1477+ Unique Sikh Baby Boy Names

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Sikhism in India is a vibrant tapestry of faith, community, and rich history. Here’s a glimpse into this unique religion:

Origins and Core Beliefs:

  • Founded in the 15th century by Guru Nanak Dev in Punjab, India, Sikhism emerged from a blend of Hinduism and Islam.
  • It emphasizes monotheism, believing in one God who is omnipresent and all-encompassing.
  • Core teachings revolve around the truth (Sat), righteousness (Dharma), service (Seva), and remembrance of God (Simran).

The Five Ks:

  • Sikhs readily identify themselves through the Five Ks, five articles of faith worn by baptized individuals:
    • Kesh: uncut hair, symbolizing acceptance of God’s will.
    • Kangha: a comb, representing cleanliness and discipline.
    • Kirpan: a sword, signifying courage and defense of righteousness.
    • Kara: a steel bracelet, reminding one of their spiritual bond with the community.
    • Kachh: undergarments are worn to maintain purity and humility.

Places of Worship and Significance:

  • The holiest site for Sikhs is the Harmandir Sahib, also known as the Golden Temple in Amritsar, Punjab. Its golden dome gleaming over an artificial lake, it’s a stunning architectural marvel and a center of spiritual pilgrimage.
  • Gurdwaras are Sikh places of worship where anyone can come to pray, meditate, and partake in the langar, a communal meal served free to all.

Sikh Contributions to India:

  • Sikhs have made significant contributions to India’s social, political, and cultural landscape.
  • They are known for their strong work ethic, commitment to service, and unwavering courage.
  • From soldiers in the armed forces to entrepreneurs and politicians, Sikhs have left their mark on various spheres of Indian life.

Festivals and Celebrations:

  • Sikh festivals are joyous occasions marked by colorful processions, devotional music, and communal feasts.
  • Vaisakhi, commemorating the birth of Guru Nanak, is the most prominent festival celebrated with vibrant parades and the traditional Bhangra dance.

Beyond Stereotypes:

  • It’s important to remember that Sikhs are a diverse community with varied beliefs and practices.
  • Reducing them to stereotypes like turbans or martial prowess disregards the richness and complexity of their faith and culture.

Respectful Engagement:

  • When interacting with Sikhs, treat them with the same respect you would accord any other individual.
  • Ask questions respectfully if you’re curious about their customs or beliefs, but avoid intrusive inquiries.

Understanding Sikhism in India goes beyond just facts and figures. It’s about appreciating the values, traditions, and resilience of a community that has enriched the nation’s social fabric for centuries.

I hope this gives you a starting point for exploring the fascinating world of Sikhism in India. Remember, the best way to learn is with an open mind and a respectful heart.

Sikh Baby Boy Names:

AgamUnconquerable: Unfathomable
AkalInvincible: Unconquerable
AmardeepEternal light
AngadName of the second Guru of Sikhism
AnhadLimitless and constant celestial melody
ArjanName of the fifth Guru of Sikhism
ArshveerWarrior of the heavens
BalbirOne who is strong
BaljeetStrong and victorious
BalvinderOne who is strong; Energetic
BeantLimitless; Without an end
CharanjeetThe victorious way
CharanpalProtection near the Guru's feet
DalbirA soldier and leader of brave soldiers
DamneetA leader with valuable ethics
DeepinderGod’s light
DevnoorGlow of the Divine
DilrajRuler of the heart
EkanjeetGod’s triumph
EkveerThe lone, mighty warrior
FatehveerVictorious warrior
GurbakshBlessing or gift of the Guru
GurcharanFeet of the Guru
GurdasThe Guru's ardent devotee
GurdweepLight of the Guru
GurfatehVictory of the Divine Guru
HarbhajanHymns of the Divine one
HargobindName of the sixth guru of Sikhism
HarjasOne who sings praises of the Divine
HarnidhGod's treasure
HarpalOne protected by God
ImanvirWarrior of faith and divinity
InderpalSon of God; Protected by God
JapveerCourageous meditation
JasgunOne with divine properties
JashandeepLamp of celebration
JastejGlow of praise and glory
JasveerHero of fame
KarmanjitVictory of good deeds
KartarCreator of the world
KhushwantLoving, delightful
KulveerHero of the family
KulwantOne who is of noble birth
KuwarjeetVictorious prince
LakhbirA warrior of a hundred thousand (lakhs)
ManinderLord of the mind
ManjitOne who can control the mind
NavbirThe new warrior
NamjasPraises of the Divine Name
NavtejNewly found radiance and splendour
NihalHappy, successful and content
NitnamOne who remembers the Lord without ceasing
OnkarjeetTriumph for God's name
OpinderA deity
ParamjitThe highest victory
ParminderGod of Gods
PurantejComplete radiance and splendour
RandeepThe light or hero of the battle
RishanpreetLove of a good human being
SamarjitVictorious in war
SarabjitOne who wins over all
SarabnamGod’s name is always present
SartajCrown of the Supreme; King of kings
SatinderKing of truth
SukhbirWarrior of peace
SurjitVictory of God
TeghnoorLight of the sword; Radiant sword
TejendraThe Lord sun
TejvirWarrior of grandeur and splendour
UdaijotRising light
UttamveerExalted bravery and courage
VeerjeetHeroic victor; Brave conqueror
VikramjeetA valiant victor
YashdeepThe light of glory
YashjeetA victor who has fame, honour and glory
YashveerGlorious warrior
ZorawarStrong and powerful
AmanpreetOne who loves peace
ArdasA humble prayer to God
ArshdeepLamp of the heavens
AvaneetKindhearted; Empathetic
BalrajMighty king or queen
BhavkiratSongs of glory and divinity
CharanjivThe pathway to eternal life
CharanjotLight of the Guru's feet
CharanpreetOne who loves the Divine One's Lotus feet
DilbaagOne with the blossoming heart
DiljotLight of the heart
EkjotOne Divine Light
GagandeepLamp in the sky
GurinderLord or Guru
GurpreetLove of the teacher
HardeepLamp or light of God
HarkeeratOne who sings God's praises
HarmeetFriend of God
IkroopOne with God's form
JaskeeratOne who sings the Lord's praises
JasminderLord's glory
KamalpreetLove of the Lotus
KanwaljeetVictorious lotus
KaramdeepLight of good deeds
KaramjotLight of good deeds
KarampreetLover of God's grace
LivdeepFocussed on the Light of God
LivjotAbsorbed in the Divine Light
ManjeetThe one who controls the mind
ManmeetA close friend
NavdeepA newly glowing flame or lamp
NavjotThe new light
ParamgeetThe most beautiful song
ParamjotThe brightest light
RamandeepAbsorbed in the light of Lord's Love
RamanjeetVictorous praises and glory
SachkeeratSinging sincere and faithful praises of God
ShabadpreetLove of the Holy Word
SukhjotLight of Peace and happiness
SukhmeetThe peace-giving friend
SukhpreetInner peace and joy
SurinderGod of Gods
SurjeetVictory of God
SurjotLight of God
TaranjitVictorious salvation
UjjalpreetPure and holy love
UttampreetExalted love
VeerindarA brave godly person
YashpreetGlory of love
HartmanStag. Strong; brave. Surname.
GiaandeepLamp of Divine Knowledge
ManpreetHappiness of the Heart
ParamdeshHighest Truth
JarnailThe Commanding Officer
PrempalFosterer of Love
HarkiratOne who Sings God's Praises
GurveerWarrior of the Guru
AjaibWonderous Being
IndirpreetIndirpreet means 'lover of God'
SukhanandPleasure; Bliss
One who Values Inner Peace and Joy; Love for Happiness
SatwantLord Krishna
AnokhAnokh means exemplary or out of this world
GurbakshGift of Guru
UprajKing of Proximity
HarjodhCourageous Like God
GursewakName of the Guru
JasbinderVictorious Hero
ParminderGod of Gods
FakeerA Saintly Person
AmarjotThe Immortal Light
BalmohanOne who is Attractive
UttamjodhExalted Warrior
BanjeetVictory of the Forest
IndirjeetIt is another name for Lord Vishnu
HarditGiven by God
RatanbirThe Priceless Brave One
HarkeeratOne who Sings God's Praises
PrithipalProtector of Earth
BarinderLord of the Ocean
NayandeepLight of the Eye
AgampreetInner Happiness
AmanroopThe Embodiment of Peace
JagmeetFriend of the World
BrahamjeetGod's Triumph
SachdhianRainbow; Absorbed in the True One
GajinderKing of Elephants
CharnjitOne who has won the world
SadhuRighteous; Holy
HartleyDeer meadow
RajenderLord of Kings; Emperor
ParbeenCapable; Skilful; Efficient
NavjeevThe Ever Fresh Life
ChitleenOne Absorbed in Awareness
HardeetGiven by God
DevjeetGod's Triumph
JasvinderIt means, 'Glory of God'
PatveerRespected Brave One
BishanpalRaised by God
AmarpreetImmortal Love of God
DeepinderGod's Light
SatvirLord of Virtue
BalwinderPowerful King
KaramjotLight of God's Grace
NardevA God-like Person
KamalpreetOne who Loves the Flower Lotus
NitnamOne who Ceaselessly Remembers the Lord
DiljotLight of the Heart
BakhsheeshThe Blessed One
JalenderIt is used to mean,'Lord of the waters'
SurenderVoice of God Indra
GundeepLamp of Excellences
UjaagarFamous; Renowned
BijulFlashes of Lightning
HarpalOne Protected by God
KhushpreetLoving and Delightful
JalindraLord of the water
AvleenBlessed by God
DharamdevGod of Faith
AshneerSacred Water or Amrit
SutantarGood Charactered Man
DevendarKing of Lord's
DharamdeepLamp of Religion
ManrajRuler of the Heart
KohinoorA Famous Diamond
SukhjotLight of Peace
HarikiranRays of God
AmeekVery Deep
SatyenderOne who Follows Truth
SimardeepLamp of Remembrance of God
It is a Sikh name that is used to refer to the glory of God
GatnamLiberated Through Naam
GaganjyotLight of the Sky
HarbinGlorious warrior.
MahinderGod of Gods
GunpreetThe Lover of Excellences
HanspalProtector of Great Soul
GurmaanHeart of the Guru
DharmenderLord of Dharma
GurbakhshBlessed with Guru's Grace
HardasSlave of God
IndiwarOne who knows a lot of things
It is a Sikh name that means one who is adored and loved
SatinderTrue God of Heaven
ManmeetFriend of mind
NavbirThe New Warrior
KaramveerEnthusiastic Hero
BhupinderpalProtected by God
TejpreetGlory of Love
NavreetNew Angel
AtinderSupreme God
HarbirThe one who fights in the name of God
IshmeetGods Friend
HarnoorGod's Gift
GurdweepLight from the Guru
SatvantTrue Faithful Pious Sacred
BaltejOne with Glorious Might
RegenderNo Meaning
SundarveerBeauteous and Brave
PrabhbirGod's Brave Warrior
HarimandirA Temple of Vishnu
ParamdevA Godly Person
HarbinderHe who is absorbed in the Will of God
DarshanbirExalted vision
EkanjeetGod's Triumph
BalvanPowerful and Mighty
MastveerCarefree and Brave
AnoopbirBeauteous and Brave
AntarjotThe Divine Light Within
BahadurjitVictory of the Brave
EkanpreetLove for God
SardarChief, Noble man, Officer of rank.
HarjyotGods Light
RasjeevanOne Whose Life is Full of Elixir of Naam
HarsajjanGod's Friend and Beloved
JagreetWorld's Way
HarnekGod's Noble Person
MadanpalCupid; God of Love
HarmanEverybody's Beloved
KamalvirKamalvir means brave or valiant
ParsanHe has delighted the Lord
TegbirThe Brave Warrior Wielding the Sword
VijenderGod of Bravery
VeerindarA Brave Godly Person
InderpreetLove for God
BalbeerMighty and Brave
ArshbirGod of Sky
IshpreetLover of God
GurudeepLamp of the Guru
TapanpalProtector of Warmth
DharampalProtector of Religion
ManjotLight of Your Heart
ChamkaurBattle Field Where Guru Gobind Singh Fought
AndeepModest Lamp
DharamleenOne Absorbed in Righteousness
ManinderMind God
HarbansRelated to the Family of Hari; Family of God
KulveerHero of the Family
GurtejGlory of Guru
TirathScared Place
AmandevThe God of Peace
BirinderLord of Braves
NavjeetThe New Victory
UttamreetExalted Way of Life
HarpreetGod's love
KamalpalProtector of Lotus
InderAnother name for Lord Indra
SatgunOf True Merits
BaljiwanLife with Strength
BudhpreetLove of Wisdom
GulwantBeautiful Like Flowers
GunkarOne Full of Excellences
LakhbirAs Brave as a Hundred Thousand
AnandjotLight of Bliss
SukhveerSukhveer means a soldier of peace
GagandipLight of the Sky
SukhnamBliss from Naam
MaskeenHumble One
IndermohanCharm of the Lord
GunbirVirtuous and Brave
IndirveerGod's Warrior
GurudattaGift of the Guru
VikrampalPreserver of Bravery
BudhjotLight of Wisdom
KalwindarLord of Perfection
UttamroopOf Beauteous Form
HardevGodly Person
MohanbirCharming and Brave
HarbeerWarrior of God
PatwantFull of Honour; Respectable
JagjitWinner of the World
GurpalProtected by the Guru
BirindarThe Brave God
SatbirTruly Brave
AkalpreetLove of God
KiranjitVictory over Rays
SukhjeevA Peaceful Person
SantokhbirPeaceful Patient Satisfaction Contentment
TripatThe Holy Trinity
NampalProtector of naam
HarkiranjeetVictory of gods light
SatsarangTruly colourful and musical
BhavdeepLamp of the world
JotsaroopEmbodiment of beauteous light
BandaA person who is emotional and loving
EkamkarOnly one creator
TaranvirWarrior of redemption
ErsheenGods Beauty
MahantripatFully contented
JasgurkirtatPraise of God
XagarPass through worldly cares
ParamdheerHaving the greatest patience
RatanjeevanSong of diamond soul
SarabdhiaanContemplation of all
BachintWithout worry
ArvinderjitLord of wheels
KamalinderLords lotus
KanwarpreetLover of princely one
ManoharjeetVictory of charm
JobanveerBrave and charming
NinderpaulPreserver of good sleep
SaralpreetLove for simplicity
HarmohanjitWarrior captivating God
IshapreetLove of divinity
DayadeepA lamp personified as compassion
UchitjeetVictorious of the right
UttamteerathBest holy place
HarisaadhDevotee of the Lord
JaganbirWarrior of the world
KamalmeetFriend of lotus
KishanpalProtector of Lord Krishna
ChamanroopBeautiful like a garden
HarnidhTreasure of God
RahuldeepLight of Rahul
LochanpalProtector of desires and wishes
This is an expression of Embodiment of humanity
HardeeshLord of lords
SarabdamanPerfectly illuminating lamp
EkjotGod is one
ZaibjeetVictory of beauty
JogprakashUnion with the light
JasmohinderJasmohinder means, 'God's glory'
MukundpalProtected by the Lord
NaindeepEyes full of light
InderharjeetVictory of the Lord
IshpalSupport of the Goddess
VivekpaulPreserver of the wisdom
GianjotLight of knowledge
NirmaljeetVictory of purity
JagatjeetVictorious of the world
GurudarshanVision of the enlightener
BirpremLove for braves
HarveenNext to God
JasroopIt means 'form of glory'
GhamandjotLight of pride
ManshaantOne with peaceful heart
TejwantFull of splendour
EashartekGods support
JapdheerSteadfast by remembering God
VijaypreetLove for victory
RachanjotLight of creation
GurmantarIncantation of Guru
SukhnidhanTreasure of peace
TajinderpremLove for splendid God
MahantekTalking support of God
ParmitHe who gains wisdom from the Lord
DilneetEthical heart Moral soul
NaitarpalProtector of the eyes
BableenImbued in lords name
RamgiaanLove for Lord
JatinderbirBrave as the Lord
VishwarpreetLove of the world
GauravdeepLight of glory
SeetaldeepLamp of peace
RasteerathElixir of Love
GianratanGerms of divine knowledge
GurniwaazGifted by God
RamroopIn Love with God
KalameetFriend of art
GianchetanConscious through divine knowledge
EckjeetThe only victorious
GurseeratSoul of God
ParamvicharReflecting on the Lord
KhushjeetHappy and victorious
PawanveerBrave as air
GatsangatLiberation through company
GurbhagatDevotee of the Guru
ChamanjeetThe victorious garden of life
PremwantFull of Love
WasimbirHandsome and brave
NaamsaihajTranquillity in naam
NirmalsevPerforming holy service
RaamrattanAttentive to God
MohanpalProtector of the charming
TarunpalProtector of youthfulness
HirishGod of Shiva
YuvrajbirBrave crown Prince
SachbhagatLove for patience
RahuljitVictory for Rahul
SarabshaantFully contented and peaceful
FatehkaramVictory of good deeds
VarunjeetVictory of God
JobandeepYoung Ray of hope
YashdevGod of glory
YudhjeetVictorious in war
JasjeevanLove with Life
SachtekServant of truth
SurpremLove of God
GyanjotFlame of knowledge
AvtaarIncarnate Holy incarnation
LokpremOne who loves people
JanpalHe who is companion of his people
KhushpremLoving and delightful
RickwinderLord of traditions
GurmejGurus place of rest
HimmatpalProtector of courage
HarmitFriend of the God
GurinderveerBrave as Guru
ChattarbirIntelligent and brave
NirmolWithout price Priceless Invaluable
BibinanakiLady of maternal family
ManavinderA man who is kind hearted
VivekpreetLove for wisdom
GianjogUnion through divine knowledge
DhanjotLight of wealth
GianrangImbued with divine knowledge
NaamuttamExalted in naam
VivekdeepLight of wisdom
PreetmohanAttractive and lovable
ParwanAcceptable Full Moon
PhakirAlt spelling Farid
GianutaamHaving exalted divine knowledge
GurwinderPart of Guru
GiangeetSongs of divine knowledge
NaamadolThe individual is given a name
SatjotLight of truth
SatrujeetVictory over enemies
KalapremLove for art
KhemraajHappy kingdom Lord Shiva
NarjeetWinner Ruler of heart
PrabhjoteLight of God
JananaAn ancestor
SimranpalProtected by remembrance
DeenpremHe who loves the poor
GiancheetConscious through divine knowledge
TatramanOne who cherishes truth
KaladeepLamp of art
RipjotLight of beloved
SarabmeharKindness for all
SujansaroopBeauteous and wise
TalveenImbued in colour
DharampreetLove of faith
GyanjeetVictory of knowledge
JanjeetThe person who notes the victory of his people
YaadveerYadveer means steadfast in the worship of God
ChiranHope Beloved
KamalprakashThe name, 'one who is like a Lotus'
AgampalGod as protector
NirmaljotImmaculate pure light
GurupremBeloved of the enlightener
NaamdhunA melodious name
GianbhagatDevotee for divine knowledge
KhushbirDelightful and brave
VivekbirWise and brave
PushpreetLove for flowers
JapdharamHe who never forgets his religious life
VinaypaulPreserver of modesty
SatamritTrue immortalizing nectar
PrithvinderLord of the earth
KhemlokHappy and delightful person
UddamjitVictory of effort
TajdaarSplendour Crowned Ruler King
TajinderpalProtector of splendid God
NaamchetanHe is aware of the power of his name
MankaranStrongwilled self sufficient
GianmeetFriend of knowledge
GunjasPraise of excellence
BrahamleenAbsorbed in God
HarcharanjitVictory at lords feet
JuspaulProtector of glory
KanwarjagatMeaning of the name is Prince of the World
PalwinderjotLight of lords moments
SapandeepPerfectly illuminating lamp
One who holds onto promises; A true and noble being
AkaltatThe eternal reality
MeharpalProtected by kindness
DiljitVictory of heart
ManjaapHe who listens to your voice
VicharPhilosophy Extensive reflection Contemplation
VijaypratapGlory of victory
YogeshpalProtector of Yoga
JuginderLord of the age
DayawantFull of kindness
GurswroopPortrait of Guru
NaamadharSupport of naam
BisanpreetLove of God
One who continuously praises and glorifies God
KomaljeetVictory for softness
PrabhkirtanSinging gods praise
ThalbhoopMaster of the planet
GuramanPeace through the Guru
NamjeetVictory of lords name
JasbhoopKing with glory
SanpreetHappy friend
SantkirinVictory for saints
MahandeepLamp of exalted light
HarsheetJoyous Cheerful Happy
UchitjotLight of the right
SumanjotLight of happiness
NaininderGod in the eyes
JagtekshwarLord of the world
RaswantCharming Full of nectar
UchpalProtector of elevation
SujanbirIntelligent and brave
NaamjogUnion with naam
AkhareeFrom gods word
RaamraiPrince of omniscient God
PrabhkamalFlower of God
SunderjeetVictory for beauty
ZabartorhDestroyer of tyranny
MundeepLight of mind
SubhkaramGood fortune Virtuous deeds
SanantanBrave lion
NaamshantFinding peace through naam
RaminderbirAbsorbed in the Lord
SahilmeetLove for all
SushmjeetVictory of beauty
TajinderbirBrave splendour of God
LoksewakAbsorbed in serving others
RavijeetLove for fame
ThakurchetRemembering the Lord master
DaulatwantThe person is blessed with a lot of wealth
BudhjeetVictory for wisdom
UchitroopRight and beauteous
AayatpreetVersion of God
PrabhdasSlave of God
JaisukhbirVictorious Happy brave
SuchdevPure deity
ManchetOne who remembers God
PankajdeepLight of lotus
NaambhagatOne who follows God religiously
HakampreetLove for authority
NripjotLight of king
EasharjeetGods victory
EkankarOnly one creator
RamchetRemembering the Lord
SehejbirEffortlessly heroic
TejmaanGreat glory and honour
DamanjoteControlling light
SangatroopLove for good company
AkalpurkhImmortal personality God
JangbahadurThe strong and intelligent warrior of his clan
NeelampaulPreserver of sapphire
SohanjitVictory of beauty
SavitojSplendour of the Sun
GianinderKing of knowledge
GaganjeetVictor of the Sky
BabaljeetFull with Love
PunamjeetVictory in fullmoon night
LovpremLove of adoration
IndarsukhPeace with God
TrishanpreetLove for craving
JagandeepLamp of the world
YashpreetLove of fame
KomalpalProtector of softness
KavneetPoetry poet poem
TrishanjeetVictory for craving
AngangGod of Love
HarpurakhGods exalted person
KanwalpremLove of lotus
AnujpalFosterer of younger brother
SawinderLucky Beautiful God
ParamrasHighest elixir
JogdhiaanAttain union with God
ManavpreetKind to his fellow beings
RasamritHeroic in battle
SukhindirGod of peace
HarveerBrave as God
RajprateekThe protector king
SarabroopEmbodiment of all
VichaardeepLamp of reflection
RoopdevWho lives in heart
The meaning of the name is one who is as attractive
VariyamThe brave one
VarunpalProtected by God
HarbhavanHouse of the Lord
JagatpremLove of the world
PalwinderpalProtector of lords moments
MehpreetMind filled with Love
SahilijeetLight for all
PrabhjogWorthy of God
JagatmohanWorlds attraction
GhamandpremThe one who is blessed with a loving heart
IsharpreetLove of God
SimratdeepLight of lords remembrance
TapanbirBrave and warm
SukhmeharPeaceful through gods grace
TapanjitVictory of warmth
JogishwarMaster of Yoga
NarpreetThe one who loves the mankind
NaintaarEyes full of light
HarmangalSongs praising God
ChananpreetThe one who stands by the feet of the God
RoshandeepLamp of a gem
JagjotLight of the world
SachpalOne absorbed in truth
EasharpreetLover of God
MahandevThe highest God
BrahmjogUnion with the Lord
SatrajDominion of truth
IndarbirLord of bravery
LakhabirBrave as hundred thousand
GurunaamName of the enlightener
PadampalA man who loves Lord Krishna
DalgeetTeam songs
ChaddaThe brave person who battles for his country
SaranjotProtection by light
VinaybeerOne who is brave and modest
NirmaljasGods holy praises
PreetamjeetVictory of the beloved
TarntaranSwim Ferry across
GunjeevanLife full of virtue
FatehpreetOne who loves to be victorious
PupinderjeetVictory with lords Love
HusanpalProtector of charm
JagatmeetFriend of the world
PreetmohinderLovely and attractive Lord
MeetraajKingdom of friends
SirisimranContemplation of the supreme
RaushanpalBrave and famous
LovdeepAttachment to illumination
LovedeepOne who is very benevolent
PargatjeetRevelation of the victory
PrabhvicharOne reflecting on God
BujiA nick loving name
GaganinderLord of Sky
PankajpreetLove of lotus
TajindermeetSplendid friend of God
PooranjitVictory of the perfect
UjjalbirBrave and bright
AcharajWondrous being
ChanchalpreetThe lively personality loved by all
JagpreetLove of the world
KanwarjeetVictory of Prince
DarbjotLight of wealth
TejpratapGlory and splendour
VinaypreetLove for modesty
NaamramanOne absorbed in naam
BalbhagFortunate and powerful
JaiprajLord of victory
SurpreetLove of God
DamoderLord Vishnu
LivgiaanAbsorbed in divine knowledge
MahanteerathGreatest holy place
RachanbirBrave and creative
GobinderjeetVictory of the Lord
UnmaanState of knowledge
BrinderLord of ocean
KalapreetLove for art
GunjotLight of excellence
KanwaldeepLamp of the heart
SantjeetSaint Holy person Tranquility
UchitpreetLove for the right
KanwarpalProtector of Prince
JangbirOne who fights bravely in the battelfield
TatjogUnion with the real
HarisimaranMeditating the lords name
HarmanderTemple Guru da mander
SarabgiaanOmniscient Allknowing
LochanpreetLove for desires
KawaljeetSinger of victory
NirmaltekSupport of holy one
MahanpalGreat protector
RasanbirLord of beauty
VirinderKing of warriors
BhavleenEngrossed in the world
ShaktiparwahPower of supreme wonder
IshtpreetOne who loves praising God
SarabpremOne who loves all
SupinderBeauty of Lord
TrishanjotLight of craving
EasharveerGods warrior
HukumjeetVictory with gods will
IkpreetDivine love from God
AniljotLight of air
KhushbaagDelightful blossoming garden
GatnivaasOne who dwells in a liberated realm
GurinderpalPreserver of Guru
IsharpalProtected by God
VishwatamSoul of the world
KanwalpalProtector of lotus
KewalpreetOnly Love for God
LovpreetLove for adoration
MohinderpratapKing of Country
HukumpreetLove for gods will
FatehdharamRighteous victory
KanchanpalThe name means one who guards gold.
ManwantOne with a strong heart
RattandeepLove for the gem
ManojpreetLove for truthful heart
SagaljotEternal lamp Flame
BanjotLight of forest
VishwpalProtector of the world
ThirdhiaanMeditation on Lord unwaveringly
BalmeetPowerful friend Mighty friend
VinaydeepLamp of modesty
GunjogUnion with virtue
EkamjeetOne who depicts oneness
SwaranpremLove for gold
JupinderReciting name of God
NinderbirBrave with good sleep
DigpalProtector of all directions
JeevanbirLife of brave
MangjitAsked from God
SaraljeetVictory of simplicity
NamritajeetVictory of politeness
ThaldeepLamp of the world
ManavdeepA humane person by mind and heart
BimalpalPreserver of purity
ParamkamalSupreme lotus flower
EkanjotOne light of God
MatinderLord of wisdom
SamardeepReside Pervade
BarminderGods given beauty
MeetpalProtector of friends
NeelampreetLove for sapphire
NoorneetEternal divine light
PrabsharanIn gods grace
GaganjitVictor of the Sky
DilmeetFriend of heart
KaranmeetFriend of Karan
IndirvirGod of heavens warrior
NirbhauWithout fear Fearless
ShoorveerA great worrier
SukhnoorThe God of peace
GuneetpaulPreserver of excellence
SumatbitIntellectually brave
KanwalpreetLove of lotus
PrembhagatLoving devotion to God
RatanchitThe priceless brave one
SatkaramOf true deeds
NaamnivasDwelling in naam
BeantpalFoster of immeasurable
MohinderpalGuarding Lord Indra
GurshabadAbsorbed in gurus word
KarampremLover of gods grace
SundarjotLight of beauty
IndarpremLove For God
PreetumLonging for beloved
TrishanbirCraving for bravery
NeelamjotLight of sapphire
JaganinderKing of the world
LajpreetLajpreet means Love of Honour
SagaljeetSaintly person
ChamanpreetLove for garden
GhamandpalProtector of pride
SubhpremOf auspicious Love
TarunpreetLove for youthfulness
SukhnivasBlissful abode
SatmeetTrue friend
PritampalProtector of the beloved
ManavmeetOne who helps humanity
HarkirpalBestowed with God grace
ParamnidhanPossessing the highest treasure
RajratanDominion of majesty
PreetkamalLove for the lotus
SudhsuratOne with pure consciousness
SarabsarangCompletely colorful and musical
PremsangatLover of holy company
AkalUstatPraise to timeless Eternal
KomalwantFull of softness
BinpaulForster of modesty
RajindermeetDust Dominion of God
AdishvarThe foremost God
GurjogUnion with Guru
HartirathHoly place of God
IndarpreetLove For God
JaikiranRay of victory
DalrajArmy of the king
NandanjeetVictory of the son
IndarpalPreserver Of God
JaginderpalPreserver of the world
JasanjotRenowned light
EasharbirBrave and godly person
SaihajvicharNaturally loving person
SatsangatGood company
GurdeeshLord Guru Gurus sight
SwaranpalGold of God
KunwarjeetVictory of Prince
ParaminderSupreme God of heaven
LivaatamAbsorbed in the soul
PritamhariLonging for beloved God
RatangiaanPrecious like gods lamp
GursimrahRemembering the Guru
JiwanpalFosterer of life
SeetalpreetOne who loves peace
SangatrasVictory of good company
GursevakServant of Guru
SohanpreetLove for beauty
LakhmeetFriend of hundred thousand
MangaljotLight of bliss
LokpreetLover of people
AnandsarEssence of bliss
SumanbirBrave and Happy
DaulatbirA person who will be wealthy and secure in life
UttampremLove of the best
BaliharSacrifice Devotion
NirmaldharamReligious holy virtues
VasantbirSpring of brave
VikramdevGod of valorous
SurpalProtected by God
GiandhiaanAbsorbed in divine knowledge
IjjatpalProtector of dignity
SharanbirShelter of brave
SaralbirBrave and simple
JasminjeetIt is a Sikh name that means 'flower'
JobanroopEmbodiment of beauty
BaldeepCreative and idealistic
DeepleenAbsorbed in the lamp
ParamajeetVictory of supreme
KaramroopEmbodiment of gods grace
KawalpreetSinging Lover
ManjinderpalOne who protects the mind and body
ShantprakashLight of peace
TeijinderGod of grandeur
HarwinderGod of heaven
GursandeepThe gurus shining lamp
LokmeetFriend of the people
UpkaramOf noble actions
EtebarBelief Faith Trust
BanspalFosterer of descendant
ManasdeepA person who sheds light on life
GyanenderLord of knowledge
HarkewalThe only God
UchitpremLove for the right
NazarpreetLove for sight
SaihajramanDivine knowledge attained naturally
SharanjotProtection by light
NihchalbirFirm and brave
ParamniranjanMost immaculate one
VamanjitVictory of impatience
The one who conquers and achieves his dreams
TapinderGod's devotion
PooranbirPerfect and brave
VarundeepLamp of God
JanjotJanjot means, 'one who enlightens people'
KanchanpreetThe person who is as precious as gold
Gianveer means Brave and Divine in Knowledge.
ChanchaljeetVictory of the lively
SukhdayalBlessed with happiness
KiranpreetLove of rays
HarvirWarrior of god
Naamsharan means,the one who protects his name
NamratanJewel of a name
NoordeepA lamp of light
ParamjaapMeditation of supreme God
ArdamanCrusher of the evil
MadhuwantSweet like Honey
GurbinderPart of Guru
SimarnaamOne who remembers God
SahildeepVictory for all
YashbirGlorious and brave
NaamrangImbued in naam
LakhpreetOne who is loved by many
GobinderjotLight of the Lord
GurjanpalProtector of Guru
IjkaagarState of peace
RajsharanKing of Love
NeelamjeetVictory of sapphire
TarunjeetVictory of the youthfulness
ManinderpreetHe who is loved for his wisdom
SawarajdeepLight of selfrule
ParminderpalThe faithful follower of the Supreme God
BilawalHappy God like
ChitpremHeart full of Love
MahanbirMighty and brave warrior
JasandeepLights of happiness
EshwarjeetVictory of God
MandevGod of mind
MunleneAbsorbed in devotion
SantokhpreetLight of contentment
GurbhajanSongs of Guru
SukhpraanPeaceful and joyful life
PadampreetLove for the lotus
JapujiGod's word
NaritpalProtector of king
RamanjotOne absorbed in virtues
ManpaulThe protector of the heart and soul
JanpremOne who loves people
GursimarRemembrance of Guru
HarpuneetClean Pure like God
AaradhDeep rapturous Love Adoration
ShashipreetLove for the Moon
SuchiaarExcellent and true
HarlaalBeloved of God
RamrasanIn Love with God
PuranpreetPerfect Love Complete Love
ArshjotGod's clone
RajanpalProtector of the king
YuvleenAbsorbed in youthfulness
VinitpaulProtector of modesty
TekdeepLamp which gives support
NaamnidhanTreasure of naam
GhamandjeetVictory of pride
HarsanjogUnion with God
ShubhdeepAn auspicious lamp
SatkiranRay of truth
NaamdhianThe person is known by his name
LokraajRule of the people
TaranpalProtector of redemption
MahanleenDeeply absorbed in devotion
SabooreeWinner of every thing
RajpreetDominion of majesty
PhulwantFull of flower fragrance
ParamaadharTaking the highest support
HimmatroopEmbodiment of courage
ShivcharanFeet of Lord Shiva
SantbirWarrior of peace
KaranpalProtector of Karan
UchpremLove for elevation
ZorawarStrong and powerful
SubhpreetOf auspicious Love
GianvichaarReflecting on divine knowledge
KishanpremLove for Lord Krishna
RachpinderjeetTrusted in faith
RasanandThe brave Winner
ShantleenAbsorbed in peace
RimandeepLord of protection
SurpatMaster of God
LokpalIt is a Sikh name that means defender
GatnirmalA person who is blessed by holiness
OmaharaWelling up of rapture
ParamnihalHaving the supreme happiness
PuneetpalFosterer of purity
BhavpremLove for the world
UjjalwantFull of brightness
PrakashdeepLight of lamp Lighthouse
SohinderLord of beauty
JagmeharKindness of the world
MahinderpreetLove of God
HemwantFull of gods grace
JabarjangBrave in the battlefield
ShantsaroopEmbodiment of peace
ChanpreetLove for the Moon
SundarbirAttractive and brave
GunvichaarReflections on excellence
JagpatKing of the world
SaihajdhunOne with blissful tranquillity
MohanpreetLove of charm
JagroshanLight in the world
GurumandirTemple of the enlightener
HerdayalKindness of God
SatmandirTemple of truth
LivnaamAbsorbed in naam
JasanjeetVictorious person
SahilpreetDew Ocean Sea
SatyapremTrue Love
RobinderLord of traditions
JusdeepLamp of glory
YakeenTrust Belief Lord Shiva
HarmanpreetLove from gods heart
EasharjotLight of the gods
SurinderjotLight of the god
ChanderjitThe own who conquers the moon
NamritajotLight of humbleness
KaramleenAbsorbed in gods grace
JagatjotLight of the world
UddampreetLove for effort
SurjanReligious person
NanveerTeh one who can bring attention of the crowd
LajpalProtector of honour
FatehnaamVictory of naam
ParidarshanPanoramic view
SujanpreetLove for intelligence
JagtaranEmancipator of the world
SaranpreetLove for protection
GungeetSong of virtues
BirapaarWarrior and limitless courage
TaranbirWarrior of redemption
SukhnandanHappy children of God
NamritabirHumble and brave
Sikh name that means,'Embodiment of the people'
RapinderThe brave warrior
RavinderjotRay of gods light
PalbinderMoments spent with Lord
JapneetAbsorbed in adoration
JeevanjotLight of life
NaamvicharReflection on consciousness
TajinderdeepSplendid light of God
GurbaldevStrength of Guru
AadroopAadroop means embodiment of the Sun
NaamjotA bright faced name
SantokhpalVictory of satisfaction
NoulakhOf nine hundred thousand
PawanjitVictory of air
PrabhsaihajAttaining tranquillity through God
FatehbirA valiant victorious person
JasmohanOne who praises God
GianbirBrave and knowledgeable
TejasvarOne who is intelligent and bright
DharmjotLight of religious
HarmohanGods sweetheart Captivating God
HakamjeetVictory of the ruler
JagpremLove of the world
RameshmeetBrave as the Lord
JasnaadWorshiper of God
EasharpremLover of God
GurdaatGift of Guru
GurpartapBlesing of God
RanpaulVictor Warrior in battle
ParamnekHaving the highest virtue
ZoraavarStrong and powerful
InderdeepLight Of The Lord
RaamratanJewel of Lord Rama
JanakpreetFatherly love
SwaranpreetLove for gold
PurbhjeetVictory with the God
ShivdenderGod Lord Shiva
GopalpreetLove for the Lord
ShivroopEmbodiment of Lord Shiva
ManoharpalProtector of the charming
AvaninderLord of the earth
KalajeetArtistic victory
JagvinderGlory of the creation
SirisevaSupreme selfless service
ManasjeetOne who is victorious
DeentekSupporter of the helpless
RamchetanWarrior of God
SantjotHeroic holy one
JaitegVictory with sword
LakhminderLord of hundred thousand
ChitpreetHeart full of Love
YatinpalPreserver of ascetic
PavenpreetLover of wind Air
NekroopOf noble form
SuchpreetTrue Love
SumanpreetLove for flowers
AklakshImperceptible Invisible God
JapsherHe who has a lion's character
KaramwantFull of gods grace
ManinderdeepOne who lights the minds of other people
The one who make your mind happy and at peace
BanpaulFosterer of forest
JeevanjeetVictorious in life
HarmooratEmbodiment of God
SarabpreetOne who loves all
ParamjasPraises of God
ShantsaihajOne in tranquillity
GobinderLord of the king
SarabnivasPervading in all
VanjeetLord of the forest
ParamsangatCompany of the highest
JasdayalGlory of kindness
SuvemberjitVictorious in competition
LajwantHonourable Modest
SaihajdeepPeaceful and equipoised person
JaskirtanSing hymns of praise
UchmeetFriend of elevation
UchpreetLove for elevation
VikramjotLight of bravery
BudhroopEmbodiment of wisdom
MahtaabMoonlight Adored The Moon
ManaspremA fellow human being lover
SanyasiMeditation in congregation
AnantjeetEndless victory
BrahmpalProtected by the Lord
HarmnaadRinging the celestial music
UpneetBrought in proximity
MahabirMost courageous among men
ZhagarPass through worldly cares
DarpreetLove for gods door
BiradolBrave and unwavering
RajsukhKingdom of gems
SantokhjotLamp of satisfaction
SarminderGod of war
MahekpreetFragrance of Love
AlaukikTranscending the world
UdayjotThe rising light
SiripritamSupreme longing of beloved
AmarpalImperishable protector
BanmeetFriend of forest
NaamdarshanThe name has a bright future
SadhpreetEverlasting true name
ChattarpalFosterer of intelligence
HarnihalBlissful in gods remembrance
IndardeepLight Of God
RameshpreetLord of lords
KulpremLove of family
PrithvipalBeloved cherisher Protector
SubhdeepAn auspicious lamp
GurmukhnihalFull of piety
RatanjeetSong of diamond Soul
SobhapreetVirtuous Love
AmreekCelestial God Nectar
VimaljeetVictorious of the pure
SukhdharamBliss of justice Righteousness
SukhinderGod of happiness
ShailinderLord of the mountains
RamrangLight of God
GurniranjanImmaculate like Guru
SherpaulProtector of lion
SamindipLight of war
DarshanjeetGodly vision
EttaleenSo much absorbed
MadhupreetLove for Honey Sweet
SaihajnivaasPeacefully absorbed in naam
ParsanjitA glorious victory
The person who is brave and his mind is high as the sky
SukhpremLove for happiness
HarbhagwantDidicated devotee of God
MahanpremTrue Love of God
NarleetImbued with king
MustakArdent Longing Forehead
KhushvirDelightful and brave
PremroopEmbodiment of Love
ArmeetFriend of An enemy
ManaspreetHe who loves humanity
AttamjeetGod of spiritually
BhavneetMoral of the world
IshtwarmeetFriend of God
SharanmeetFriendly shelter
EkambirOne heroic God
TajinderpreetLove for splendid God
MukundpremLove for the Lord
JusmailGlorious union with God
PaawanjeetThe pure and innocent will be protected
PadampremA devout follower of Lord Krishna
ParamgatLiberation from all bonds
GurseesHead of Guru
HaranoopThe perfect God
UddamwantFull of effort
ApardeepLamp of the infinite
SukhgiaanPeace giving divine knowledge
TejdharamGlory of righteousness
PrabhratanGem of God
JotprakashRadiating the divine light
KaranroopEmbodiment of Karan
GunaatamExcellence of the soul
HarsimritMemory of God
ShishupreetLove for babies
GurugulzarGarden of the enlightener
HarteerathHoly place of God
JatinderjotLight of the Lord
SantokhjitBrave and contented
ReetpaulImmersed in God Tradition
VijaybirVictory of brave
RachanpreetLove for creation
SarabdayalDestroyer of all
SiriraamSupreme omniscient God
JasjeevTo live with glory
TatratanGem of truth
SarabuttamBest of all
GurjuCheeky and bright
UttampadExalted rank Ultimate liberation
HarnirmalHoly like God
TapanpreetLove for warmth
MantekOptimistic on Man
GurharpalProtector of Guru
BaksheeshDivine blessing
RaushanjeetFlame of a gem
NimmapreetLove for modesty
PawanpreetLove of air
HarjugatUniting with God
HartejRadiance of God
DayajotLight of compassion
SohanpalProtector of beauty
JasminpreetA lovely flower
BrahmtekSupport of God
ParamdayaMost compassionate one
PooranpreetPerfect Love Complete Love
ManwantbirWarrior with strong heart
KuwarjeetVictory of Prince
MehardharamKindness of God
BhavmeetFriend of the world
ParamsevServing the highest
MaherbaniWord of the headman
JaspremIt is a Sikh name that implies love
NeetipalProtector of law
SukhsaroopEmbodiment of peace
SantprakashPreserver of satisfaction
ManaswantFamous human being
HarmanjotLight of gods heart
AgambirBrave as God
JobanwantFull of charm
DayapreetLover of compassion
NirmalbirHoly and brave
Gianjeet is a male name and means,' a wise and victorious ma...Read More
HaritejGlow of the Lord
RatankaramDiamond like life
GursuratRemaining aware of Guru
HetbirLove of the brave
DamanjotLight of suppression
ShabadchetRemembering the gurus word
YuvrajmeetFriendly crown Prince
HarbhagatDevotee of God
NaamjodhWarrior absorbed in naam
MukundjeetVictory of the Lord
RahulpreetLove of Rahul
BirjotLight of the brave
LakhpremLove of hundred thousand
SukhjiwanCalm and Peaceful Life
FatehmeetFriendly victory
ManavjeetThe one who is kind and human at heart will win
MukundpreetLove for the Lord
RachneetAbsorbed in creation
NeerajpaulProtector of lotus
NinderjeetVictorious with good sleep
NoorpreetLove for divine light
IndarjeeetVictory Of The Lord
LakhvirBrave as hundred thousand
HarmanjeetVictory of gods heart
SeetalbirPeaceful and brave
JaipratanJewel of victory
EkantpreetLove for solitude
SomanpreetLove for the Moon
AjaathWithout caste
ArunjotMorning flame
ZareenapalProtector of gold
SantokhdeepContented Peaceful And patient
SukhmandirTemple of peace
GunvirVirtuous and brave
ManavjotOne who is simple will flourish
AmaninderTranquil God of heaven
KiranjotRay of light
JusveerFamous and brave
GurusimranRemembrance of the enlightener
PadamjotLight of the lotus
KhushmohanAttractive and Happy
TripalProtector of three worlds
UchitbirBrave and right
HarmanjodhWarrior of gods heart
NandanjotLight of the son
SachdeepLight of truth
BalhaarSurrounded by strength
PawanjeevLife in air
SharandeepProtected lamp
UttamjogExalted union with God
ChetveerBrave and aware
LakhsmanQuality of mind
MadanbirBrave and lovable
IndermeetFriend of the Lord
IshjeetVictorious supreme being
JandroThe name means to protect their loved ones
SwaranroopEmbodiment of gold
FatehroopEmbodiment of victory
GurvichaarReflections on Gurbani
HusanpreetLove for charm
TapanjotLight of warmth
BhavpalLord The worlds protector
GuriqbalGlory of the Guru
RameshbirReligion of righteousness
DalpreetA lord
EashardeepGodly light
JastaranFloating in glory
GurdishLord Guru Gurus sight
SwarajpalProtector of own rule
JanalGod is gracious
SawaranpreetGolden Love
VisramanOne who is carefree
RachanjeetVictory of creation
YashpaalProtector of fame
UttamprakashOf exalted light
RajkiranKing of sunrays
SatprakashLight of truth
DavindermeetThe one who meditates
GurnirmalHoly like Guru
ParamshaantHaving the highest peace
JaibirStronger than strongest
LivchitAbsorbed in consciousness
ShantdeepLamp of peace
RompreetProtector of traditions
SaileshdeepCherishing peace and tranquillity
SukhpinderLord of peace
SukhsirjanWho creates happiness
YashnoorBeauty of glory
PritamjitVictory of the beloved
YashminderLord of fame
UttamdeepLight of the best
DhianjotEnlightened by meditation
PrabhdharamGod is the religion
PrabjotParmatama the jot
JiwanpreetLove of life
JotipreetLove of light
LajpremLajprem means honorable
NanakdevOf gods family
SamarpalSongs of war
NaamdheerCommitted to family name and clan
MahanjeevanExalted way of life
NinderjotLight of good sleep
HarmanpalProtector of gods heart
NamritapreetLove for humbleness
AprinderInfinite God of heaven
AkalsahaiUndying succourer Supporter
KirandeepRay of lamplight
GaganmeetFriend of Sky
GyanpremLove of knowledge
JaikaarGlorious victory
KamleshwarLord of lotus
SamarjotLamp of war
JanpreetOne who is loved by all
ChattarwantFull of wisdom
HarmilanUnion with God
AkhandpreetUndivided love
LivkamalDivineness symbolised as a lotus
KamalpremLove of lotus
AlokpalPreserver of light
NekpaalProtector of nobility
BhajraamRemembering the Lord
JanbaajOne who is courageous to defend the world
SachsevakLove for the truth
JotipalFosterer of light
KanwarjotFlame of Prince
ShabadjogUnion with holy word
YaadroopA loyal devotee of the Lord
ShantbirWarrior of peace
MahangeetGreat songs
HarwantFull of gods grace
JagratanGem of the world
BirjeetVictory of the brave
JoginderpalPreserver of Yoga
KanhaiyName of Lord Krishna as a child
LovleenAbsorbed Imbued Infused
RajandeepIt means princess
JaslokGreat and glorious people
PrakashleenImbued in the light
GurnishaanSign of Guru
SujanroopEmbodiment of intelligence
ParamarathA spiritual person
DevpreetLove for God
PadamjeetVictory of the lotus
ParmaadEntitled to the love of God
GurmeharBlessings of Guru
MeharmeetMerciful and kind friend
One who adds the light of mercy on his fellowmen
DilshaanGlory of heart
SeemantMargin Limit Light
HarkamalLotus like God
ParamjugatUnion with God
KulratanGem of family
HargobindA part of God
JhagarPass through worldly cares
DiljeetVictory of heart
ManinderbirThe one who can rule the mind
PrabhmelUnion with God
GurbaliharSacrifice unto Guru
HarkinderGod's Child
MeharbanMerciful and kind
RoopbirProtector of traditions
DhianjogUnion with meditation
RatanvantLight of gem
AditpalProtector of the Sun
NaamcheetRemembering the lords name
SukhchetanDelight of consciousness
KarampaulProtector of gods grace
VinaybirBrave and modest
FatehdeepLamp of victory
CharanpremLove of gods feet
RajinderpremWarrior of the king
RasanmeetElixir of courage
GiandeepLamp of divine knowledge
GundaatBlessed with virtues
HarikirtanHymns of God
AavaiArrive, to come
RameshdeepVictory of beloved
SamarpreetGod of war
SawarajpalProtector of own rule
HeminderLord of gold
GurnaadCelestial music from Guru
HarmandirTemple of God
KhempreetLove of peace
AneeshkourRelated with God
UchitdeepLamp of the right
SheelwantFull of modesty
HarsevakServant of the God
RasuttamElixir of Love
RaushandeepLamp of a gem
HarsimarWho rember God
NareshpalProtector of king
UjagarbirFamous and brave
KamalroopOne who looks like a Lotus
UchitpalProtector of right
HarinderbirBrave as the Lord
SobhawantFull of glories
JasanpalProtector of the renowned
ArinajeetHeroic without personality flaw
SatniranjanTrue and immaculate one
SawarajpreetLove for own rule
DalvirA hero
ArunpalMorning protector
PawanjotLight of air
SharanpreetLove for protection
RatanchetanGem of soul
UnkarpreetOne who loves the Lord
NaamteerathHoly place of naam
KableenWorship to God
KishanpreetLove for Lord Krishna
NripinderLord of kings
RajroopRule on silence
RavideepLove for fame
GurkirpalOne blessed by Guru
JasanmeetFriend of the renowned
VasantpreetLove for Spring
SukhmohinderLord of peace
JagraajWorlds kingdom
AmalbirPure and brave
MohanveerBeauteous and brave
KhushwinderLord of happiness
BaghinderTiger, King
IsharmeetFriend of God
UddampalProtector of effort
ShubhkaramGood fortune Virtuous deeds
RasbhagatElixir of lords light
JagatroopEmbodiment of the world
SukhchetDelight of remembering God
JapjeetOne who is praised for his victory
SatmohinderTrue Lord
GaihargambhirUnfathomable and profound
KomalpremLovely and soft
HarcharanpalProtector of lords feet
MontekOptimistic on Man
ZebawantFull of beauty
NinderOne who sleeps well
KamneevThe unknown master who is divine