KatamaBest; Excessively Handsome
KathaTell; Story
KathakaReciting; Narrating
KatiOne Possessed with Many Qualities; Pure
KatumbiWater Purifier
KaunteyaSon of Kunti
KausaSilken; Skill
KaushikSentiment of Love; Saga; Teacher of Lord Rama; The Name of God; Saint Vishwamitra
KaushikaThe Son of Kushika
KaustubhSweet Odour Stone; A Jewel of Lord Vishnu
KaustubhaThe Jewel of the Milk Ocean
KavachinHaving an Armor
KavelaThe Lotus
KaveriA sacred river of India
KaviA Wise Man; Poet; Beauty
KavinHandsome; Beautiful; Variant of Kevin
KavindraChief of Poets; One who Composes Beautiful Poems
KavinduMoon of Poets
KavishwaraLord of Poets
KaviswaraLord of Poets
KavitvaPoetic; Ability; Intelligence
KavyaVery Good; Poem; Part of Poem
KeeKey; Love
KenilName of Lord Shiva
KerkhiA Gold Necklace
KesavaThe Beautiful Haired
KesavanLord Vishnu; Lord Venkateshwara
KeshavAnother name of Lord Vishnu
KeshavaLord Krishna; The Beautiful Haired
KesinLong Haired; Lion
KetanaHouse; Flag; Banner; Symbol; Invitation
KetitaCalled; Summoned
KetuLord Shiva
KevaanshPart of Lotus
KevalaAlone; One; Absolute
KevalanAlone; One; Absolute
KevalinSeeker of the Absolute
KevanshPart of Lotus
KeyaSpeed; Flower in Bengali; Son in Telugu and Sanskrit
KeyurArmlet; A Bird Like Phoenix; Flower
KhSomething New; Sun; Lord Krishna; Lord Ganesha; Lord Shiva; Gold
KhadyotanaSky Illuminator
KhagaEagle; Moving in
KhagendraLord of the Birds; King of Birds; Eagle-like Bird - Garud
KhageshaLord of Birds; Another Name for Garuda
KhajitLord Buddha
KhalinOne who Possesses Threshing Floors
KhamaThe Golden One; Love
KhambatGulf; Shelter
KhamurtiA Celestial Person
KhanakaMiner; L Digger
KhandanaTo Pound; Cut into Pieces; Injuring
KharaSolid; Dense; Harsh
KharagSword; Weilder of the Sword
KharanshuSunlight; Sun
KhayaliOne who Moves in the Sky
KhilaDesert; Bare Soil
KhullanaSmall; Little
KhyataPervading the Sky; Celebrated; Named; Called
KilaFlame; Fire; Fort
KilakilaThe Sound of Joy
KinjalkaBlossom of a Lotus
KinkiraHorse; Indian Cuckoo
KiranRay of light
KiranaLight of Sun; Beautiful Ray of Light
KirikaSparkling; Beaming
KirtanaPraisng; Repeating
KirtenyaWorthy of Praise
KirtiFame; Glory
Kirti; KeertiFame
KirtitaFamous; Celebrated
KisalayaA Sprout; A Young and Tender Shoot or Foliage
KishenWisdom; Winner; Powerful; Lord of Kishna; Form of Krishna
KishoreYoung; Victory; Lord Krishna
KiskuThe Forearm; Handle of an Axe
KisniKiller of Enemies
KodandaHe who has a Bow
KodandinHe who has a Bow
KoelThe Indian Cuckoo
KohalaSpiritious Barley
KokilaBlessing; Gift from God
KokilakaIndian Cuckoo
KolaVictory of the People; People's Victory; Come with Wealth; Hog; Embrace; A Weapon
KomalaTender; Soft; Delicate
KomeshLord Kamdev
KonaAngle; Corner of a Room
KonavadinAdd Meaning
KoshaBody; Sheath
KotaviNaked Woman
KothandaramaName of Lord Rama
KotiExtreme Corner; Edge
KotijitConquering Millions
KoustubhName of a Jewellery (Necklace) Wear by Lord Vishnu
KrakacaAsaw; A Priest
KramaOrder; Sequence
KratuVedic Ritual
KripaMercy; Has a Twin Sister Kripi; Kindly
KripaluCompassionate; Merciful
KripanyuPraiser of God
KrishangaThin Bodied
KrishnaLord Krishna, Name of the river (Incarnation of Lord Vishnu, who delivered Bhagavad Gita; cousin of Kunti; Friend and Charioteer of Arjuna); Avatar of Vishnu, God, black / dark
KrishnadasOne who Serves Krishna
Krishnadas; Krishnadasa
KritarthaBeing Happy
KrityaAttraction; Achievement
KriviLord Shiva
KriyaLiterary Composition; Energy; Ability
KrmiSilkworm; Lac-insect; Ant
KrpaBeauty; Splendor; Appearance; Tenderness
KrpalaSword; Dagger; Scimitar
KrrishGod Krishna; Short Form of Krishna
KrriwinLord Shiva
KrsaLean; A Sage Endowed with Divine Powers
KrsanMother of Pearl; Gold; Pearl
KrsnaDark Blue; Black
KrsnikaRelated to Krsna; Of Blackness
KrtaProper; Accomplished
KrtakamaAccomplisher of Desires; One whose Desires are Satisfied
KrtsnaEntire; Whole
KrtyaAction; Achievement
KsantuPatient; Enduring
KsatriyaThe Fighter
KsayaDwelling; Dominion
KsayataTo Possess; To Govern
KsipanuThrown; Moving; Air; Wind
KsitisaLord of the Earth
KuberLord of Money; God of Wealth
KuberaLord of Divine Treasure
KuchelaLord Krishna Friend
KuhaDeceiver; Lord Murugan's Name
KujaBorn from the Earth
KukaCrow Pheasant
KulajaWell Born; Of a Noble Family
KuldeepFamily heir
KullukaLand Covered with High Mountains
KumarYoung boy
KumbhajaSon of Pitcher
KumudEarth's Delighter
KumudaEarth's Delighter
KunalAnything; God of the Universe; Son of Emperor Ashok; Popularity; Numerology; The Person who can See the Beauty; Lotus
KundaLord Vishnu
KundalaCoil of Rope; Ring
KundamAltar; Grinding Stone
KundanPure; Loveable; God Krishna; Daimond
KunjaGrove of Trees
KurcikaA Painter's Brush
KurmaA Tortoise; One of the Vital Airs Controls Blinking
KuruLeader; Do Anything
KurundiResident of the Land of Kurus
KusaThe Sacred Grass
KusagraA King
KushalHappy, clever, good, perfect
KushalaSkillful; Clever
KushalinHaving Skillfulness or Happiness
KusinFurnished with Grass (Kusa)
KusumFlower Like; Blossom Like
KusumaFlower Like; Blossom Like
KusumodaSea of Flowers
LaabhaAcquirement; Acquisition; Gain
LaalLovely; Beloved; Dear One; Red Colour
LaasyaDance performed by Goddess Parvati
LabhGain; Advantage
LabhamProfit; Gain
LagnaThe Ascendant or 1st House
LaiThe beloved one
LakshTarget; Aim
LakshanyaHaving auspicious marks or signs
LakshitaTo see, recognise
LakshmanBrother of Lord Rama; Prosperous; Auspicious
Lakshman; LaxmanAuspicious
LakshmanaHaving Auspicious Marks
LakshmiWealth; Prosperity; Fortune
LakshmidharLord Vishnu, Possessor of Lakshmi, Name for Vishnu; Lord Vishnu
LakshminathConsort of Goddess Lakshmi, Lord Vishnu; Lord Vishnu
LakshraajKing of Rules
LalLovely; Beloved; Dear One; Red Colour
Lal; LaalLovely; Beloved; Dear one; Red colour
LalitBeautiful and attractive
LambanaHe Upon whom All Depend
LaranThe psychic powers and abilities
LavaniGrace; beauty
LaxmanLord Rama's Brother; Auspicious; Inelligent; Goodness
LaxmikantLord Vishnu
LayaMusic; Rhythm; Decline; Tranquillity or the Lull After Destruction or the Deluge
LekhWritings; Contribution; Document; Article
LingaStatue of Lord Shiva; Gender
LingamSymbol of God Shiva
LoganathanKing of the World; Power; Good; Clever
LohaIron; Metal
LokakshLord Vishnu
LokeshKing of the world
LokpriyLoved by Everyone
LolaSorrows; Moving to and from
MaadhavAnother Name of Krishna
MaadhavaThe Husband of the Goddess of Fortune; Vishnu; Lord Krishna
MaalavKeeper of Horses
MaalaySandalwood Trees; Hilltown
MaalinOne who Makes Garlands
MaanasiWith a Sound Mind
MaanavHuman Being
MaatangRoaming; Cloud; Elephant
MadaFurthest Point; Illusion; Intoxication
MadanaGod of Love; Cupid; Manmatha
MadanagopalaHandsome Cow-herd
MadanapalaKing of Love
MadhavOne of the names of Lord Krishna
MadhavadasaDevoted to Krishna
MadhuHoney; Nectar
MadhujaMade of Honey
MadhukaColoured Like Honey
MadhukantWith a Sweet Voice; Moon
MadhukanthaWith a Sweet Voice
MadhukarHoney Bee; Lover
MadhumayaMade of Honey
MadhupaDrinking Sweetness
MadhuramGood; Sweet
MadhusudanaDestroyer of Madhu
MadhusudhanaDestroyer of Madhu; Lord Sri Krishna
MadiraksaWith Intoxicating Eyes
MagadhaFrom Magadha
MahaadevaThe Great God Shiva
MahaanA Great Person
MahabalaGreat Strength
MahabaliOf Great Power
MahadevaThe Great God
MahajaOf Noble Descent
MahamayaGreat Illusion
MahanThe Great One
MahanidhiA Great Treasure House
MahaniyaWorthy of Honour
MaharajGreat King
MaharajaGreat King
MaharathaGrand Charioteer
MaharsiGreat Saint
MahashwinLord Narasimha
MahatLord Shiva; Great
MahaujasMighty; Powerful; A King of Ancient Bharata
MahendraLord Vishnu; The Great God Indra; Lord of the Sky
Mahendra; MohinderThe great God Indra (the God of the sky)
MahendranLord Shiva
MahesaGreat Lord
MaheshOne of the names of Lord Shiva
MaheshwarLord Shiva
MaheswarLord Shiva, God Shankar
MahijitConqueror of the World
MahinThe Earth
MahindraA King
MahipProtector of the Earth
MahipaProtector of the Earth
MahipalKing of the Earth; A King
MahipalaThe Earth Protector
MahisaLord of the Earth
MainakSon of Himalaya; Submerged Mountain; A Mountain; A Himalayan Peak
MainakaSon of Mena
MaitreyaLord Buddha; Friend
MakaraSea Monster
MakarandHoney Bee; Pollen
MakarandaNectar; Bee
MakariSea Monster; Blessed
MakulA Bud
MakulaA Bud
MalaKind; Responsible; First Born; Garland
MalavaKeeper of Horses
MalavikaA Himalayan plant; name of the heroine of Kalidas's play, Malvika Agnimitra
MalayaA Forest
MalharA Name of Lord Shiva; A Raga Used in Music; One of Seven Raagas; Symbol of Winner
MalharaGiver of Rain
MalinLittle Strong Warrior; Of Magdala; Crowned
MalyaWorthy to be Garlanded
ManajitConquerer of the Mind
ManalAttainment; Acquisition; Bird; Achieve
ManamohanaWinner of the Heart
MananMind; Thought; Repetition; Depth Thinking
MananaThought; Reflection
ManasWise; Mind; Desire; Honourable
ManasaSpiritual Short; Intention; Spiritual
ManasapremaA Mind Filled with Divine Love
ManasiBorn of the Mind
ManasyuWishing; Desiring
ManavendraKing Among Men
MandaKeeper; Big Head
MandaaraMountain Used by the Gods to Stir the Cosmic Ocean
MandarA Mountain; A Flower; A Celestial Tree; Flower; Lord Ganesh
MandaraSlow; Firm
MandeepLight of the Mind; Light of Sages; Smart
ManeetOne who Wins Heart; Soul
ManendraKing of Mind; Lord Shiva
MangalAuspicious; Well Being
ManiA jewel, One who prevents; gem
ManidipaWith Jewels Decorated Lamp
ManidraPrecious Stone which Gives a Lot of Happiness and Prosperity
ManikJewel, gem
Manik; ManikyaA light pink to blood red gemstone
ManikaOf Jewels
ManikanthaBlue Bird; With a Neck of Jewels
ManikyaGold; A Light Pink to Blood Red Gemstone
ManilJewel of a Son
ManilaJewel of a Son; There is Nilad
ManilalaJewel of a Son
ManindraLord of the Mind; Diamond
ManiramaOrnamented with Jewels
ManisankaraJewelled Shiva
ManishLord of the mind
ManivasagamA Great Devotee of Lord Shiva who Wrote Thiruvasagam
ManjeetConqueror of the Mind
ManjeetaConqueror of the Heart
ManjitaConqueror of the Heart
ManjukHaving Beautiful Hair
ManjukeshHaving Beautiful Hair
ManjukesinHaving Beautiful Hair
ManjusakaHeavenly Flower
ManmohanPleasing; Enticer of Heart
MannataVow to a God
MannathA Vow to a Deity
ManoharGood Attitude; Beautiful; Captivating; One who Wins over Mind
ManoharaStealer of the Heart; Name of Lord Krishna
ManojComing forth from the intellect, love
ManonitaLed by the Mind
ManoranjanaSatisfying the Mind
ManorathaCherished Wish
ManotaBorn of the Mind
ManthaAnother Name for the Sun; Lord Shiva
ManuOriginal Man; Letter; Founder Father of Human Beings; Born Second
ManujSon of Manu
ManujaSon of Manu; Man
ManvanthGood Mind; Judges of All Gods in the Heaven.
ManvendraLord Indra Among Humans; King Among Men
ManyaWorthy of respect and honour
ManyuLove; Mind
MaraBitter; Variant of Maria; Destroyer
MarichiRay of Light
MariciBeam of Light
MarkandeyaA Devotee of Lord Shiva; A Sage
MartandaThe Sun; King of Thiruvithamkoor
MarutAir, God of the wind, Another name for Lord Vishnu, Brilliant, Breeze, The storm God, Belonging to the wind; wind
MarutaFlashing; Shining; With a High Forehead
MataCrops Field; Honoured; God's Gift
MatangaSage; Advisor to Devi Lalita
MatiGift of God; Spiritual Thought; Soil Earth
MatsendraKing of the Fishes
MatsyaA Fish
MatsyendraLord of the Fish
MatsyendranathaRules the Fish
MattaGift of God; Beyond Me; Coconut Shell Previously Protecting the Baby Coconut Flowers
MauliCrown; Mother
MayankLucky; Pure One; Lord Moon; Honesty
MayankaThe Moon
MayukhSun; Brilliant; Splendour
MayurPeacock; Lord Krishna; Love; Fragments
MedaFat; A Mixed Caste
MedhaanshBorn with Intelligence
MedhanshOne who Born with Intelligence; Supremo; Unique; Mastermind
MeghaClouds who Give Rain; A Star; Clouds
MeghadutaMessenger of the Clouds
MegharajaLord of the Clouds
MeghdutMessenger of the Clouds
MeghnadThunder; Lord of the Sky
Meghnad; MeghnathLord of the sky
MeghnathLord of the Sky
MehulRain; A Derivative of Mukul; Cloud
MeruFamous Mountain in Hindu Mythology; High Point
MilanGetting Together
MilapUnion; Charitable
MilindHoney Bee; A Black Bee
MilindaHoneybee; Name of a Sanyashi (Saint)
MithilaKingdom of Mithi
MithilesaKing of Mithila
MithileshKing; The King of Mithila; Janak; Father of Goddess Sita
MithraiswaranName of God
MithunGemini; Couple
MithunaCouple; Zodiac Sign Gemini
MitranshSun of Ray
MitulEqual to Friend; Like a Friend; Limited; Friend; Limitless
MohakaCause of Infatuation
MohalAttractive; Sweet; Lovable; Intelligent; Smart; Handsome
MohanWonderful and enchanting
MohanamThe Delusion
MohandasDevoted to Krishna
MohandasaDevoted to Krishna
MohinderThe Great God Indra; The God of the Sky; The Great God Indra (the God of the Sky); God of the Sky
MohitAttach; Impression of Other; Name of Lord Krishna / Shiva / Ganesh; Ensnarled by Beauty; Charming; Attractive
MokshaTo Relieve; Free from Births
MokshitWho Gain Moksha; Salvation
MonalBird; Lion
MradulVery Sweet Speaker
MridulaSoft; Mild
MrinalaRoot of the Lotus
MrityunjaiVictorious in Death
MrutyunjayOne who has Won over Death; One who is Immortal; Conqueror of Death
MudraJoyful; Seal
MukeshLord of the dumb, another name for Lord Shiva, to liberate; an epithet for Shiva
MukhenduHas a Face as Lovely as the Moon
MuktaA Pearl in Telugu
MuktesaKing of Freedom
MuktiSalvation; Freedom
MukulBud, First bloom; a bud
MukundaLord Krishna; Freedom Giver
MukundaaGiver of Freedom
MukundhanLord Krishna
MulakarajaThe First King
MularajaFirst Root of Creation
MuniSage; Saint
MunnilalClay Artist; Someone who has Magic in his Hands when it Comes to Clay
MuraliFlute; Lord Krishna; The King of the Earth
MuralidharLord Krishna
MuralidharaBearer of a Flute
MurariLord Krishna
MurlidharBearer of a Flute; Lord Krishna Having a Flute
NaarayanLord Vishnu
NagabhushanamGod Shankar, Lord Shiva
NagarajaMountain king, the serpent king
NagendraSerpent chief, mountain chief
NakinOne Who Dwells In Heaven
NaliniSacred lotus
NamasyaAdoration; reverance
NandaDaughter, Goddess Durga, Great achiever, Happiness, Son of Lord Shiva, Young Man, Wealth, An Apsara or celestial nymph; happiness, a daughter
NarayanLord Vishnu, Refuge of Man; Lord Vishnu
Narendra; NarinderKing of men
Naveen; NavinNew
NavyaNewness; fresh
Nawal; NavalWonder
NeerajWater born
NikhilVictorious, complete, entire, all
NimishIn the flicker of an eye, a moment
NimitDestiny, Fixed, Determined
NiranjanSimple; night of the full moon
NirogiWithout illness
NishadSeventh note of the Indian octave
NiveditaOne who is entrusted with dedicated service; compassionate
OhaMeditation; True Knowledge
OjasShine; Full of Light; Body Strength; Brilliance; Glow; Name of Lord Ganesha; Teacher to God; Primary Nectar of Life
OmThe Sacred; Lord Shiva; The Sacred Syllable; Name of Three Lords (Bhrama; Vishnu and Mahesh)
OmaLife Giver
OmanGiver of Life
OmanaProtector and helper
OmjaBorn of Cosmic Unity
OmkarThe Sound of the Sacred Syllable; Religious Word Om; Lord Shiva / Ganesha
OmkaraOm; Creator of Om; Mantra of Lord Shiva
OmkaranathaLord of Om
OmprakasaSacred Light
OmprakashOm light
OormilaWife of Lakshman
PaaniniAn Ancient Hindu Saint
PaarthKing of the Earth, Another name of Arjun
PaarthaArjuna; Son of Pritha
PaavakaFire; Gold
PaavanSacred, pure
PaavanaThe Cause of Blowing
PadamLotus; Letter
PadmajBorn from Lotus; Lord Brahma
PadmajaLotus Born
PadmalayaLotus Dweller
PadmanabhBirth from Lord Brahma; One with Lotus in his Navel; Part of Lord Vishnu
PadmanabhaLord Vishnu
PadmapadaLotus Footed
PakshaFortnight; Symbolizing the Phases of Moon
PalitaGuarded; Protected
PamsulaA Name of Lord Shiva
PanchamSymbol or the Fifth; Symbol
PanduPandavas’ father
PandurangaOne with Pale White Complexion; Lord Vithoba; Lord Vishnu
PankajaMud Born; Lotus
PankajajaLotus Born
PankajakshaLotus Eyed
PankajanetraLotus Eyed
PapaharaRemover or Destroyer of Sins
PapaharanaRemover or Destroyer of Sins
ParaThe Supreme
ParadhamanSupreme Adobe
ParamThe best, Pre-eminent; perfect, ultimate
ParamaSupreme; Highest
ParamanSupreme; Highest
ParamarthaHighest truth, Salvation; Highest truth
ParamatmanThe Supreme Self
ParameshLord supreme
ParameshaSupreme Lord
ParameshthinEstablished by the Supreme
ParameshwarSupreme Lord
ParameshwaraSupreme Lord
ParamodaraSupremely Great or Generous
ParantapaConqueror; Arjuna
ParasharAn Ancient
ParashuramSixth Incarnation of Lord Vishnu
ParashuramaRama with an Ax
ParasuramaRama of the Axe
ParatparaGreatest of the Greats
PareshSupreme Spirit; Lord Shiva
PareshaLord of the Lords; A Name for Lord Rama
PareshtiHaving the Highest Sacrifice or Worship
PariCharitable Prince; Cute Angel
ParidhiRealm; the halo round the sun or moon; the ocean surrounding the earth
ParijatA Celestial Flower
ParijataThe Celestial Coral Tree
ParivrajakaWanderer; Itinerant
ParjanyThe Rain God
ParjanyaThe Rain God
ParshavWarriors; Warrior
ParthEmperor of the World; King; Bright; Silver; Other Name of Arjun; Lord Krishna's Friend
PashahantaThe Bond Destroyer
PashupatiLord Shiva's Incarnation
PasupatiLord Shiva
PatanjaliFamous Yoga Philosopher
PatiLord; Ruler; Break by Twisting; Baskets of Fish; Master; Pet Form of Patricia; Husband
PatitapavanaPurifier of the Fallen
PatraA Pot; A Leaf
PaulashName of Great Saint
PaurasReal Man; The Man who have a Hugh Potentials
PavakFire; Pure
PavakaBright; Purifying
PavanWind; Breeze; Father of Lord Hanuman
PavithaPure and Dignified
PavitraPure; Pretty
PayaspatiThe Lord of Milk
PayodaCloud; One who Gives Water
PinakiLord Shiva; Lord Krishna
PindaraReligious Mendicant
PiranawAdd Meaning
PitambarLord Vishnu
PitambaraThe Yellow or Golden Dressed
PitavasasGolden Dressed
PoornaComplete; Knowledge about Everything
PrabhakaraLight Maker
PrabhatMorning; Dawn
PrabhavaOrigin; Birth Place
PrabhavanHaving Light; Luminous
PrabhavanaThe Creator
PrabhodhiniThe 11th day in the light half of Kartika in the Hindu calendar; a medicinal plant
PrabhoditaThe enlightened one
PrabhuhThe Master of the City of the Body
PrabodhSound Advice; Consolation; Vigilance; Consciousness
PradeepLight; Shine
PradeeshExpectation; The Sweetest
PradipaLamp Like; Luminous; Radiant
PrajanaThe Cause for Begetting Children
PrajapalaProtector of Creatures
PrajapatiKing; Bramha
PrajeshLeader of Men; God of Creator; Lord Brahma
PrajeshaLord of Creatures
PrajeshwaraLord of Creatures
PrajnaWise; Supremely Wise
PrakashLight; Enlightened; Light of Sun; Bright; One who Radiates the Light
PrakashaLuminous; Shining Forth
PralayaAnnihilation; Dissolution
PramadaJoy; Pleasure
PramodHappy; Growth; Happiness; Lord Ganesha; Delight
PramodanLord Vishnu
PramodanaThe Joyful; Delightful
PranBreath of life, Life, Spirit, Energy, Might, Another name for Brahma and Vishnu; vital breath, life
PranamNamaskara; To Greet Someone
PranavKing; Intelligent; The Sacred Syllable Om; Lord Vishnu; Sacred Syllable Om; Symbol; Workship; Gentle; Jolly; Wonderful; Happiness; Name of Lord Ganesh; The King
PranavaPraise; Salutation
PranayRomance, Leader, Love; love, friendship
PranayaSpiritual Leader
PraneshaThe Lord of Pranas
PraneshwaraThe Lord of Life
PranetLeaders; Modest; Leadership
PranshuTall; Lord Vishnu
PrapanchanLord Hanuman; World Dictator
PrarthmeshLord Ganesha
PrasadOffering to God during Pooja, Devotional offering, Purity; propitiary offering or boon
PrasadaPurity; Gift from God; Enlightenment Experienced by Gods (Ancient Meaning)
PrasannaCheerful, Pleased, Happy, Pleasant; happy
PrasantaCalmed; Pacific Sea
PrasanthCalm and Composed
PrashanthOne who is Peaceful; Calm; Lord Hanuman
PrasunLove; Flower
PratapDignity; Majesty; Glory; Bravery
PrateekSymbol; First Word in a Sentence
PrathamFirst; Lord Ganesh; 1st in All Fields
PrathameshLord God, Lord Ganesh, Lord of the best; Lord Ganesh
PrathishGood Behavior; Beautiful
PrathitaKnown; Celebrated
PrathmeshLord Ganesha
PratikShadow; Symbol; God
PratikaThe Image or Symbol of God
PratiksatraRespected by All Warriors
PratiVindhyaSalvation; Nirvana; Moksha
PratyushaSunrise; dawn
PravarBeyond Imagination; Most Excellent; Chief
PraveenExpert in Something; Experienced; Good in Behaviour; Able to do Anything Capable; Expert; Good Mentality; Skilled
PravekaChief; Pradhan
PraviLord Hanuman
PravinExcellent; Talented; Expert; Skilled; Fulfilled; Extra Ordinary Person
PravrajWanderer; Itinerant
PravrajakaWanderer; Itinerant
PrayagConfluence of Ganga Jamuna Goddess Saraswati
PrehaanGod Wish / Choice
PremabandhuFriend of Love; Loving Friend
PremadasaServant of Love; Loving Servant
PremanDivine Love; Supreme Love
PremarupaThe Form of Love; Having a Loving Nature
PritaDelighted; Joyful
PritanshPiece of Love
PrithivPiece of Earth
PrithuharaGreat Destroyer
PrithwishGod of Earth
PritwishBest Love
PriyamLoved by All; Beloved
PriyankMoon; Loved One; Name of Lord Ganesha
PriyavrataFond of Spiritual Vows; Pleasing Vows
ProvakarLord of Light
PulaThe Great
PulahaName of an Ancient Sage; A Star of Saptarshimandal
PulastyaAn Ancient; A Rishi; Smooth Haired
PunaAgain; Restart
PunarvasuThe Repeated Dweller
PundarikWhite Lotus
PundarikaThe White Lotus
PundarikakshaLotus Eyed
PundraThe White Lotus
PuneetPure or holy; pure
PunyaVirtue; Original; Pious; Purification Acquired by Virtuous Deeds
PunyabhajinPartaking of Virtue; Blissful
PunyabharitaFilled with Virtue
PunyashilaHaving a Virtuous Character
PurandarLord Indra
PurandaraThe Destroyer of Cities or Defenses
PuranjanThe Embodiment of Life
PuranjanaThe Embodiment of Life
PurariThe Enemy of Cities
PurnaFullness; Fulfilled
PurujitConqueror of City
PurumitraFriend of City
PurushSpirit; Person; Being; Man
PurushaSpirit; Person; Being
PurushendraChief of Men; Lord of Beings
PurushottamLord Vishnu, Best among men; best among men
PurushottamaHighest of Beings
PuryaWorthy of Fulfilment
PushkalLord Shiva
PushkalaAbundant; Full
PushkarLotus; A Lake
PushkaraLike the Blue Lotus
PushpitaFlowered; Blossomed
PushyaEighth Nakshatra
QureshiGood Health; Lucky
RaamaanujaLord Lakshmana; Born After Raama
RaashuLord Shiva
RachTo Form
RadhakaLiberal Minded; Abundant
RadhakantaLord Krishna
RadhakrishnaRadha and Krishna
RadhamohanaInfatuated with Radha
RadheshyamLord Krishna
RadhikaSuccessful; Prosperous
RaghavAnother name of Lord Ram
RaghavanLord Rama
RaghavendraLeader of the Raghus; Lord Rama; The Name of Swamy
RaghuThe Family of Lord Rama; An Ancient King of Avadh; Centre of Attraction; Leader; Empathetic
Raghubir; Raghubeer; Raghuvir; RaghuveerLord Rama
RaghunandanSon of Rahgu
RaghunandanaSon of Rahgu
RaghunathLord Rama
RaghunathaLeader of the Raghus
RaghupatiLord Rama
RaghuvirLord Rama
RaghuviraHero of the Raghus
RahulSon of Buddha, Conqueror of all miseries, Competent, Efficient (Son of Lord Buddha); Conqueror of miseries, Buddha's Son
RaivataA Manu
RajKing; royalty, kingdom, King
RajaKing; Sand; Silvery; Emotion; Affection; Hope; Royal
RajahAnticipation; The Radiant; King
RajahansaRoyal Swan
RajakaRadiant Prince
RajamGoddess Lakshmi
RajanKing, Royal; king
RajanikantMoon; Lord of Night; Sun
RajanikantaThe Night's Beloved; Moon
RajasMastery; Fame; Pride
RajasiFull of Passion
RajatSilver Courage; Silver; Courage
RajeevBlue colour lotus
RajeshKing’s god, the emperor
RajesvaraLord of Kings
RajibSun God; Almighty Ruler; Joy
RajitBrilliant; Decorated; Decorative
RajitaLuminous; Ornamented; Attracted
RajivAchiever, Blue lotus; lotus flower
RajneeshLord of the Night
RajniNight; Queen
RajnikantaThe Night's Beloved
RajnishMoon; Lord Chandra (Moon); Lord of Night
RajpalThe Protector King
RakaMoon at Full Glory
RakeshLord of the night; lord of the night, sun
RaksaTo Guard
RakshaProtection; To be Protected
RakshanProtector; Lord Shiva; Beautiful
RakshasaAdjective Devil
RakshitProtector; Protection; Guarded; Secure; Saved; Military Protection
RamLord Rama; One who Pleases; The Eldest Sun of King Dasharatha; The Hero of Mythology Called Ramayana; Pleasing; Charming; Obedient; Male Sheep
RamaLord Rama; Pleasing; Rejoicing
RamacandraRama the Excellent
RamachandraRama of the Moon
RamadasaServant of Lord Rama
RamadevaDivine Rama
RamakantBeloved of Rama
RamakantaLord Vishnu
RamakrishnaPleasing Krishna; Lord Rama
RamakrisnaPleasing Krishna
RamamohanaAttracting Rama
RamamurtiStatue of Lord Rama; Idol of Rama; Sign of Rama
RamanaClear; Lovable; Charming
RamanandaDelight of Rama
RamanikLovable; Charming
RamanikaLovable; Charming
RamanujaLord Krishna; Born After Rama; Lakshman
RamaprakasaGlory of Rama
RamaprasadaBlessing of Rama
RamashrayaShelter of Rama
RamasvarupaAvatar of Rama
RamavataraIncarnation of Rama
RamdasDevotee of Ram; Servant of God
RamdevDivine Rama
RameshLord Vishnu, Preserver or the one who saves from danger; Lord of Ramadevi, Vishnu
RameshaThe Lord of Rama
RameshwarLord Shiva, Consort of Rama; Lord of Rama
RamgopalLord Rama; One who Pleases; Similar to Ram
RamnarayanRam Narayan
RamnathLord Rama
RamprasadLord Rama
RamshiName of Lord Rama
RamswaroopLord Rama
RanaJoy; Jewel; To Gaze; Look; King; Warrior
RanadhiraPatient in Battle
RandhirBrave; Brave in Battle Field
RanganA Flower
RanganathaLord of Love
RangnathLord of Love
RanjanEntertaining; Pleasing; Delights to Parents
RanjanaEntertaining; Coloring
RanjeetVictor in Wars; The Delighted One; Victorious; One who is Entertains
RanjitWinner; Victorious; The Delighted One; One who is Entertained; The Conqueror of the Battle
Ranjit; RanjeetThe delighted one; Victorious; One who is entertained
RanushLove of Living
RasesaLord of the Sentiments
RaseshLord Krishna
RaseshaLord of the Sentiments
RasikaRomantic; Aesthetic
RatanPrecious stone
RathikOne who Rides a Chariot
RathikaRider of a Chariot
RathindraLord of the Chariot
RatikaLove; Attachment; Pleasure
RatisaLord of Rati
RatnaPraise; Gem; Gold; Pearl
RatnakarMine of Jewels; Sea
RatnamJewel; Ruby
RatulaLotus Feet of the Goddess; Seeking the Truth
RaudraLord Kartikeya; On of Lord Shiva
RaviDelighted, Satisfied, Hope, Expectation, Wish, The Sun, Expert or skilled, Fire; the sun
RavijBorn of the Sun
RavijaBorn of the Sun
RavikantaBeloved of the Sun
RavikiranaBeam of Sunlight
RavinandanaSon of the Sun
RavinathaHaving the Sun as Its Master; Lotus
RavindraSun of Son; Similar to Rama; Lord Surya (Sun)
RavisaDesires the Sun
RavishSon of Sun
RavisuDesired by the Sun
RavitejThe Rays of the Sun
RaynavBeam of Light; Ray of Light
RenuMolecule; Particle; Earth; Born of Dust
RenukaBorn of Dust
RevantaYoungest Son of Surya
RevatiRoyal jasmine; a particular in music; prosperity
ReyaanshPart Of Lord Vishnu
ReyanshA Part of Sun; Lord Vishnu; Ray of Light; First Light of Sun
RiddhiGood fortune and prosperity
RiddhimanPossessed of Good Fortune; Lucky Person
RidhanshGreat; Loving Heart
RigFrom the Veda; One of the Veds
RigvedhA Type of Veda
RijuInnocent; Straight
RinaGreens from the Village; Song; Joy; Melted; Dissolved
RipudamanKiller of Enemies
RipunjayaDestroyer of Foes
RishSage; Saint; Brave and Dominant Ruler
RishiSaint; Sage; Ray of Light; Self Controlled; Kindness
RishirLord Vishnu
RishviFemale Saint
RishvikIntelligent; Dynamic; Ruler
RitaparnaTruth Winged
RitayinThe Truthful
RitayuFollower of the Sacred Law
RiteshLord of seasons, Lord of truth; Lord of truth
RitikIntelligent; Successes in Life
RituWeather; Season
RitvijPriest; Guru
RitvikaOne who recites the Rig Veda; priestess
RochakTasty; Delicious
RohanA river in paradise, Ascending, A blossom, Another name for Vishnu, Finest Indian steel, Rising; one who takes the higher path
RohanaAscending; Healing; Medicine
RohinRising; Born Under the Sandalwood Tree; Lord Vishnu
RohitRed, The Sun, Jewellery, A rainbow, Blood; red
RohitasvaSone of King Harishchandra
RosanaRose; Passionate; Quicksilver
RoschanPassionate; Quicksilver
RoschanaPassionate; Quicksilver
RoshanSun Rays; Shining; Lightning; Illumination; Bright; Man of Steel
RuchirHero; Always Winner; Force; Beautiful
RudraName of Lord Shiva; Sun; Rudraksha; 'mightiest of the Mighty
RudrahLord Shiva
RudraunshLike Rudra; Lord Shiva Ganesh Hanuman
RukmaRadiant; Sun
RupangaHaving a Beautiful Body
RupchandAs Beautiful as the Moon
RupesaRuler of Form
RupeshGod of Beauty; Lord of Beauty
RupinEmbodied Beauty
RupinaHaving a Beautiful Appearance
RupinderLord of beauty
RusyendraName of Muni
RuthvickAdd Meaning
RuturajThe King of All Season
RutvaSeason; Speech
RutvijStraight; Tall
RuvanshPart of Lord Shiva; Part of Scholar
SaatvikaPure Planets; Waxing Moon; Jupiter and Mercury
SaatyakiSatyaki; The Same as Yuyudhana; The Charioteer of Lord Krishhna
SabalaPowerful; Mighty
SachdevTruth of God
SachinLord Indra, Pure existence, Affectionate, Epithet of Shiva; Lord Shiva
SachitConsciousness; Joyful
SadashivaEternally Pure
SadgunaHaving Good Qualities; Virtuous
SadhakaSkillful; Efficient
SadhuSaint; Sage; Holy; Saintly Person
SadhviChaste Honest Virtuous
SadratnaPure Gem; True Pearl
SahaEnduring; Mighty
SahadevaThe 6th Sensed One
SahajNatural; Original; Easy
SahajaNatural; Original; Innate; Simply; Loop
SaharshHappiness; With Joy; Joyful; Glad
SaharshaHappy; Rejoicing
SajjaAdorned; Equipped
SakhaFriend; Generosity; Liberality
SakivithaEnergy; Goodness
SamTold by God; God has Listen; To Hear; Sun; His Name is God; Sun Child; Little Sun; Strong Person; Heard of God; God; Good Person
SamaEqual; Time; Even; Honest
SamantUniversal Whole
SamanviOne who has All the Best Qualities
SamanvitaName of Goddess Durga
SamarthyaStrength; Capability; Courage
SamastaAll; Entire
SambaAttended by the Divine Mother
SambashivaLord Shiva Attended by the Divine Mother
SambhavPossible; Born; Manifested; Possibility
SambhavaBirth; Born; Production
SambhuSource of Happiness; Name of Lord Shiva
SameerWind; Breeze; Early Morning Fragrance; Cool; Entertainer; Jovial; Entertaining Companion
Sameer; SamirEarly morning fragrance; Breeze; Wind; Entertainer
SamidhaOne who Dies for a Good Thing; Fights for a Good will
SamihaWish; desire; incomparable
SamikshaIntellect and insights
SamirWind; Pleasant Companion; A Companion who Joins in an Evening Conversation; Jovial; Early Morning Fragrance; Entertaining Companion; Breeze; Entertainer
SampadaWealth; Blessing
SampatWealthy; Prosperous
SampathAssets; Prosperty
SamudraOcean; Sea
SamyagTotal; Real
SamyakGold; Enough
SamyamaPerfect Restraint or Concentration
SamyaminSelf Restrained
SanatanaEternal; Lord Shiva
SandhataConnector; Regulator
SandipLight of God; A Virtuous Light; A Lighted Lamp; Glowing; Challenging
SangamUnion; Noble; Confluence
SangeIn the Company
SanghaGroup; Organisation; Gathering
SanilWater; Gifted; Bestowed; Evening
SanjayVictorious, Dhritarashtras charioteer; Victorious
SanjayaCompletely Victorious
SanjeevLove; Life; Life Giving
SankarLord Shiva
SankaraFortunate, Creator, Lord Shiva; Shiva
SankarshanA Name of Balaram; Brother of Lord Krishna
SankataharanaRemover of Difficulties
SanketIndication; Signal; Hint
SanketaAddress; Information
SanskarHave Manner; Good Ethics and Moral Values
SantaThe Devotees
SantanuAuspicious Form; Father of Bhisma
SanyogConnection; Milan; Con-incidence
SaraThe Whole World; Lake
SaralSimple; Straight
SaralaStraight; Honest; Pine Tree
SaranshIn Brief; Summary
SarasSimple; A Bird; Lake; Moon; Pond
SaraswatichandraLord Saraswati
SarathiLord Krishna's Chariot Rider
SarvaLord Krishna; Shiva
SarvagLord Shiva
SarvagaAll Going; Omnipresent
SarvagataHaving Pervaded All
SarvajitHe who has conquered all
SarvajnaAll Knowing; Omniscient
SarvajnyaAll Knowing; Omniscient
SarveshLord of All; God of All Gods
SarveshaThe Lord of All
SarveshwaraThe Lord of All
SarvinVictory, Best archer, God of Love
SashidharThe Man who Carries the Moon; Lord Shiva
SatatyaNever Ending; Persistence; Continuity; Perpetuity; Eternity; Uninterrupted Duration; Diligence; Conscientiousness; Truthful; Straightforward; Honest
SathvikPure; Gentle; Peace; Victories; Lord Shiva; Peaceful; Honest
SathyamurthiSculpture of Truth
SatishLord of hundreds, Ruler of hundreds, Happiness; Husband of Sati, Shiva
SatpatiLord Indra
SatruhaSlayer of his Foes
SattwaPurity; Goodness
SattwavanEndowing with Goodness; Purity
SattwikaHe who is Endowed with Purity
SatyaTruth; Faithful; God; Final Truth of Universe; Who Speaks Truth
SatyajitWho Always Tell's the Truth; Victory of Truth; Conquering by Truth
SatyamHonesty; True; Truth
SatyamurtyStatue of Truth
SatyankarTrue; Good
SatyaprakashLight of Truth
SatyavanHusband of Savitri; True
SatyenLord of the truth
SaubhadraMother of Abhimanyu
SaumyaSoft; Handsome
SaurabhFragrance; S a Light of Success; Gentle Smell; Sweet Fragrance
SavarniAdd Meaning
SavitaImpeller; Begetter; The Sun
SekarLord Vishnu
SenapatiLord of an Army
SeneshwaraLord of an Army
SeshadriShesha; The King of Serpents; Shesh means King of Serpents and Adri means Hill
SethuKing of World; Leadership; Bridge; Warrior; Good; Connecting
SetuSacred Symbol; Bridge
SevakaServant of God
SevanThe Embodiment of Service
ShaaravPure and Innocent
ShageethLord Krishna
ShailaMountain; Shell
ShailejaDaughter of Mountains
ShakraStrong; Powerful
ShakrariEnemy of Shakra
ShaktaAble; Capable; Worshipper of Shakti
ShaktiPowerful, Goddess Durga, Power, Vigour, Ability, The female energy of a God, Another name for Lakshmi, Saraswati the female energy of a God, Aid, Sword, Gift; Power
ShaktidayakaGiver of Power
ShakuntBlue Jay
ShakuntaA Type of Bird
ShalyaAn Arrow
ShamarReady for Battle
ShambhavaSource of Bliss
ShambhaviGoddess Durga; relating to Lord Shiva; a name of a river
ShambhuLord Shiva
ShanavThe Sun
ShankarLord Shiva, Causing happiness, Conferring good fortune, Auspicious, An epithet of Shiva, Name of a celebrated teacher of Vedanta philosophy shankaracharya, Name of a Raaga; Shiva
ShankaraBeneficent; Bliss Maker
ShankhadharaHolder of the Conch
ShankhapaniHandling the Conch
ShankhavanOwner of the Conch
ShankhinLord Vishnu
ShanmukhaKartikeya; First Son of Lord Shiva
ShantanuWholesome, A king from the epic Mahabharata (Great grandfather of the Pandavas and Kauravas; Father of Bhishma, Chitranga and Vichitravirya; Married to Ganga and Satyavati.); Whole
ShantiPerfect Peace
SharadAutumn; Name of a Season
SharanyanThe One who Bestows Protection to Anyone who Comes Seeking it; Protection
SharatA Season
SharayuHoly River
SharmaProtection; Refuge; Joy; Comfort
SharmadaGiver of Bliss
SharvaLord Shiva; Destroyer; Withdrawer
SharvilLord Krishna
ShashankFull Moon; Lord Chandra (Moon); Lord Narasimha
ShashichandThe Hare Marked Moon
ShashikantMoon Light; Moon Stone
ShashwatEver Lasting; Continuous; Eternal; Permanent; Lord Shiva
ShashwataPermanent; Perpetual
ShashwatanPermanent; Perpetual
ShashwathImmortal Everlasting
ShastaName of a Native American Tribe; Teacher
ShatanikWarrior; A Son of King
ShauriLord Vishnu
ShauryaBravery; Brave or Fame; Proud; Courage; Strong
SheelGood Character
SherThe beloved one or a Lion
SheshCosmic Serpent
ShethThe Warrior; The Leader
ShibiKing; Ornamental Ridge-end Tile; Ornamental
ShivLord Shiva, Auspicious, Lucky, Always pure, All encompassing, Lovely, Welfare, Water, Saving, Beloved, Divine, Joy welfare, The third God of the Hindu Trinity; Lord Shiva, auspicious, lucky
ShivaPure; Lord; God of Destruction; Powerful
ShivabandhuFriend of Shiva
ShivadasaServant of Shiva
ShivankarLord Shiva
ShivanshPart of Lord Shiva; Son of Lord Shiva
ShivashankarLord Shivs
ShlokPrayer; Saints Saying; Verse Sound Praise; God's Prey; Mantras in Vedas
ShlokaA Sacred Chant; Verse; Hindu Prayer
ShounakA Holy Saint
ShouryaVictorious; Bravery; Fame for Being Brave; Power
ShravaPraise Glory Fame
ShravanaTwenty-second Nashaktra
ShravayWhich can Hear
ShreeSign of Wealth / Richness; Lord Krishna
ShreenathLord Shrinathji in Gujarat
ShreeshGood Fortune; Lord of Wealth
ShreetirthaHoly Places
ShreshtElevated; Best of All
ShreyCredit; Marvellous
ShreyasGood; Superior; Best; Caring; Fame
ShreyashVictory; Credit and Success; Credit of Fame
ShridamanBeautiful Garland
ShridharLord Vishnu
ShridharaBearer of the Goddess Shri
ShrikanthaBeautiful Throat
ShrikaraMaker or Giver of Wealth
ShrinivasLord Vishnu
ShrinivasaThe Abode of Lakshmi
ShripatiLord Vishnu
ShrivasaThe Abode of the Goddess Shri
ShrivatsaLord Vishnu
ShubhamCare; Winner; Religious; Auspicious; Positive
ShubhraRadiant; Pure; Pure White
ShudraThe Caste of Servants and Labourers
ShuklaLord Shiva; Lord Vishnu
ShukraThe Planet Venus; Resplendent; Venus; Friday
ShvetangFair Complexioned
ShyamDark Blue; Black; Lord Krishna
ShyamaThe Dark
ShylajaSame as Shylaja; Goddess Parvati
SiddarthOne who has accomplished his goal; A name of the Buddha
SiddhaEnlightened One; Lord Shiva
SiddhantPrinciple for Life; Moral Belief Name of Lord Ganesha; Moral Belief
SiddharthEnlightened One; One who has Accomplished a Goal; Lord Shiva; Name of Gautam Buddha; Lord Vishnu
SiddharthaOne who Seeks Enlightment; A Name of Lord Buddha; Man who Achieves Impossible
SiddhiKnowledge and Wealth
SindhuOcean; Lord Vishnu; White
SitabhiramaSita's Delight
SitaramLord Rama; Beloved of Rama
SivagnanamLord Shiva
SkandSpurting; Flowing; Lord Kartikeya
SkandaSpurting; Flowing
SmaranRemembrance; Memory
SmritaIs Considered; Remembered
SnehLove; Affection; Friendship; Respect
SnehanLoving; Affectionate; Friend of All
SohiniA Raaga
SomMoon; Religious; Sweet; Cute; Innocent
Som; SomuThe moon
SomaThe Nectar of Immortality
SomaiahLord Shiva
SomitSomeone who has Got Everything
SomnathGod name, Lord Shiva; Lord Shiva
SomuThe Moon; Lord Indra
SpandanHeart Beat
SreeshLord Ganesh
SreshtaThe Best
SridharWealthy; Lord Shiva; Lord Vishnu
SrihaanLord Vishnu; Live with Respect and Knowledge
SrikantLord Vishnu; Lover of Wealth
SrikerLord Shiva
SrikrishnaLord Krishna
SrinivasGod of Venkateswara; Abode of Wealth
SripatiHusband of Shri
SriramLord Rama; Lord Vishnu
SrivatsanBeloved of Shri (Lord Vishnu)
StotraPraise Glory Fame; Origin
SubhagaVery Fortunate
SubhashShining, Soft spoken, Brilliant; Soft spoken
SubodhSound advice, Easily understood, Intelligent; Sound advice
SubrataPatience; Devoted to What is Right; Strong
SudamaLlord Krishna's Friend; Meek; Humble
SudarshanThe Devoted Person; The Chakra of Lord Vishnu; Nice Looking; Lighted; Weapon of Lord Krishna
SudarshanaGood Looking
SudasGood Servant
SudasaGood Servant
SudeshnaGood Gift
SudevGood Deity
SudevaName of Lord Shiva, Good Deva; Good Deva
SudheerKind; Resolute; Patient; Intelligent
SudhirResolute; Brave; Wise; Considerate
SudhiraVery Intelligent; Very Firm
SudimnaThe Divine Power Initiated by a Rare Combination of Constellations and Stars; Last Known Happening was Around the Month of Magh February
SugandhiVery Fragrant
SugrivHandsome Necked
SugrivaOne with Graceful Neck
SuhridBless of God; Well-disposed
SujayVictory; Winner; Victory of Good
SukanyaA beautiful lady
SumanA flower, Very charming, Plesant, Considerate, Cheerful, Beautiful, Handsome, Kind, Fame; flower
SumanasPure Minded
SumantraFriend of King Dasarath
SumekaWell Fixed
SumeruName of Mountain; Lord Shiva
SumiranIn Remembrance of God; Well Measured
SumodaHappiness; Joy; Better
SunBending; Decreasing
SunaraVirtuous Man; Glad or Joyful
SunayaOne with Good Conduct; Good Leader
SundaMelting; Very Tender; Beautiful
SundaraBeautiful; Lovely; Handsome; Charming
SundaramBeautiful; Handsome
SundareshwaraBeautiful Lord
SunilBlue; Sapphire; Dark Blue; Red Lotus; Pomegranate Tree; Wind; Beautiful Sky; Krishna with Blue Colour; Lord Vishnu
SupathaVirtuous Path
SuraSoham; God
SurabhavaDivine State; Divine Feeling
SurabhiBeautiful; fragrance; springtime
SuradevaGod of Gods
SuradriMountain of the Gods
SuramuniDivine Sage
SuranayakaLeader of the Gods
SurapatiLord or Ruler of the Gods
SurasmiBeautiful Rays
SurasundaraDivine Beauty
SuratiPleasant Sound
SurazThe Sun
SurendraLord Indra
SureshThe Sun; Sun
SureshaLord of the Gods; Lord Ganesha
SureshwarLord of the Gods
SureshwaraLord of the Gods
SurinWisest Amongst the Wise
SurojitGod's Favourite Disciple; A Person who Wins God
SuryaThe Sun, One of the original vedic triad with Agni and Indra; Sun
SuryadevaThe God Surya
SuryakantLoved by the Sun
Suryakant; SuryakantaLoved by the sun; Glowing; Good Looking; A jewel
SuryakantaA Jewel
SushanthAvatar of Lord Vishnu; Good Peace
SusheelGood Charactered Man; Well Behaved
SushenSon of Vasudeva
Sushil; SusheelGood charactered man; Well-behaved
SushrutaSon of Sage Viswamitra
SushutiOf Good Birth
SuvanLord Shiva; The Sun; Incarnation; Emanation
SuvarnaBeautiful Color; Golden
SuvipraVery Wise; Learned; Inspired
SwamiMaster; Lord
SwaminathanLord Murugan in the Temple of Swamimalai Near Kumbakonam
SwaneethSelf Justice
SwapnilDream like; Seen in a dream; Dreamy; Seen in a dream, dreamy
Swaramusical tone; music
SwarajRight; Truth; Liberty; Freedom; Own Country
SwarupBeautiful Face; Truth
SwarupaTrue Nature
SyonGood Luck; Gentle
TalikaPalm of the hand; a medicinal plant; a gemstone or ornament
TapanSummer; Sun; hot season
TapasiA female ascetic
TariniA form of Goddess Durga
TarunYoung; Tender; young
TatvikaReal; true
TavishiCourage; a heavenly virgin
TejLight; Lustrous; Radiant; swift
TejasSharp; Lustre; Brilliance; lustre; brilliance
Trilochan; TrilochanaThree-Eyed Lord; Lord Shiva
TrilokThree worlds
TrilokeshLord of Universe; Lord Shiva; Lord Vishnu; lord Shiva
Triloki; Triloki Nath; TrilokanathLord Shiva
TrushitaDesirous; thirsty
TusharSnow; Winter
UchitRight; Correct
UdaiTo rise, Blue lotus
UdarajaKing of Waters
UdasutanayakaThe Lord of the Ocean's Daughter
UdayaRising Sun
UdayagiriMountain of Sunrise
UdayanRising Up; Rising; Name of King of Avanti
UdayanaRising Sun
UdbhasiShining Forth
UdbhasuraShining Forth; Radiant
UdbhataExalted; Eminent
UdbhavRising with Glory
UddantaHighly Controlled
UddhavaSacrificial Fire
UddisaReclining High
UdgamRising Star; Origin
UdgamaRising Star
UditGrown, Awakened, Shining; grown, shining, awakened
UdityaTo Rise; Sun
UdwamsaOf High Lineage
UgraTerrible; Powerful
UhudCommitment, Pledge
UjasaLight Before Dawn; Nice
UjjawalBright; Clear; Splendorous
Ujjawal; UjjwalBright; Clear; Splendorous
UjjayaEver Victorious Archer
UjjwalSplendorous; Bright
Ujvalabright and dazzling; radiant
UjwalBrightness; Light; Active
UktaAddressed; Said
UllaTo Rise / Shine
UllasaGrowth; Happiness
UmakantaMoonlight; Lover of Uma; Mahadev
UmanathLord Shankar
UmanathaThe Lord of Uma
UmangEnthusiasm, Joy, Zeal, Aspiration, Ambition, Limed, Hope desire, Trust, Greed; enthusiasm
UmapatiConsort of Uma
UmashankarLord Shiva; Pashupati; Mahadev
UnmeshFlash; Blowing; Opening
UnmilaTo Appear
UnnataHigh; Tall
UpaguptaName of a Buddish Nonk
UpaharaOffering to the Gods
UpamanyuName of a Devoted Pupil
UpasanaWorship and adoration
UpendraAn element; Lord Vishnu, an element
UrjitPossesses Great Might
UrjitaExcited; Energised
UrjithPowerful; Vigorous
Urmikaa small wave
UrujaBorn out of the Thigh
UrvaOf the Thigh
UsakiranaFirst Light of Dawn
UshmaSpring; Passionate
UtkarshTo Grow; Prosperity; Awakening
UtkrishtaPerfect; Superior
UtpalWater Lily; Fleshless; Lotus
UtpalaFull of Blossom
UttarAnswer; Son of King Virata
UttarikaSaviour; deliverer
VaamanaVishnu's Fifth Incarnation; Trivikrama
VaaniSpeech; Song
VaasukiA Celestial Cobra
VaayuThe Vital Air; Wind
VacanaOath; Order
VadanyaGenerous; Eloquent
VagisaMaster of Speech
VagishaMaster of Speech
VagishwaraThe Lord of Vedic / Speech
VaibhavProsperity; Intelligence; Desire; Fortunate; Happy; Richness; Glorious; Powerful; Born of Moon; Super Human Power; Great Brother Hood
VaidehaOf Videhas
VaidehiA name for Sita; a medicinal plant
VaikoGreat politician
VaikunthaThe Savior
VaishnavThe Devotee of Lord Vishnu
VaishnavaThe Devotee or Consort of Lord Vishnu
VaishvikBelonging to the World
VajraLord Krishna's Greatgrandson; Diamond
VajranAdamant; Unyielding
VakapatiLord of the Spoken Word
VallabhBeloved; Dear
ValmikiThe Author of the Qpic Ramayana; An Ancient Saint
VamaLord Shiva
VamadevaBeautiful God
VamikaA name for Goddess Durga
VamseeFlute of Sri Krishna
VanamaliWearing the Vanamala Garland
VanaspatiLord of the Woods
VanditaSaluted; Worshipped
VandyaWorthy of Salutation
VapushaVery Beautiful
VaraGods Gift
VaradaGiver of Blessings
VardaniyaOne who is prosperous, happy, thriving
VardhanaBestower of Wealth
VarenyaCapable of Achieving Everything
VaresaPresiding over Boons
VarindraLord of the Ocean
VarisaSleeping on the Sea
VarishLord Vishnu
VarishaSleeping on the Sea
VarniniA lady of repute and honour; turmeric
VarshaGod of Rain; Year
VarshithYear; God of Rain
VarunLord of the Waters; Neptune; Intelligent; Sensible; Smart; God of Rain
VarunaGod of Rain
VasantSpring Season
VasantaBrilliant; Spring
VasdevFather of Krishna
VashaAgree; Control
VashyaUnder Control
VasiPower of Attraction; One of the Qualities of Lord Krishna; Self Controlled
VasishthaA Sage
VasuLord Vishnu; Wealth; Related to God
VasudevAnother name of Lord Krishna
VasudevaGoddess of wealth (Krishna's father, husband of Devaki.); Goddess of wealth
VasumatLord Krishna
VasupatiLord Krishna
VasupradaGiver of Great Riches
VasuttamaBest out of the Vasus
VatsalLove; Affectionate
VatsalaAffectionate; Loving
VatsarA Year
VayuWind; Lord Hanuman
VedSacred Knowledge
VedaPious, Writing of the aryans, Devout, Celebrated, Worthy; ancient scriptures of knowledge
VedamurtiEmbodiment of the Vedas
VedangFrom the Vedas; Part of the Sacred Knowledge
Vedang; VedangaPart of the sacred knowledge
VedangaPart of Veda's; Part of the Sacred Knowledge
VedanshPart of Veda's
VedarthEssence of the Vedas
VedasRelated to Veda - Ancient Original Books of Hindu
VedavyasaCompiler of the Vedas
VedhanthVedic Method of Self-realisation; King
VedhvikKing of Vedas
VeeraThe Brave
VenkatA Great Man; Lord Krishna; Lord Venkateswara; God
VenkatsaiLord Venkateshwar; Lord Sai Baba.
VenugopalFlute Player Gopala
VenugopalaFlute Player Gopala
VenulolaThe Swinging Flute Player
VibhasShine; Decoration; Light
VibhasaBright; Splendid
VibhavFriend; Soft Spoken
VibhuLord; Lord Vishnu; All Pervading; Powerful
VibhuhThe Supreme Lord
VibodhaConsciousness; Awakening
VidaLife; Knowledge
VidehaThe Bodiless
VidhataCreator; Dispenser; Supporter
VidhatruLord Shiva
VidhiMethod; Law
VidhurSkillful; Expert; Wise; The Wisest Minister of King Dhrutarashtra's Cabinet in Great Indian Epic; Skilful
VidhyaWisdom; Knowledge; Relevant to Goddess Durga / Saraswati
ViditLord Indra; Understood; Famous
VidurWise; A Friend of Lord Krishna; Skilful; Expert
Vidur; VidhurSkilful; Expert; Wise; The wisest minister of King Dhrutarashtra's cabinet in great Indian Epic
VidyacharanLearning; Knowledge; Learned
VidyadharLearned; Demi God
VidyadharaSupporter of Knowledge
VidyasagaraSea of Knowledge
VighneshTo End Evil or Bad; Lord Ganesha
VighneshaThe Lord who Removes Obstacles
VihaanFlying High; Morning; Dawn; Sun's First Light; New Beginning; Raising Sun
VihangA Bird
VijayendraGod of Victory
VijeshGod of Victory; Good Person; Cool
VijulA Silk-cotton Tree
VijulaSilk-cotton Tree
VikasWidening; Development; Expanding; Developer; Progress; Brightness
VikasaRadiant; Cheerful
VikralThe Man for Truth.
VikramBravery; The Sun of Valour; Lord Hanuman; Praiseworthy; Record; Strong Strong; One who Continue Progress
VikramaStride; Strong
VikramadityaA Famous King
VikrantPowerful; Hero; Brave; Victorious; Fearless
ViksaraFlowing out
VilasPlay; Entertainment; Coolness
VimalPure, White, Bright; pure
VimarsaExamination; Test
VimarshExamination; Test
VinayGood manners and humble
VinayaHumble; Subduer
VinayakName of Lord Ganesha
VinayakaRemover; Lord of All
VinayanHumble; Subduer
VindhyaName of a Mountain Range
VinishruthDevoid of All Attachments
VinitaDecent; Domesticated
VinodHappy; Full of Joy; Pleasing; Always be Happy; Sun; King of the Universe
VipinSharp and talented
VipinaJungle; Forest
VipraA Priest
VipulPlenty; Maximum; Intelligent; Young and Dynamic; Earth
VipulaAbundant; Planet Earth
ViraatBig; Giant; The One who is Great
ViragiThe Dispassionate
VirajResplendent; Splendour; Intelligent; To Shine; Lord Vishnu; Brave
ViraktaThe Dispassionate; Discolored
ViralPriceless; Natural; Deep Thinker
ViralaRare; Unusual
VirenBrave; Bravery Lord; Bravest
VirendraWarrior King
ViresaMaster of Heroes
VireshBrave Lord; Lord Shiva; Lord Vishnu
VirochanIlluminating; Moon; Fire
VirujIn Good Health
VisalCalm; Sharp; Spacious
VishEarth; Poison
VisheshImportant; Special
VishnuThe Protector; An Important Hindu God; Lord Vishnu; Almighty; King of Victory; Special
Vishnu; BishnuThe protector; An important Hindu God
VishodhanLord Vishnu
VishokWithout Grief
VishrutOne whose Fame is Heard All over; Famous; Knowledgeable Person; Lord Vishnu; Celebrated; Renowned
VishvaLord Vishnu; Earth; Universe
VishvamThe Universe
VishwaEarth; Universe; The Whole World; Lord Vishnu
VishwajitOne who Conquers the Universe; Conqueror of World
VishwamitraSages name, Friend of the universe (Rishi, who took Rama for killing troubling demons); friend of the universe
VishwanathGod of Universe; Lord Vishnu; Name of Lord Shiva
VishwarupEmbodiment of the Universe
VishwasBelieve; Faith; Trust
VishwathPart of Vishwathmane Namaha; From Vishnu Sahasranam
VishweshThe Lord Almighty
VisikhaArrow; Dart
VisishtOne who Excels Everything
VisitaLight Before Dusk
VisokaWithout Grief
VisramaTranquil; At Ease
VisvaEntire; Universe; All
VisvajitOne who Conquers the Universe
VisvanathaMaster of the Universe
VisvarupaEmbodiment of the Universe
VisvesaLord of the Universe
ViswesearaBoss of Universe; God of Universe
VisweshLord Shiva
VivaanFull of Life; Genius; Lord Krishna
VivasvataBrilliant; Shining
VivaswatBrilliant; Shining
VivekAlways Energetic; Knowledge; Intelligent; Calm; Intelligence; Judgement; Right; Conscience; Patience; Lord Shiva
VivekaLittle Woman; True Wisdom
VivekanandFinds Joy in Knowledge; Joy of Discrimination
VivekanandaFinds Joy in Knowledge
ViviktaDistinguished; Solitary; Clear; Neat; Pure
VivitsuStrives to Knowledge
ViyatiStretches out
VoBrave; Lord Krishna; Lord Venkateswara
VrajamohanaFascinator of Vraja
VrajesaMaster of Vraja
VrajeshLord Krishna
VrataVow; Oath
VrudankTulip; Indian Basil; Goddess Tulsi
VyasA great sage, Sage who wrote Mahabharata, Separation, Diffusion, Name of the compiler of the puranas
VyasanWritter of Mahabharatham
VyohSon of Lord Shiva
VyomaSky; Heaven
VyomesaLord of the Heavens
VyoneeshLord of Sky (Vyon); Very Special to World (Vyoni); Being Very Nature
XankarCrossing Shiva
YadavaDescendant of Yadu
YadurajLord Krishna
YagnashLord of the Yagna; Wish
YagneshGanesh; Religious Leader
YagyaHawan; Sacrifice
YajaWorshipper; Pries-tress
YajamanaWorshipping; High Priest
YajataWorthy of Worship
YajatiWorthy of Worship
YajuThe Yajur Veda
YakshaA Type of a Demi God
YamaThe God of Death; Also the Five Moral Commandments
YamesaHaving Yama as King
YaminiNocturnal, night
YashasviEternal Success without Any Obstacle
YashasviniOne who is successful
and illustrious
YashaswinathLord Shiva
YashodhanRich in Fame
YashoNanadanLord Krishna
YashtikaA string of pearls
YashvanthForever Young; A Person who Attains Fame and Glory
YasodhanaFamous for his Wealth
YasodharaMaintaining Victory
YathiWho Strives with Pertinacity of Purpose; One who Makes the People Obtain the Divine Wisdom by Reducing the Ignorance; One who Strives with Pertinacity of Purpose
YatiAscetic; Devoted; Goddess Durga
YatinDevotee; Ascetic
YatinathaMaster of the Devoted
YatindraLord Indra
YatisaMaster of the Devoted
YatishSuccess; Lord of Devotees
YavanaYouth; Young; Handsome; Beautiful
YethuLord Krishna
YiyakshuDesire to Worship
YogConcentration; Meditation
YogaSun and Sprout; Concentration; Meditation
YogarajaKing of Yoga
YogenMaster of Yoga; King of Yoga
YogendraGod of Yoga (Lord Shiva)
Yogendra; YoginderGod of Yoga; Another name for Lord Shiva
YogesaLord of Yoga
YogeshGod of Yoga; Lord Shiva, god of Yog
YogesvaraGod; Object of Worship
YoginOne who Practices Yoga
YoginderAnother Name for Lord Shiva; God of Yoga
YogisaMaster of Yoga Practitioners
YogishaMaster of Yoga Practitioners
YoshitaA beautiful lady
YugandharaStrongest of his Time
YukaarAdd Meaning
YuktaAttentive; Skilful; Intelligent
YuvanStrong; Healthy; Young; A Name of Lord Shiva
YuvarajaSon of the King; Crown Prince
YuvekLittle Prince
YuvrajPrince; Heir Apparent
YuyutsuEager to Fight

if you need to find more names for a Baby boy then check other categories.

Why choose the Best Sanskrit name for boy?

You might be surprised to learn that Unique Sanskrit Baby boy names are a popular choice for many families. It’s not just because of the beauty of the language or the popularity of yoga. There are actually many reasons to choose a Sanskrit name for your son. Sanskrit is a beautiful language that was the original language of Hinduism. It is said to be the most perfect language in the world, and some scholars believe it is a perfect balance of sound and meaning. This makes it a great choice for naming your son because it is a language that will be as beautiful to him as it is to you.

Sanskrit is also a language that carries with it many traditions and customs. If you want your son to be a part of this tradition, then you might want to choose a Sanskrit name for him. A Sanskrit name is also a good choice if you want your son to be more connected to your heritage. Sanskrit is a language that has been passed down from generation to generation, and if you want your son to have a connection to this, then this is a good choice.

Some people choose Sanskrit names for boys because they believe that it will make their son smarter. The idea is that Sanskrit is an ancient language that will help your son to think more deeply and logically. There are many reasons to choose a Sanskrit name for your son, and you can use this article to help you choose the one that is right for you.

Every parent has their own criteria for naming their child. They want to choose a name that is meaningful and represents their child’s individuality. It’s not uncommon for parents to choose a name that is from another culture or language. One such name is Sanskrit. It’s a beautiful language that has a rich and deep history. Sanskrit names are unique and meaningful. Sanskrit names often represent something about the individual’s character, their family, or a virtue. Sanskrit names are perfect for children who want to be unique. They’re also perfect for children who want to learn about another culture and language.

If you’re looking for a new baby boy name that is both traditional and modern, you should consider naming your son after a Hindu god. The Hindu culture is one of the oldest religions in the world, and Hindu gods are revered in India.


1. Which are the Latest Sanskrit boy names?

Ans. A list of the Latest Sanskrit boy names.Ashish, Brahma, Chatur, Darshan, Dev, Dharam, Dhruv, Ganesha, Govardhan, Govind, Harsh, Indra, Jagat, Jayant, Krishna, Manu, Nachiketa, Niraj, Prahlad, Purushottam, Rama, Shiva, Shvetaketu, Tirtha, Arnav, Ayush, Avinash, Bhargav, Bhavik, and more.

2. What are the top 10 Sanskrit Hindu boy names?

Ans. The top 10 Sanskrit Hindu boy names are 1. Dev 2. Krishna 3. Arjuna 4. Rama 5. Avinash 6. Shiva 7. Ganesha 8. Brahma 9. Yama 10. Narada